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lifes funny little ways
Flowing bed curtains
Posted:Apr 10, 2009 12:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2010 12:59 am

Its a bed surrounded by flowing, filmy, curtains that are swaying slighly in the breeze..there are sweet smelling candles lite in the back you come closer you see a form on the bed as the form moves the silk coverlet forms and molds to the body showing the form on the bed moves, the silk cover slides sensually down the body ....your watching as the form slowing moves on the bed...rising can see that the form is a woman ...the curve of her neck as she moves her long silky hair off her shoulders...stretching her arms above her head fingers reaching toward the ceiling....she looks around the room..the curtains are still blowing slightly in the breeze coming from an open window, where the mooon light lights up the room along with the candles....she moves on the bed to rise and the silk cover falls completely away..shes naked ...glowing in the candle light..beautiful..sensual..unaware you are there...stands, touches the curtain it moves with her hands...while she is moving around the bed you hear soft music in the background for the first time.....

she starts to move in time with the music...running her hands over the curtains...dancing slowly sensually within the folds of the curtain, you can see the curve of her breasts as they touch the curtain....the curtain molds to her curves and you see her hips swaying in time with the a lovers touch the curtain surrounds her as she dances within the curtain itself...

she reaches up grabs the curtains and looks straight at you...slowly slides her hands down the curtain stopping at her neck, touching her neck, head back running her hands down her neck to chest...down to her stomach....her hips...turning her back to you, hands held high, you see her hair is down her back in a long sliky cloud..just touching the top of her butt....light whispers of hair teasing the little dimple right in the middle your staring at her butt her hands cup her buttocks, squeezing, lifting, back to her hips...she turns in the see her breasts from the side the nipples are tight peaks begging for your touch..your your thinking of laying your tongue on those nipples her hands come up to cup her if to offer them up to look up she is smiling at you....she extends her arm out her finger is pointing at you through the curtain she crooks her finger at you ...telling you to come forward to the bed..getting closer to the curtains you feel a tingle in your get to the curtain and she stops you reaches out to take your hand through the curtain and places it on her cheek ...touch me...touch me through the curtain...feel how soft the curtain is....feel my curves through the lean forward to kiss her her lips are full plumb and wet....she kisses you lightly you taste her and feel the curtain on your lips as you try to deepen the kiss...she pushes at you to stop you...take off your clothes...let me feel you through the curtain....
you quickly undress....and feel the curtain against your skin its very smooth and surprising cool to the touch...but its just enough of a rough feeling to make you tingle...get even more excited....she reaches out to pull you to her the curtain still between you...she runs her hands down the curtain and your body ..she reaches out to touch your penis....its feels great through the curtain....she continues to touch you, feel how hard you are for excited your getting because of her ...that is turing her on, your excitment she wants you he breath against your skin is warm and moist now ...shes getting very excited......the breeze blows through the room and the curtains sway and you step through....she smiles, lays down on the bed and beckons you to her....smiling spreading her legs as you lean down to lay on her body..your fit right in between her legs...shes so warm so hot so wet....your rubbing yourself against her thighs ..leaning down to kiss her deeply ...tracing your tongue along her lips. telling her how beautiful she is how lean down to lick her you do you slide a hand down her body to the top of her you take her nipple in your mouth you slide your finger down the middle of her pussy...right between the lips....she is so wet..and jumps slightly .....the sensation of sucking her nipple and stroking her clit is wonderful....she spreads her legs more reaching down her hand to your cock andpulls a bit ....please is all she lift up and slide your cock into the warm wet pussy she tightens up and squeezes you as you slide all the way in filling her.....she you make love to her in everyway possible the flowing bed curtains surround you and cover you while you take her to worlds she has never been....all the while she is smiling and waiting for more of you..taking you ....loving you.....fucking you....even to the point of reaching out and holding on to the curtains as she makes love to you on top.....sliding up and down your cock head back, breasts up, back arched...she rides you .....she tightens around you and you wonder if the curtains are strong enough to keep a person tied while you torture her with the best oral sex shes riding you, your smiling a very sexy smile and when she looks down at you she knows....she knows what you want ....and smiles back.....all the while your reaching over to the curtains to get a panel to tie around her wrists....all this while thinking of so many ways of licking her pussy till she begs you to take her as hard as you can....when sleep finally comes your last thoughts are of how beautiful bed curtains really are....
Posted:May 12, 2008 11:06 pm
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2009 9:35 pm

I find i have been in need of some inspiration to write more blogs....haveing trouble lately feeling sexy let alone want to write about im on a quest for my next blog ...what romantic sexy story can i find to come up with...will it be exciting or dull as dirt.....??? this remains to be seen but rest assured it will contain my fav toy the p enis...yes you should know by now my fascination for it..... its hard to get a willing participant to let me find out how it really works lol and all the ways i can make it go had one but hes no longer in the picture...i did however find out i can do a long drawn out blow job and blow his mind that was fun.....tried different positions techniques stuff lol....made him hard and willing....and very very very wet....have to remember to keep a rubber band with me my hair is long and gets in the way......note to self bring h air i will be back with another chapter in my erotic story telling life...see if i can get this one hotter..... already thinking of a moonlit beach shinning off her body ....showing her curves for all to see under the very thin very invisible fabric of her dress.... shes dancing around in the moonlight and you can see the shape of her breast...the curve of her hips...the slightly rounded butt..and the long shes dancing the dress is swaying and she begins to reach for the hem of it to pull it over her head.....and she reveals her naked body to him ....his heart skips a beat as he sees her nipples are hard ..her pussy is shaved and smooth and her lips are glistening in the moonlight from her licking her lips.....she stretches out her arm extends her finger and motions him to her....come play with me in the moonlight.....yeah i think this is a good begining.....take care
a hot fireside chat
Posted:Dec 3, 2007 3:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2008 5:57 am

i was reading in the magazine articles and came across a fantasy about fireplaces......well you know...i have to go further.....

I would love a fireplace fantasy....all warm naked laying on a blanket thats soft yet furry envelopes your body in soft fine fur....laying in front of that roaring fire skin glistening from a shower you took and decided to lay naked in front of the fireplace to dry off...taking lotion and rubbing it all over your legs, feet, hands, arms, tummy, thighs, butt, back, shoulders, neck, breats...just running your hands over your body rubbing the lotion in....smelling a sweet scent as the fire heats up your body to where the smell of the lotion is all around you...laying back running your hands over your wet silky body..feeling how soft your skin is how it feels to run your fingers over the wet hot skin of your thighs...your tummy...up to your breasts...taking special care to get your nipples all tingly and hard....taking your hair and holding it up so you dont lay on it and just laying there kind of awake and kind of a sleep....basking in the warmth of the fire....only light on so no one can see for now... you can lay there for a bit to get comfortable, become stress free and are almost asleep when you feel a warm breeze on your skin....lightly almost non detectable except for the goosebumps your got cause it was across your hard glistening nipples.....
you slowly open your eyes ...and standing there next to you looking down at you is your lover....your man ...your stud....he has such a look in his eyes...i swear they are smoldering...dark black almost sinister smile..he looks at your eyes and smiles a rather lop sided hes smiling he says whatca doing...with his head tilted to the side eyebrows smile reach for the lotion and start to put more on .....looking up with a very sexy smile.." just putting on lotion after my bath".....then you start to rub your self with lotion all over while he stands there watching your touching all the places that make you tingly watching him watching start to ask him about his day...he responds in one word sentences as he watches you put lotion on your breats while playing with your reach up to grab your breast and lick a nipple real quick his eyes are really wide open now...not to mention his are still just talking to him normal...about his day telling him dinner will be ready shortly...but for right now your relaxing as you very slying rub the lotion on your tummy arch your back to get it all over the sides and down to the waist and tops of your thighs...letting them fall slightly open to run your hands up and down the insides of your thighs.....
Hes watching and waiting to see where those hands go....and yep there they laying your legs open wider you start to play with your clit...your lips your pussy.....hes watching your stroking rubbing playing with that wet hard clit....he can see its wet and getting wetter..and of course your going to make sure he sees it get wetter....stroking it small simple strokes that make your leg quiver just a bit....pushing one finger inside to get it wetter starting to moan...wiggling your feels so good....yes yes im cumming as you squeeze your nipples and stroke harder....ooooooooooooooo yesss omg im cumming hard...your really moan ing now and your legs are so wide open..your hips are off the floor and your pussy is opened wide for him to see you cum.....he then says yeah baby cum for me let me see you cum for wet so wild....on big push off the floor with your feet and your hips are almost in his face he can see your pussy smell its intensity and right before he leans in you cum getting very wet its dripping out of you...and lay your hips down breathing really heavy looking at him sitting there you get up place a soft kiss on his mouth and go to put a robe on and tell him come into the kitchen baby diner is just about ready....and if your a good boy a really good boy and eat all your dinner i will have you for desert then turn to the kitchen and say im not getting dressed it way to hot in here with this fireplace dont mind do you if im naked at the dinner table ...and you smile..and lick your fingers...yummy...come on big boy dinner is now....ok i gotta go im finding im a little to frisky.....dinner anyone?????
The male penis
Posted:Nov 26, 2007 7:04 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2012 2:14 pm

Ok ok i admit a complete fascination to the male penis...cock dick what ever you want to call it...not sure why but it really fascinates me....the feel of it the look of it the different sizes of it....what its used for what you can use it for....i mean you can hold it touch it lick it suck it...nibble on it make love to it and fuck it.....but its like a male toy...only they get it full fair you i don't want to be a man lol i love being a woman ....but i also love the penis love to taste it lick it suck on it play with it..i think i could just play with it for hours like a toy lol....

I wonder am i alone on this my fetish instead of toes its the other woman find it just as exciting to look at touch, or you find you lick your lips in anticipation of tasting it...or your hands tingle cause you get to hold it..or stroke it ....its hard yet soft, silky if you will, the tip is so fun to play with.....lick you ever just play with it to see what kind of reaction you get from if you stroke this way it gets harder...or if you lick the underside and squeeze the tip will he get wet....does he like it all wet and slippery...although i admit i can not spit on it ...this is something i have no fascination with i hate spitting it just grosses me out...but however it is very sexy to see it wet and hard...especially when I'm the one who made it that way.....i love the fact i can make it hard make it tingle and of course make it cum.....i think this maybe the whole reason i don't like toys....the real thing is a prize in its self...while by itself the penis is fun to play with the whole package has to come with it the hands the back the butt the hair the eyes the whole male package...i guess you could just say I'm a penis lover but the man has to cum with it hugs and kisses Patty
HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:Nov 21, 2007 3:46 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2007 8:37 pm

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...hope yours is a good one lots of food, family, love, hugs, and sex woooo dont blow the turkey.....bake him then eat him mmmmmmmmgoooooooo stuff....may your turkey be moist, may your potatoes be smooth, and may your veggies be damn goodd.......and may you get laid in the best way possible right among the deserts......yummy yummy yummy...take care, hugs, kisses, licks, and sucks i love you all and i am thankful for my friends....Patty
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Posted:Nov 4, 2007 12:56 am
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2008 10:44 pm

do you ever think we make the same mistakes cause its what suppose to happen..or do you believe we make those same mistakes cause we are searching for the wrong thing??? im talking mistakes in love or searching for you go through the whole process of looking for love with the thoughts of damn i made this same mistake before why oh why am i doing it again....or why did i do that i swore i wouldnt....and you do cause it feels right and you lol find out its the same as the last guess im asking do you continue making mistakes or do you change what you think it is you want and hope you dont make anymore...which in truth you know your going to ....this is a dilema...i know a lot of people face..i know i do...and sometimes i question what it is im a lot....but does it mean im doing something wrong ....i dont think of the mind to enjoy the moment not so much as the future of that moment...well now i am as certain events in my life have made me come to this conculsion.....but does it mean im wrong??? at 2:00 in the morning i should be asleep lol not pondering on this...but hey its what blogs are for to state a purpose to tell everyone who reads it about yourself and lol get it off your chest.....ok its off im going back to im so silly this early..later tators hugs and kisses Patty
Posted:Oct 28, 2007 1:24 pm
Last Updated:Nov 3, 2007 2:49 pm

well well well...Ottawa pirates in the playoffs won last night against rich east played a good close game....going to normal now...the holy grail of 6a football..they are number one right now and returning state champs......well whatever Ottawa is doing so good this so proud as you know im a football mom nuts crazy and downright windows are painted got my pom poms my red shirts and beads gloves hat the whole lot of it...going to normal to scare the hell out of the if you live in normal i suggest if you see me get motoring lol ..i come sure the pirates will win its 50/50 but who knows i think they can they can beat whoever with the right attitude....and lets go pirates....lets stomp some booty...and have some fun...yeah baby...go pirates go....
1 comment
Posted:Oct 26, 2007 7:22 pm
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2007 7:24 pm

whats in a campfire thats sexy sensual and exciting....?? maybe the fact you are out in the open or its at night or your one with nature ...i dont know but imagine a camp fire.. your with someone you find attractive...its a little cold outside not bad but still you need the camp fire ..your in the woods a slight breeze is blowing agaisnt you.....your relaxed having a drink be it hot choc or wine or beer..your talking cuddling by the fire ,.....the thought of getting a blanket is appealing....but you dont want to move just you sit there relaxed and he asks if you would like another thank you but its kinda warm i think i will take off my jacket....he helps you take it off brushing you lightly with his fingers ...your skin tingles cause you love the feel of his fingers touching you ....the night air hits you quick and your nipples puker a bit and he can see the hardness of them ....he reaches out to brush one and says how nice like it so you grab his hand and put it back telling him to touch you again.....he does slightly touching your nipple through the lift up your shirt to take it off...he tells you to slow down go you smile and stand up....slowly taking off your shirt moving your hips a bit slowly taking the shirt off over your head exposing your bra to him...showing him its a see through cup and he can see your hard nipples in the firelight... you shake your hair and comb your fingers through it...raising your breasts slightly while you do making them stand out for his attention......then you reach down to unzip your pants...slowly....sliding the zipper down ...he can see a hint of white ...your turn and take the pants the rest of the way off bending so your butt is right there for him to see.....shaking your hips a bit to get the pants off...looking back over your shoulder to see if you have his attention....and you smile a little sexy smile cause you know hes very much at attention....then you turn back around in just bra and panties shaking your hair...walking toward him hips swaying slightly....walk right up to him and put your breasts in his face grabbing the back of his head and pushing your boobs right in his face leaning back speading your legs and straddling him as you slowly sit on his can feel how hard he rough his pants are against your heated skin you move your hips against his crotch and keep his face buried in between your breasts....he reaches around and unclasps your you lean back as he holds on to you and sucks you nipples hard....nibbling...sucking..teasing those nipples they are so hard from his sucking and the night air you are on fire you can feel your panties getting wet soaked because he wont quit .....his hands reach down and cup your butt rolling your hips against his crotch ...his hands slip inside the panties to touch your butt....cup it squeeze it....pulling you toward him your holding on to him and hes sucking your nipples.....yeah baby yeah baby lean all the way back now your head is almost touching the ground and he can lean over and kiss your pussy through your panties but he doesnt he just runs his hands over your body a little roughly....says he wants to see your body in the firelight......wants to see the wetness of your nipples glow in the flames he then pulls you up and kisses you deeply are digging your nails in his shoulders squirming on his lap wanting more......he then tells you he wants you on the pinic table...lay down leave the panties on.....spread your do this...running your hands over your body so he can watch you....your wanting to touch your pussy make it cum ahhh but he wont let you...he spreads your legs further apart...leans down and kisses you through the panties running his hands underneath your ass....slowly sliding them he takes off the panties he leans in to lick your clit....i bet you know what comes next ,.....dont you just love a campfire....your body all aglow in the light of the fire....getting fucked by your lover while the fire is burning ....your body is as hot as the camp feel the heat from both.....the sex is a bit rougher wilder in the woods with a camp fire...but you love it cause who doesnt like a campfire.....mmmmmmm can you feel the hot is it inside when you slide can you feel the heat....make me cum and your going to burn up......woooo hooooo.....soooooo hot...soooooo wet....soooo yummmy....marshmallows anyone?????
fuck me??? lol fuck you
Posted:Oct 22, 2007 3:03 pm
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2007 6:47 pm

yeah thats right baby fuck me you can do it..the harder the better...make it last...make me feel it....i want to cum so hard my legs quiver for a few minutes ....i wont be able to catch my breath..then you start again...touching kissing licking ...this is the start of a very nice quickie .....a hit and git type of sexual encounter with a very good lover who can make your heart skip a beat cause you know its going to be ohhhhhh sooooo know you will cum hard....when you go back to your daily grind your panties will be wet all day...and they stay wet thinking about fucking him when you get home...making his legs shake making his heart skip a beat....calling him on his cell phone leaving a nasty message that you are going to fuck his brains out when you get home he better be ready...he better be hard and waiting...cause you are going to rip his clothes off and start sucking on him the minute you get your hands on his cock.....not even caring if he is naked or not not caring if hes in the living room or kitchen only that you are going to get his pants off take him in your mouth and savor the feel of his cock inside your mouth on your tongue and in your know hes hard and you made him that way to know he wants to cum in your mouth and you stop him...cause you want him to cum on your nipples so you can lick it off while he watches....soooooooo lol fuck i don't think so fuck you lmao...are you ready???? do you want it??? lol can you handle it.....??????
omg ottawa pirates
Posted:Oct 16, 2007 6:35 pm
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2007 6:47 pm

what a seasons its been for the ottawa pirates let me tell you its been so cool now they are confrence champs going to the playoffs and its my baby's senior year....i havent yelled cried or screamed so much in my life....if you have read previous blogs you know i love friday night football with my playing under the lights...what a trip this year has been.....they could go all the way.....or the could blow it and not make it past the first playoff game ....but we are not thinking that right now we are thinking how mom is going to get all her shit together to drive to champange for the big state game...wooo hoooo....yeah baby get some....yes im still embarrassing my ( my job)...and i do it so yes im bragging i can do that in a blog or on the street corner no one really cares.....except those who have lost to the pirates wanted to update have been gone and wanted to make sure i let everyone know the progress....i know you were waiting with baited breath well breath freely now im just teasing i just wanted to im going to bed to sleep cause i feel like the engergizer bunny im keep going and going and going...only my batteries are going and going and going damn they are gone cya hugs and kisses Patty
Been gone for a while
Posted:Sep 22, 2007 10:36 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2007 6:28 pm

well i disappeared again...truly didnt intend to but got to busy and to much drama lol for me to be on this site needed a bit of time the dramas going away again so lets see if i can stir up more...its funny havent even given sex a thought in a while and well i guess its entered back into my im back ....hopefully it will be with good results ...still looking for a real man...please no to damn old to have that anymore and besides it really hurts....have a great day ...i will be back blogging soon take care hugs and kisses me.....
shower fantasy
Posted:Jul 8, 2007 3:47 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2009 3:36 pm

Every one has a least i think so ...some people may be living theirs but most of us just think or dream about fantasies...i have a few my fav is on my profile i find will never be fulfilled...but i have another i would like to share...

its in the shower...i love baths and showers hot ones semi cold ones ...even and occasional cold cold one when im hot....but the one that sparks my fantasy is after a day of work or working on something your hot your tired .....your sore ...muscles are tense and tight....but you have been thinking about your sweetie all day while youve been working..he too is sore and tired and needing a really hot and i dont mean water temp....
so when he comes home i make him something cold to it over his arms neck wherever he looks hot...and whisper to him come take a shower with me....come let me get you all wet and slippery....let me feel your body sliding against mine .....then i walk to the bathroom taking my clothes off as i do and just throwing them at him....come on baby...come play with me...come play soapy games ....he resists hes tired hes wanting to just sit down and so i leave the bathroom door open im naked bending over to make sure he gets a good shot of my naked ass...and pussy....standing up putting my hair up to keep it from getting wet...of course my arms are up in the air and my boobs are lifted and he can see the sides of them just a hint of nipple....i rub my body a bit cause i know hes inticing him to come play and he knows it....but still just watches.....i leave the shower curtain open....standing under the cool shower to rinse off reach over bending at the waist to get the soap i know he can see my ass is wet from the water running on it....
i lather up the soap and run it over my neck my chest my boobs lingering on the nipples while watching him watch me..smiling a little smile....just a hint of sass in that smile....squeeze the nipple lean my head back let the water and soap run over my breasts...lathering up my stomach my legs as i lift one on the side of the tub to run my soapy hands between my mind you im facing him as hes watching me and he can see me soaping up my pussy...watching my hand glide over the lips and stopping on the clit to rub just a bit...mmmmm ...i turn to soap my ass i bend slightly to open my cheeks up to run my hand in between them and looking over my shoulder i lick my lips and smile again and ask are you sure you dont want to shower with me.....he has this look on his face...such a look ..i know hes coming in...i watch him unbutton his pants and get naked i see his cock is partially up and growing...i lean against the back of the shower wall with my butt raised slightly in the air offering it to him to do what he wants to on my tip toes leaning my body down a bit to stick my ass out further.....he runs his hands over my soapy ass....hes lathered his hands up and finds all kinds of interesting places to put his hands...oh my that feels soo good...he steps in the shower and turns me around to face the water makes me stand the way i was puts his hands on my hips and rubs his cock over my ass which is very slippery and soapy what a feeling.....hes hard i can feel how hard he is....i stick my ass out more i want him inside me right now....and he knows it....he spreads my legs a little further apart tells me to bend down a bit more and hang on....and inside my pussy he slips...oh wow...oh omy...he stays there for second to grind his hips into my ass....holding my hips hard....bringing them back to him then he moves inside me in and out .....ohhhhh yes i want to cum right now....he just slides in slowly gently in and out in and out...i want it faster harder he wont do bent at the waist pushing back against him and he still goes slowly in no fuck then he stops.... reaches up turns off the water and says lets get out of this shower and he gets out reaches for my hand cause im very unsteady and helps me out all the time touching me kissing me licking my neck holding me....then he moves me out of the shower hes behind me i can feel his cock against my ass we leave the bathroom like this all the time hes touching my nipples and rubbing up against my ass.....god i want that cock inside me right now again....he knows it cause he stops me at the kitchen table bends me over it and slides right in...ooooooo omg does this feel sooo reaching all the way across the table to hold hold on my ass in being pounded while im on my tiptoes legs spread kinda wide....omg hes fucking me harder then he slaps my ass....not hard but oh so im going to cum right now....dont stop dont stop....thats its right there more more.....but he slows down...and pulls out.... im waiting whats he doing im ready to cum...he leans over kisses my ass cheek and slaps it again and says lets go im going to really fuck you now....he pulls me off the table and moves me to the bed wait no there get on the coffee table..on all fours.....not a big coffee table but i fit and im there waiting omg im waiting he stradles the coffee table and plunges deep into me i have to put my hands on the floor to keep from falling now stradling the table as well with my ass in the air again...and hes fucking me soooo good sooo hard....he slaps my ass now its a bit more harder....then tells me to fuck him push back against him and fuck him....he stays still while i push back against him hes got my nipples in his fingers and just rolling them around and holding on to my breasts in a tight grip..its painful but feels good .....its hard to to this postition but i keep fucking him....he then stops me and helps me off the table.....pushes me to the bed room and pushes me on the bed he then pulls me to the end and pushes my legs in the air and thrusts that cock inside my pussy and fucks me screaming by now....more more cumming and i do ....all over him the bed running down my ass. omg my legs are shaking baby oh baby dont stop.....
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the heat
Posted:Jun 13, 2007 6:39 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2008 10:20 am

Do you feel as it gets hotter you get hotter... or should i say hot and bothered...
I sometimes feel in the heat an intense need for sex....good hard sweaty mind you i hate to sweat although i work in a kitchen in about 100 degee heat...i still dont like to sweat but there are times when its hot outside and i just want to feel another body sliding over mine...feel his heat ....our bodies are covered in sweat and glistening ....running my hands over his body feeling the wetness....everthing is so slippery and hot...i was told that when i am hot like you know when your working out or youve been out all day that my insides get now i didnt understand this but he ment that when hes inside me im very hot....i wonder if thats why i get so frisky in the i get frisky at most times im not kidding anyone here...but the heat does something...sometimes i love to suck on a popscicle those big stick ones and lets the coolness run down my throat and then suck on him and let him feel the coldness and the hotness at the same time.....i love using ice to give a blow job to when its hot out....feels like your on fire its almost painful...but very yummy....then when you do finally get to penetration you are so hot for each other and your body temp is so high its like an inferno going off...the whole room is so hot feel his hot cock sliding inside of me is a real real real turn on i get more excited when its that hot or im that hot not sure which....then when you start to reach your peak....just before the orgasim you get up and go take a cool shower and soap each other off.... get out of the shower all the time playing with each other maybe stopping at the kitchen table to be bent over and taken from behind him just sliding in and moving oh so slowly.....he pulls out i kneel down to lick him clean and then keep heading to the bed room still playing play longer and less anixous....taking your time finding all the spots and making them heat up again...till you are really sweating again and beggin for relase lol at least i am...when it comes your whole body is so tight and so tense you could break in two....then you come back down to earth then when i can think clearly i get up go get some really cold ice teas and a towel to dry off turn on the fan lay in front of it letting it dry and cool us off naked and sipping iced tea.....yeah gotta love the heat....and its hot right now... i have very cold ice later tators hugs and kisses Patty
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