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floor remnant lament
things assorted in type...
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update of sorts
Posted:Mar 31, 2010 8:39 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2011 2:33 pm
um yeah I really haven't written anything for a really really long time....

let's sum up the past year...

Well my life in my opinion is still pretty boring

I work for an airline now...yay travel

I have developed a really bad habit of sleeping with my co-workers (soo not good)

I've lost a lot of weight... not so much because I was trying but because my damn job is stressful and I'm still poor...

anyway I might start writing again to just vent...

update rant
Posted:May 5, 2008 7:31 pm
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2009 9:50 am
I've been so busy lately that I really haven't written anything nor visited the site...

But I'm back... well kinda

I'm still busy doing nothing
I'm still a crappy student (well not so much now I'm actually doing pretty good in my classes... but I'm still a ways from graduation)

I'm still (barely)working as a librarian assistant... more like a damn baby sitter

Still dating the same guy
Dating is ok... being a girlfriend isn't so bad. I mean being with one person is great and all...
I admit that I'm at the point of living vicariously through my friends... they all miss me but hey I'm in a relationship...

So almost all my chick friends are married and/or having ... It just makes me wonder why the fuck am I busy doing nothing...
Not that I want or anything (well at least not now).

Well anyway I'm tired and need to get some rest..

I'll write something...soon

Halloween Hangover....
Posted:Nov 1, 2007 10:57 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2008 9:24 pm
Ok so Wednesday was halloween...

this year I actually had a pretty cool costume so I celebrated alot.
Anyway I did the whole pub crawl thing oh I had so much fun
The best part was that no one recognized me or my sweety... lol

I would write more details but I'm probably gonna need some more time for the memories to come back...

so I hope people had a Happy Halloween
yay for skool
Posted:Sep 5, 2007 8:08 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2008 12:59 pm
So I'm back in school... well part-time anyway. Mosty geography and geology stuff... nothing major.
I'm determined to not waste my money this time and actually do well in my classes...

today (day 2 of classes) I was at school looking around at the sea of people and I couldn't help thinking... my god I hate this place I so need to get my shit together and graduate.

anyway that's all for now I'll have more bitching to do as the semester draws on

1 comment
the long time....
Posted:Aug 19, 2007 7:49 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2013 2:17 am
Wow I haven't written anything in a really long time...So I guess a summary is in order

So last month was July
I turned 26
(I'm not old but alas I am getting older)
my birthday party was at the Triangle Bar it was a good time...I didn't get wasted this year, I remembered just because everyone will buy you drinks doesn't mean you have to keep drinking... lol

I went to California for the first time I was near LA...
I quickly realized that there are too many damn people in LA, traffic is a nightmare.. nice place to visit but no way would I want to live there. I went cause my boyfriend's cousin was getting married... I hope he remembered to send them something cause I forgot to get a gift (hey it isn't my

So now it's like the middle of August

the job I got for the summer ended on Friday I enjoyed working there. I met lots of new and interesting people (and by interesting I mean crazy)... and the money wasn't bad either.
I'm glad that I got a chance to do something different this summer... I'll be back to my ever oh so much fun part time gig as a library assistant this fall though. The other good thing about working this summer is that I did save enough money to pay for school. Although I barely saved enough, I wish tuition would stop going up although I probably should just hurry up and finish.
Anyway school starts in September.... I'm only going part time so we'll see what happens.

My best friend is in Germany now... I'm kinda sad I finally got to see the baby before she left but I probably wont get to see him again for another year or 2... sigh
My nephew is the cutest baby ever!
I just might have to take a trip to Germany...

so that's my life for the past summer in a nut shell... it's still boring
but I'm not complaining cause boring works for me

gee I should really write more often
So there's hope after all...
Posted:May 10, 2007 7:47 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2008 12:59 pm
So on a positive note
that job I didn't get, you know the one that I wasn't qualified for...
well I got another call Tuesday and...
yep that's right
I got the job

um anyway I'm happy the pay is way better than what I make now...
So I'll probably be able to pay for school in the fall

so anyway trees rock!
Posted:Apr 28, 2007 9:36 pm
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2009 10:35 pm
I’ve played almost every version of the pokemon games since the first one came out so many years ago…. So of course I pre ordered the new version that came out on April 22

So now I have pokemon diamond for the Nintendo DS
The problem is that I seem to be addicted to it... lol

I play it every chance I get… mostly when I shouldn’t be playing it like at work

I could go into great detail about the game and how cool I think it is but I’m sure not many people care… lol

The one really cool feature it the wi-fi connection… which is super cool but the thing is I have no one to connect with as of yet…. L I’m sure that will change over time

I so need to get out more...

1 comment
random rant... cause random is bestest
Posted:Apr 14, 2007 10:19 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2008 12:58 pm
because my boring and uneventful life just keeps getting better...
I present the mostly bad but somewhat good things that have been happening lately...

-I just found out that my best friend in the whole world got married!
2 months ago
to an asshole... a real waste of life
so yeah I'm a little mad she didn't tell me but mostly sad cause she didn't tell me... I know it's not a secret that I think he's an asshole (most people agree with me), but still... she could have told me
so yeah I'm hurting a little.
I'm sure my friend will wake up one day and see that he's basically a huge fucking mistake.
So there's hope... lol

-I finally went and bought some furniture for my apartment... which is a good thing... actually what's a good thing is payment plans. Cause it's no secret why I don't have any furniture... lol
sucks not having cash

I so need another job...

-I didn't get the job I interviewed for... no big deal it would have been a miracle anyway considering I wasn't qualified for it... lol
I'm actually not feeling to bad about that... but it would have been nice to have the extra money... gotta pay for school next semester

well on a mostly all positive note
I have the bestest boyfriend ever
he cooks!
he cleans!
he cares!
he's super boyfriend
well he's not perfect especially that part of him... in the corner of his mind that tells him to do and say stupid shit... but he's still great overall

yeah I'm tired I'm so going to bed...
off somewhere...
Posted:Feb 26, 2007 9:02 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2008 12:58 pm
wow I really haven't written anything in a long time...

summary of how great my life is going

-I finally got kicked out of school for being a shitty student
-I'm still working part time trying to pay off some student loans (a waste of money obviously)
-I moved (another 1br apt.), damn I had so much shit can believe how much stuff I accumulated in 5 years at my old place...
-My best friend just had a baby.. he's a cutie his name is Joe
-My boyfriend has some kind of inner conflict going on... and it's sorta pissing me off
-and for some reason I seem to be putting on weight.

so that's an incomplete summary of what's been going on lately
more to come....
B-day fun
Posted:Jul 9, 2006 7:18 am
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2008 12:57 pm
Wow it’s been a minute since I’ve written in this blog…
(I write in my Y360 blog more often)

So anyway my birthday was Thursday (the 6th)
I made it to 25…

I had all kinds of drunken fun on my birthday!
First I went to summerfest to see Digital Underground, I haven't been to summerfest in years it was ok, the concert was great...I remember when I was a Digital Underground was the shit!

after that We (me & XTheJesterX) stopped by one of my hangout spots the Triangle. My good friend was in town so she stopped by, along with some other friends of mine, to help me celebrate...
anyway everyone there was all nice to me and the free drinks just kept coming… and my dumb ass kept drinking them…
I had fun and I was all drunk... LOL

The only thing that pissed me off on my b-day...
One of my favorite friends I guess forgot about me... I texted him like um hello it's my birthday (actually it technically was the 7th when I texted him), can you believe he was so 'busy' he couldn't even say happy B-day to me... ass!
I remembered his B-day... dammit I'm a good friend… oh well at least I see how it is

also a big Thank You to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday it truly was a happy b-day!

on a closing note my B-day was pretty much all good but I admit my girl parts still hurt after the fucking I got for my B-day...
Damn he fucked the shit outta me, I woke up like damn what all did we do last night... LOL

Well my 4 day weekend ends tomorrow (Monday)... back to the daily grind. Damn I had fun!
work rant #112
Posted:Apr 24, 2006 11:37 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2010 4:38 pm
So today I come in to work somewhat cheerful, but slightly disappointed because it sucks to have to work on such a nice day...
anyway my supervisor tells me that I was late on Saturday and if I'm late again I'm going to be written up...
oh well there went my cheerful mood...
I told my co worker I hate getting up so fuckin early on Saturday mornings to work... well it's not really that early i mean 830-5 isn't bad but still it's Saturday.
Anyway I was feelin kinda sick and it's not like I didn't make up the time... urggh

My supervisor being the nice guy that he is (no really he is cool)...
gave me a copy of a job opening in another department. I was so happy for a second because everyone knows that I've been waiting for an opening in that department...
but alas my joy was short lived because the opening was for mornings...
urggh!! I cant work mornings.

well at least the posting mentioned that other positions may become available...

I actually like my job... well most of the time

end of the day?
Posted:Apr 3, 2006 10:15 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2008 12:56 pm
I hate busy busy days... this was like the monday fom hell.

I really need to stop procrastinating... this catching up shit is killing me. I'm like trying to cram a month's worth of work into 3 days... just stupid.
I would go into detail but it would just piss me off and make me feel even more tired. lol

The best way to end a day like today is a nice hot bath, a decent drink, and a nice warm bed.
actually I think 2 drinks are in order.
I'm so tired I dont even want company.. lol

well off to get those drinks and go to bed...

at least tomorrow is going to be fun... tuesday's rock!


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