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My Blog
Are you just a dream? or are you real?
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Will You.........
Posted:Jun 3, 2011 1:02 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2020 9:25 am

will you hold me when the sun sets
will you hold me when the dawn breaks
will you hold me when the sun shines high in the sky
will you hold me when the rains come falling down

will you kiss me under the moon and stars
will you kiss me as if it was our last kiss
will you kiss my tears away
will you kiss the smile upon my face

will you love me today
will you love me like there is no tomorrow
will you love me for me
will you let me love you
Twas The Night Before Christmas
Posted:Nov 30, 2010 6:42 am
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2019 7:20 pm

Twas the Night before Christmas


Twas, the night before Christmas in all through the palace, Not a person was moaning not even a whimper;
The fish net stockings were hung by the chimmney with care;
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
The men and women were nestled all snug in each other arms'
While visions of heated debraucery danced in their heads;
And gentle in her red silk toga and Angelus in his cape
Had just settled down for a long heated session;
When out on the lawn there arose such a moan;
Angelus sprang from the pillows to see what was the matter;
Away to the window He flew like a flash;
Tore open the doors and threw away the silk curtains;
The moon on the breast of lovely bodies laying about;
Gave the lustre of mid-day to bodies below
When, what to Angelus sultry eyes should appear
wiBut a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer
With a little old driver, so hott and horny
Angelus knew in a moment it must be St. Nick
More rapid than eagles his courers they came
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name
Now Thrasher now Dancer now Pouncer and Vixen
On Minx on Cupid on Foundler and Friction
To the top of the porch to the top of the wall
Now dash away dash away dash away all.
So up to the palace top the coursers they flew
a sleigh full of sexy toys and St Nicholas too
As Angelus drew in his head and turning around
Down the chimmney he came all over the ground
He was dressed all in silk from his head to his foot
and his cloths were all tarnished with ashes and soot
A bundle of toys he had flung on his back
And he looked like a nympho just opening his toy chest
His eyes all on fire and his cock all long and hard
His cheeks was so flushed and his nose like a cherry
His drooling little mouth was drawn up like a bow
And the beard of his chin coated with hott cream
The stump of a pipe he held tight with his teeth
and the smoke it encirlced his head like a cock ring
He had a broad face and long hard cock
That throbbed when he came like a bowlfull of hott cream
He was chubby and plump a right jolly old elf
and Angelus laughed when he saw him in spite of hisself
A flame in his eye and a stroke of his cock
soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread
He spoke not a moan but went straight to work
and filled all the net stocking; then turned with a jerk
And laying his fingers aside of his cock
and giving a nod up the chimmeny he rose
He srang to his sleigh to his team gave a whistle
And away they flew the town of a thistle
But I heard Him shoot out as he drove out of sight
Heated Togetherness
Posted:Oct 4, 2010 6:15 am
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2019 2:36 pm

As the sun disappears over the mountain letting the night slip into the room….the star shining through the darkness as the moon rising shining through the skylight,,,,in the distance the approaching storm making its way over the mountain peaks as I walk about the room….lighting the candles that I placed careful around about the room….the soft music playing as I sway about the room, the black lace robe that is his favorite raking against my bare flesh….the anticipation racing through me remember his words when he called telling me of a surprised he had for me….the not knowing aching deep within….in deep thought as I move about looking the room over wanting, needing everything to be perfect….from the candles that light the room, to the wine chilling in the bucket of ice down to the only thing beneath my robe the silver anklet shimmering against the candlelight……the smell of jasmine and vanilla filling the air the scent of the oils I used to smooth over my skin… I stood there looking out the window feeling the air changing the wind beginning to blow harder as I see the lightening shooting across the sky not hearing the steps behind me as I feel his hands running my back causing my body to jump…..his sultry voice whispering along my neck as I feel the silk scarf’s intertwined in his fingers running along my neck….his words filling my senses “This night is for you Baby, to open and release the desires and passion you have buried in you….to release the storm,,,,,you only have to trust me and open yourself to me…my heart pounding in my ears as I shake my head slowly….only but a whisper escaping as I tell him “I trust you with all that is inside me…I give and open my soul freely to you,,,,,slowly turning he takes my hand guiding me to the bedroom…..the windows open to the night air as you can smell the rain as it starts to fall….the cool air trickling over my body as he leads me to the edge of the bed….as he stands behind me taking one of the scarf’s placing it over my eyes the intense darkness clouding me causing every nerve in me to come alive with the unknown what is to come… body begins to burn as I feel his lips sliding along my neck as he slowly turns me to face him….our lips joining as one as the heated desire stirring the passion flowing as the kiss deepens….breaking from the kiss the feeling of emptiness arises as he lowers me on to the bed lined with silk sheets….my breast heaving as my breaths are labored feeling his fingers tracing the outline of my body…moving along upwards I feel him placing my arms above my head tying my wrists to the wooden head board….moving my head from side to side trying to following him as he moves about the room ……as he slides his hands along my thighs feeling the parting instantly from his touch ,,,,,,,my velvet walls vibrating as he rakes them along my slit teasingly…..hearing his soft laugh as he speaks “mmmmmmm someone has lit that fire in you already I see…..moving against the scarf’s as he touches the place of my heated desires words but escape “only you are the one that can make this fire burn inside of me….. my senses begin to real as I feel his hands tying each of my ankle to the bedpost…..suddenly silences beckons over the room….my heart pounding breathing shallow feeling so alone wondering where you have gone….suddenly feeling hands upon me sliding along my body knowing he is not alone my whole body shaking as I fight against the silk restraints….feeling his breath against my neck his words as they tried to ease their way inside of me “I know this is what you have been craving sultry vixen….to feel to have not one but two men show you the desires that you have locked away inside of you….to taste not just mine but another hard cock… feel him enter you the raging inferno you have between your creamy thighs”….feeling the bed give way on each side as both of them move against me my bare flesh their own nakedness burning against me…… their hott mouth sliding along my neck to my breast….my nipples erect and hard against soft lips as I feel each of their hands sliding up towards my hott tavern raking their fingers along my velvet lips…..arching upwards as I feel fingers enter me probing my throbbing pussy……my moans escaping echoing through the room as they both bring a finger to my soft lips letting me taste the sweet nectar they have they continue to sinking deeply inching their way inside of me as my screams become for whole body falling deeper and deeper under their I feel the stranger sliding along my body moving closer to my head feeling his lips upon mine as they trace along my neck..his hott breath blowing over my burning flesh....whispering against my ear ...... “I have waited for this a very long time Darlin”.......feeling him take his cock running it over my throbbing breast inching his way to my soft lips my hott mouth aching to taste he beings running it along my lips my tongue tracing over inch by inch of his hard rod as you make your may between my thighs parting them tracing your own throbbing cock along my whole body on fire and aching my hips to you wanting needing you to fill me as I thrust my hott mouth swallowing every inch of his cock...Your words crashing against me “mmmmm that’s my sexy slut take our cocks baby”...........feeling my velvet walls melt around your cock as you slide into my fiery hole.....every inch of you buried inside of me as I suck his cock wildly, tongue tracing the throbbing veins feeling his balls slapping against my cheeks as he brings takes a hold my long wild main guiding me up and down on his cock..every inch of him buried inside of my hott mouth as you bury Your throbbing cock inside of my wanton pussy...sliding your hands along my hips gripping them as I feel you bury your nails against my you match his every thrust both of my lips milking ya’ll cocks....wanting to feel ya’ll juices inside of me as I feel my own raging in me.....our moans filling the air crashing against each other like waves crashing against the sands...your cocks throbbing as I swallow every bit of them my whole body shuddering as I raise myself off the bed fighting against the silk cloths...wanting released to feel and touch you a instant I feel both of you thrust hard into me releasing the hott nectar to flow inside of me my hott mouth swallowing every drop of your juices my tongue darting over you not wanting to miss a drop... as you press your body into me my pussy vibrating and grasping your cock every so tightly as you pump your juices over and over into my hott I fall in deep surrender to you both...our breaths so shallow as you both collapse against me our hearting racing in tune with each other.....feeling you both release me as I reach out and touch you both feeling your burning flesh against mine...moving to kiss you both ever so deeply passionately as our own passion and lustful desires flow over us.....hearing the storm subsiding as the soft rain hitting the roof like soft music beckoning us to sweet slumber in each other’s arms....
His Rapture........A special story for my favorite Vamp
Posted:May 5, 2010 5:53 pm
Last Updated:Apr 19, 2024 1:41 pm

For the sexiest Vamp I know...................

As the sultry mist floats around me as I walk into the night..the moon so full guiding my way shimmering against my body as my dark cloak trailing down over my curves and follows behind me. The sense of One lurking in the dark shadows this feeling of His power over comes me. As I hear the breeze carrying my name through the night..Beckoning to me to follow as I feel this intense heat trickling over my body like fingers touching me deep withinMy dark amber eyes gazed over as the mist consumes me taking me to Him.As He steps closer to me my heart begins to race my body swaying from side to side with my long raven tresses cascading down my back......Stepping from the darkness as I stand there in a trance state this Man that haunts my dreams and soul reaches out and touches me across the cheek rubbing softly yet with fire flowing from fingers burning me from inside out,,,,,,peeking upwards afraid to let my eyes meet his as i feel His own piercing my they meet His black eyes cause fire like no other His words dwell with in me burning through my veins causing this fire to raging in me as He slips His arms around me.......His fingers like flames burning as he slips my cloak away from my body to wrapp me up in His my body melts into His feeling HIs burning lips melting mine taking my breath away as if he searching in my depths for my soul as he grasping my long raven main tightly burying my body into his....feeling Him trailing down my neck feeling my veins throbbing as they feel His hunger for me......Hearing His deep growls against my neck, His teeth scraping against my neck as He lighting the torches in me my body begins to sway melting in His arms...As He is drawing me under His power, His hott mouth biting down as I feel my red wine escaping only my moans can be heard through the winds as it swirls around me.......Heart beating faster as He take me for His own.....Feeling His throbbing member burning against my hot core barely catching my breath as my body aches to be totally His......His feeding taking my soul as He looks deep in my eyes feeling so lost from the disconnection of His mouth on me...with my pleading eyes feeling my tears falling whispering please Master take all of me........hearing my words of submission and heated desires the flames dancing in my eyes..... backing me against the tree He turns me to press my body between it and Him....taring away my cloak and blacken gown my bare breast raking against the harsh branches grasping my shoulders He buries His throbbing rod into my firey tavern......His burning mouth biting onces against into my neck as he takes ahold of my long raven tresses with every fierce thrust His cock embedded deep inside of tight throbbing walls grasping His shaft never wanting to let go as my body aching with pain of His firey moans crashing against His growls as the winds carring through the woods......His ravaging voice igniting through me Cum for me My slut......His words dancing in my head like pounding drums as my body giving everything I have to give to this Man...feeling Him pulling away from my body then plunging back into me as His mouth bites hard against me feeling Him empty His hott seed in me as my own hott nectar flowing from my body like the raging river we hear in the back ground.......Feeling His arms around me my body throbbing against Him His breathless whisper against my neck only one word.............MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Palace Heated Surrender
Posted:Apr 29, 2010 5:54 am
Last Updated:Oct 20, 2014 10:25 am

As I stepped into the Palace room, the candles and torches flickering with flames dances against the walls...The smell of incents floating about the room, the sweet sultry smell of jasmine and vanilla coating the air... As I saunter about the room quietly, the bodies interwined laying about , the heated moans like music filling the room...The smell of lustful desires mixing with the jasmine ....The beautiful goddess dressed and undress with their white sheer threads clinging to their bodies, as the men laying at their sides exploring with their firey touches causes the women to moan out.....As i stepp carefully going unnoticed my white sheer gown melting over my hips showing the curves of my volupitous body., my breast pressing against the silk revealing my nipples as they throbb watching the room....the swaying of my hips moving from side to side as my silky thighs expose with the slit up my creamy legs.....closing my eyes to feel the night breeze seeping through caressing my body as it crashes as my own fire....the night wind blowing my dark raven wild tresses as the casacde down my bare back.......Slowly turning this feeling of dark eyes upon my body, watching me causing my body to tremble, my heart to race as I see Him from across the room..... Peeking through my dark amber eyes trying hard not to make contact as i feel His power consuming me, haunting my soul.....the knowing that He will conquer and capture me unto Him.....As the wind carries my name His dark sultry voice sinks deep into me causing a fire like no other....My mind reeling wondering why One such as Him would want me.....shaking my head slowly I turn to walk onto the balcony to the rising storm....This storm so filled of wanting and raw passion..winds blowing all around me my gown like a whirlwind against my body as the lightening shooting through the skies then this feeling of uncontrolable power taking ahold of me as He whirls me around to face the darkness in His eyes....hearing His voice of heated lust whispering over me You are Mine lil one......I'm the one that haunts Your dreams that is here to capture Your soul for my own.....tis but you to give yourself to me......feeling HIs body crushing my own as He pressing me deeply against the wall.....feeling His hardness of melting into my skin as He parts my silky thighs...His hands raking against me as He tares away layers of bare flesh on fire against him as he takes my legs wrapping them around soft velet walls grasping His throbbing cock as He thrust into me for the first time...inch after inch of Him embedded deep with in my heated cavern...HIs power behind every thrust filled with His fire and passion..claiming what is His as i in turn surrender my every being to Him......HIs fingertips lingering over me leaving whelps upon my flesh marking me as heart melting along with my body the knowing He has my soul forever more....His rapture behind every movement inside of me as i feel Him throbbing and swelling as my walls collaspe around Him urging Him to release His hott seed inside me....bodies rock and grinding against each other as of the crashing of the thunder rocks the earth beneath us....hearing His growls filling the air as He thrust into me hard and deeply burying His mighty cock into my wanton pussy.....arching back against the wall as He takes me over the edge with One last plunge hard into me releasing His precious gift coating my walls as drops of His nectar scorching me body in complete surrender as my eyes meeting His unspoken words soaring into my heart and soul as He whispers but one word "Mine"
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Posted:Apr 7, 2010 1:16 pm
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2019 1:15 pm

Your Touch...

Your Touch is what I need
To take my tears away
When I know you will be gone
From my arms tonight

Your touch is what I crave
When I feel your fingers
Lingering over my body
as if for the very first time

Your touch is what I hunger for
When the fire and passion
Burning through us
As I feel myself surrender to you

Your touch is what I love
When I feel my heart racing
From your tender embrace
As we come together as One
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A Night of Magic
Posted:Jan 27, 2010 2:25 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2015 7:30 pm

Standing on the sandy beach just below my cliffs, the crashing waves hitting the surf as I move long feeling the tide brushing against me….the warmth of the water spraying and trickling over me I stop to look up to the sky….the night breeze blowing my midnight black cloak around me I stand there mesmerized by the stars and moon feeling their magic calling to me as I slowly untie my wrap letting the night breeze brush against my nakedness , raising my arms as if to call upon the magic stirring in the air, my long dark main cascading down my shoulders as my cloak falls to a dark pool at my feet……feeling my own ecstasy soaring through me as if I was floating in the air sky clad I move my hands over my breast feeling the fire in my finger tips as gently slide my nips between my fingers ….feeling this essence around me as if someone calling to me through the winds His voice brushing against my bare skin I twirl around a sensual dance as the magic consumes me I see upon the cliffs You standing there watching me, calling to me I stop to watch you feeling you stronger as you approach a chill moves over me as you walk across me with your black shirt open Your long dark hair blowing in the wind closing my eyes wandering if you are just a dream…reaching out to you to touch your bare chest a heated spark soars through me as I touch you for the first time…my dark eyes meet yours as your own piercing through me deeply…searching deep within feeding the fire that only you have ignited….as you take me into your arms , your strength and power overcoming our lips meet the kiss filled of fire and passion as it lingers our hands exploring each other for the first time but knowing we have felt each other in our dreams….Your body pushing me to the sands , as you tower over me a soft whisper escapes from you with a heat growl……..You are mine now , feel my fire burn within you..Just as the words stabbed deeply you plunged deep into my heated cavern … velvet lips parting surrounding your throbbing shaft clenching tightly as I rise to meet your sensual fiery thrust ….our bodies melting together moving as One captured by each other’s own passion for the other …..surrendering to You totally your power consuming me as your lips take mine in a fierce kiss feeling your lips trailing down my neck as my nails rake against your back Your thrust become wild and hard taking me over and over my hot pussy milking your shaft as you claim me over and over flying over the edge …….our moans and bodies come crashing down like the waves of the sea against the beach…..looking into your eyes seeing the fire blazing as You take a hold of me and all the fire behind you thrust hard and deep into my hot fold filling with Your hot nectar Your growls begin carried through the winds as I lift to meet Your cock my own screams flying through the air our molten juices flowing like a river as we move together the beating of our hearts light the way to our ecstasy …….as tears fall from me feeling you taking a hold of me the soft caress of your arms around me we gaze into the sky as the stars and moons shining down feeling their magic all around us and inside of us as we draw them down
Office Heated Cravenings
Posted:Jan 27, 2010 2:22 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2010 7:11 am

Walking into the office His scent capturing me as it swarms over me I stroll in feeling my short skirt fit snuggly over my swaying hips with the deep purple satin shirt showing the curves of my breast.... walking around the desk raking my hands over his chair feeling the warmth of him my mind reels wanting to feel his heat against me........ leaning down straightening the papers, looking down and seeing some loose papers that fell from his desk I bend downward pressing my body against the floor as I see them under the desk trying to hurry before He comes back I rush to gather the file up......hearing you walk in with another gentlemen I quickly move under the desk....not making a sound as I laugh to myself seeing You sitting in your chair my seductive minds goes wild as my eyes move up your body licking my lips my heart racing wanting to reach out and touch body aching to feel you to touch and taste you....I hear the mumbles as you talk to the other gentlemen the laugh becomes real as I hear you mention my name to him control becomes weak as I reach up moving my hand up your legs slowly to your thighs feeling Your body jump a soft giggles escapes from my lips feeling you move closer telling me to continue smiling to myself as I rake slowly over Your hard rod unzipping your jeans slowly feeling the heat of your cock against my palms I rake my nails over your thighs moving closer my hott mouth blowing softly over your throbbing shaft I feel your hand moving through my long raven hair I move in closer raking my tongue over the head of your cock tasting you soft moans escaping I feel you grip my hair guiding me down on your cock to quieting my moans I thrust it deep in my hott mouth swallowing every inch of you sucking wildly against your cock feeling your shaft throbbing I reach up gripping your balls tightly feeling my fire burning between my creamy thighs my soft lips clenching tightly surrounding your cock as if it was buried in my tight hole my tongue swirls over your cock with every heated thrust of your hand my whole body on fire I feel your cock tightening you grip my head holding me down against Your throbbing rod your firey liquid soaring down my throat I gasp swallowing every drop of your hott liquid ..feeling you releasing my hair I lick slowly every drop from your cock and balls smiling as I feel your hand raking across my soft cheek I kiss softly each one of your fingers ......fastening back your jeans as you push back your chair I lean up blowing a kiss to you as you leave the room......I move from under the desk straightening my skirt I look down to see you have written me a note...........Baby, Your mouth like a hott furnace but wait until you feel mine
Sensual Dream
Posted:Jan 27, 2010 2:13 pm
Last Updated:Apr 19, 2024 1:41 pm

The room with its soft dimmed lights and the band playing its slow seductive beat, I sit here at my table looking about the room..Watching couples meet for the first time, their bodies giving off signals to another..I sit back bringing my glass to my soft red lips running my tongue slowly around the rim belong taking a long slow sip..Then from across the room my dark brown eyes meet His for the first time tonight..As I look at Him my heart skips a few beats, a soft smile escapes my red lips..Feeling His eyes upon me and sly sensual smile of His melts me..I sit there thinking or wondering if he feels the same as me..wondering how did we come to a place like this..A place of which we would never find ourselves, searching for something we are needing or wanting and craving..As I rise and slowly walking across the room my hips sway slowly to the beat of the music..I smile back to Him licking my lips slowly as I walk past Him letting Him see the seductive sway of my voluptuous curves I move outside...The dark night swimming over me as I look up to see the night sky filled with shining stars and a full moon...leaning against my car I gaze upwards as the shooting star sweeps across the sky in time to feel a chill down my back as He steps in behind me whispering in my ear What would Your wish be My Dear Lady, I turn to meet Him, His eyes sparked with flames as the sink deep in my..speechless I stand there feeling my body trembling ....a soft whisper escapes my soft red lips You would be my wish... As He takes my hand we walk slowly in silence to His bike...all dressed in black and leather my heart races as I slide my body behind His my hands reaching around Him, He smiles back to me, taking my hand and saying Better hold on tight as I take You for the wildest ride in your life.... my breath taken away as We speed off into the night, my long dark curls blowing against the wind as we ride free into the dark night....I press my lips against the nape His neck taken in His scent as the leather and His cologne fill my senses, His hand takes my ahold of mine sliding them tighter and lower around Him...I trace teasingly over His hardness as I press deeper against Him holding on tight as the rode carries us away...Pulling down to a seclude beach I look out to the ocean the waves crashing against the surf as my heart races feeling His hands grip my hips as He slides me around to face Him my legs wrapped around Him as we are still upon the wild chariot that brought to this hott sensual paradise...His hott lips take me mine in a hard passionate kiss.....Our mouths fusing together as our tongue probe each other in their sensual dance...arching back against the bike, feeling His lips trailing down my neck between my throbbing and heated breast as his hand traces down between my creamy thighs parting my velvet lips exploreing my hott inner core feeling fire only He has caused....feeling my body trembling and aching from the wanting of Him ..........
His fingers tracing around my lips slowly soft moans escaping as l rock against His fingers feeling His hard shaft raking against my inner thighs....Pressing against Him as my lips meet His running my tongue over his soft lips savoring his every taste....wrapping my legs tighter around Him grinding my hips against His as i whispers in His ear with a soft purr, "Please Baby take me, make me Yours"...feeling his hands trailing up my spin feeling him running his fingers in my hair our eyes meet feeling his sinking deep inside of me as He suddenly gripping my hair tilting my head back as His mouth takes mine at the same time His hard cock moves deep between my velvet throbbing lips thrust deep within my hott core...Our bodies as One ...His hott mouth and hard shafting taking my body ravaging it as the waves come crashing against the surrf...matching his every thrust moving and grinding my hips against His...feeling You grabbing my ass as You lift us both off the bike lowering our bodies against the sandy beach body shuddering beneath Yours as you thrust deeper and harder pussy surrounding Your cock tightly as it sinks deep in my hott core...raking my nails up and down Your nake rising to meet Your lips kissing you wildly as i buck beneath you...whispering against Your lips "Ohhh godd Baby fuck me harder pleaseeee" feeling my body surrendering to You totally......feeling the warm waters surrounding our bodies as we loose ourselves to each other...feeling You drawing me under your power as Your cock thrust deeper and harder feeling Your balls slapping against my ass as You ravage my pussy...Your mouth tracing your tongue sucking and nibbling my neck as i arch up to meet your every movement.....raking against your mouth against me feeling you biting softly purring into my ear "Cum for Baby give me your hott nectar"...hearing Your words my body shudders as i encirle your hips with my own gripping tighter rising and falling moanssss loudly yessssssssssss Babyyyyyyyyyyy my pussy exploding convulsing against Your heart racing against your own my mouth traces over your chest still moving with You our bodies melting yet crashing against each other like the waves around us...i bite softly against your cock moaning Your cock throbbing with every hard thrust i moan out pleaseeeeeeee Baby take meeeee give me Your hott seed" feleing your body engorged deep in my hott hole as my pussy thrust and clenching tight around your hard throbbing shaft milking Your cock.......Your lips meet mine in a hard passionate kiss as Your cock explodesssssss deep in my wanton pussy.....Our bodies are as One the ocen breeze moving over us as the fire raging and soaring through us........kissing You passionately and deeply as we float together as One...feeling you pick me your fingers moving over me as You undress me and i do the same with you...reading Your thoughts as our bodies glisten in the moonlight walking hand in hand to the roaring surf.....the waves surround our bodies sweeping us away as we get lost in each others soft breastpressing against Your chest as we sink deep in the water lost in the moonlight as it carries us away
Posted:Feb 24, 2009 5:57 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2015 7:33 am






Our Storm
Posted:Feb 18, 2009 9:27 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2015 7:25 am

Our storm is like....
The lightening that lights up the sky
The spark in your eyes as l look deep within
The thunder bolts rumbling the earth
Our passion and hunger raging together

The storm coming over the moutains
The clouds all wild and intense
Our bodies pressing together
Shattering against our heated embrace

As we rise and fall with each other
Like the calming and soothing rain
The morning dew covering the land
As the bead of rain drops covering our bodies

Our storm is like....
The winds blowing through the trees
As they sway back and forth
Our bodies swaying togther
Moving as One, Our sensous dance
As You and Me flying togther on our Love

The storm raging inside of me
Is the passion and love
You have shown me
Like a spring storm on the edge
Of exploding through the night sky
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Flames of Passion
Posted:Feb 18, 2009 9:19 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2015 7:15 am

The night has fallen
The flames dancing about
In there sensual dance
Upon our bodies
The flames of passion
Taking us on our journey

Only the candles know
The passion that is floating
between us, Our bodies lighting
the fire deep within us
As we melt together
On our flames of passion

You rise above me, looking deep
in my eyes as the glow
of the flames lighting
Your way into my soul
Taking what is yours
As the night takes what
belongs to it

The flame drip its
heated liquid running
Along the length of the candle
As you light the fire
Deep with in me making
my own heated eruption

Your touch sparking my
Flames of passion as I
move beneath you guiding your
way into my depths
Our bodies exploding as One
Our flame never going out

Taking us into the night
Our journey just begining
Lighting our way
On our flames of passion

A Dreams Awakening
Posted:Feb 18, 2009 8:47 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2011 8:59 am

The sounds of the night seeping through the open window, the moonlight shadowing between the clouds bring dusk to my room....the light of the candles shining about as the flames dance upon the wall, my mind and body slips away into deep slumber between the satin sheets as it rakes against my bare skin...the mountain breeze trickles over my expose nakeness as I feel Him deep in my dreams....the presents of Him calling to me, His voice calling my name in a low deep mumur as it moves over me....His touch lites a fire over my nakeness....the hunger and wanting of Him as He comes to me in my dreams...this aching for Him burning deep in my soul....feeling His touch moving up my thighs as my own hand moves down slowly reaching out to dark eyes begin to flutter awake as feel the fire burning from the touch as it traces against my velvet lips rubbing softly I arch up to meet this wonderous feeling my body shuddering as I feel the the sheet sliding down my curves letting the breeze of the crisp mountain air trickle over me...soft moans escapes as I open to see this shadow standing besides me whispering my name words of passion and love as his hands move over me parting my silky thighs as the warmth of his fingers slowly explore my hott body shuddering as His heat moves through me taking ahold of all ove me empowering me with his passion and hands flowing and tracing the curves of my body as I take ahold of my breast feeling the aching and throbbing as I start to knead and massage them slowly pulling my nipples slowly away from me as He leans down brushing his tongue in circles over my clit slowly probing faster with his fingers as they rake deep against the walls of my throbbing mind and body reeling as i loose myself to Him.....I feel His words against my ear as the flow deep within "Cum for me my love" this words like a roaring flame erupting inside of me as he plunges his fingers deeper in my throbbing hole...moving wildly against Him arching upwards my hott nectar exploding OMGGGGGGG yesssssss my Love my whole body shattering down against the bed my glazed over eyes meet His as he moves up my body..His throbbing shaft raking up my thighs as the part for Him....the raging inferno he started between my thighs aching for hands moving up His chest as Our lips meet melting together as one i feel his hands moving up the sides of my body gripping my ass as he takes me completely under thrust His hard wand deep in the folds of my throbbing pussy......Our sensual dance of ecstasy carring us away as we move together like the waves crashing against the sands the raging storm erupting between us as we match each others heavenly thrust...feeling His cock throbbing as he soars in and out of velvet lips surrounding and clinging to every inch of his hardness....eyes locked on each other the flames of passion dancing around us.....whispering softly "I am yours my Love take me away pleasee" the words of surrender escape my lips knowing I truly belong to mind body soul and heart to the Man that haunts my dreams.....with long powerful thrust our bodies yielding to each other as Our hott nectar flows from us giving to each other the hott surrender of our love......feeling the touch of His lips against mine the sensual kiss of heated passion and ecstasy....feeling His touch no more my eyes fall awake knowing He will not be there tears fall down my cheek as i move my hand down still feeling the warmth of His body against my own and the aching He left behind.............

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