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Relax, Its just Sex
My former handle as "CockHungryNow" but was forced to change it due to the hacking thing a few months back.
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A Shared Dessert after Dinner
Posted:May 25, 2009 6:03 pm
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2021 7:19 am

This has been one of the most difficult sexual encounters I’ve written about because its more from a third party observation than my own experiences such as those I previously wrote about. Obviously, I can’t write about the sensations and thoughts between the two ladies but I can write about what I was fortunate enough to witness and experience during this evening.

A few days ago, my girlfriend and I finally arranged some time to get out and meet up with some like-minded friends. The intent was more to get out of the house, relax, and flirt with not only each other but with some other sexy people. We both love the flirting portion of meeting like-minded people and besides, seeing how much you can get away with in public is probably just as exciting as simply getting a room: wouldn't all of you agree?

Anyway, our evening started by meeting a few couples at a local restaurant for dinner. The casual conversation about almost everything was being passed amongst everyone that was there. Since us both love to watch people and how they interact is one of our passions, being with a group of like-minded couples makes for an interesting sight. Over the next hour or so, each couple sized each other up through conversation, eye contact, and most of all, body language. Body language can speak volumes if one is paying attention.

As we were making small talk and jokes with the other couples, there was one young lady that I continuously caught stealing glances at my girlfriend's cleavage and breasts. Amongst the many talents and attributes my girlfriend has to offer (especially me...wink), I must proclaim that she does have very nice breasts and I will tell you that there are a couple blouses she wears that flat drives me crazy and it's extremely difficult to maintain any kind of eye contact with her when she's wearing them. Obviously this evening, I wasn't the only one that couldn't keep their eyes off of them.

As dinner was starting to wrap up and everyone had a couple drinks under their belt, everyone pretty much agreed that it was too early to end the evening and so we all decided to go to a club for a few more drinks. After picking which club to meet at, we all got in our separate cars and headed that way. During the drive, I told my girlfriend about the attention she was getting from the young lady sitting next to her. I wasn't surprised to find out that my girlfriend was stealing glances of her as well.

You see, I was sitting to my girlfriend’s right, while the young lady was on her left so I couldn't see where my girlfriend's eyes were straying the entire time. All I was aware of during dinner and the conversations was that she was feeling exceptionally horny by the intensity and directness of her hand in my lap (do I need to spell out what she was doing?...ha ha). Oh believe me, her physical flirting with me was being returned to her through the casual and un-noticeable strokes my hands were making between her thighs. We both knew without saying that regardless of how the evening unfolded with anyone else, we wouldn't be able to make it home before the desire we had would overwhelm us and force us to find somewhere secluded (wink).

On the way to the club, we both agreed that even though we didn’t intend on playing with anyone else that evening, if an encounter presented itself, we wouldn’t pass it up. It had been a while since we were able to get out and be promiscuous so we might as well take advantage of it. LOL…..we also knew that if some provocative play didn’t present itself, it would be a shower curtain and baby oil night without question but that’s another recurring evening with us and is best left for another chapter.

Everyone got to the club and we all got our seats as close to the people we had the most interest in. Coincidentally, the young lady that was stealing glances of my girlfriend’s breasts was once again to her immediate right except this time, the chairs were substantially closer. This was more so they could talk as quietly as they could due to the loudness of the music. There was some more drinking and of course some dancing and after a couple hours, the couples started excusing themselves. Some because they had to get home and others because they had clicked with someone else and off they went to play. We weren’t any different. After a few confirmations of intent and desire being brokered through my girlfriend, it was decided that the three of us were going to get a room. As they continued to talk about things, I excused myself and made the arrangements.

The advantage of our relationship is that we both played with couples, groups, singles, females, and males, for quite a while before my girlfriend and I met. We each had fantastic experiences and disastrous ones as well. When we combine everything we know, there is a wealth of sexual knowledge in a variety of situations that we each reap the benefit from. For example, there is a considerable difference between the single guy and single lady when they play with couples or groups. As I’ve come to understand, women who play with couples and groups by themselves are extremely rare because of one primary reason: safety.

The woman may be extremely attracted to the fulfillment of a fantasy and desires it to happen with every fiber of her being but it she doesn’t feel safe and aroused at the same time, she will in no way allow it to happen. Men on the other hand, typically are thinking with their ‘johnson’ and the only thing their thinking is how soon and where. With that knowledge in mind, I decided that it was going to be my task to insure the lady felt as safe as possible for the next few hours. If this meant that only the two ladies would be playing, so be it. I did know that I would be able to watch and knew for damn sure that when they filled their lust for each other, my girlfriend would forcibly turn her sexual attention to me and I was going to be in serious trouble. Damn my luck!! (wink….ha ha)

After some coordination and errand running on my part, the three of us were in the room. Of course, it started awkward like it would be expected: all of us watching TV and commenting on a program, some idle chit chat about nothing important, and some last minute sizing of each other before things started getting heated. As a matter of point, this would be another difference between the genders. The men usually are prepared to strip and get busy with whomever their playing with while the women usually need some time to settle in and get comfortable with the situation, person(s), and surroundings. This is where I exercised restraint.

Respectfully I understand that this sexual encounter was set up between my girlfriend and the young lady; if I was fortunate, the two ladies would invite me to join them in some capacity. However, how and when it began was entirely on them and so I laid back and stayed out of their way with me on the left side, my girlfriend in the middle, and the young lady on the right. After a few minutes of silence, I noticed them petting each other and kissing and it had began.

As the two ladies were petting, fondling and kissing each other, their clothes were slowly removed. Since this was uncharted territory for me at least, I did my best to not be noticed at first. As an article of clothing was removed, I removed it from the bed and out of their way. To insure I was ready if they decided to pull me into their intimacy, I removed my clothing at the same pace s they were removing theirs: when the shirts and bras were removed, I removed my shirt, when both had removed their slacks, I removed mine. Soon, all three of us were disrobed and the two ladies were enjoying each other’s bodies while I looked on with anticipation.

They continued to kiss each other on the lips and breasts while their hands glided on each other’s bodies. The heated intensity could be heard in their breathing, which was getting more labored with each lick of their tongue’s and teasing glide of their hands. I must be honest in saying that mu c**k was as hard as a rock watching all of this before me: two extremely sexy ladies pleasing each other while I was watching. I knew my girlfriend was a bit of an exhibitionist but it seemed highly probable that so was the young lady and even though they were enjoying each other a great deal, they really enjoyed me watching.

Their bodies were getting intertwined with each other more and more as things heated up between them. They seemed to be getting even bolder with each other and soon, they took turns licking and sucking each other’s breasts while their hands glided over each other’s soft skin. To be honest, it was extremely hot watching a woman’s lips and tongue lapping and sucking on my girlfriend’s gorgeous breast and nipples. I felt a familiar twinge between my own legs with the sight and couldn’t help but to grab myself to ease the temptation to get in between them: it wasn’t time because I hadn’t been invited yet.

Soon the two were sitting up and facing each other as they continued to caress each other’s bodies. Their lips glided over the other’s neck and shoulders while their hands cupped a breast and gently pinched a nipple, where the receiver of the gesture took in a deep breath and let out a sigh of pleasure. Occasionally, one hand would slide between the other’s thighs and teasingly brushed against her obviously swollen and sensitive clit also being rewarded with the deep breath and sigh of approval. Oh my, I’m a gentleman first and foremost but this was becoming too difficult to watch and not act. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait for long because the invitation was given to me by both of these sexy ladies at the very same moment without the other’s knowledge.

As the two ladies continued their erotic exploration and arousal of each other, I sat in close proximity behind my girlfriend with my legs spread around them both. I honestly didn’t get in that position on purpose; they ended up between my legs on their own through their entangled caressing of each other cross the bed. I will tell you that it was almost perfect in an un-orchestrated way. Suddenly, at the very same moment that my girlfriend reached behind her to pull me closer to her, the young lady reached one arm behind my girlfriend and I felt her hand wrap around my already throbbing c**k without any hesitation: there was my invitation from them both.

Ok, now what the hell do I do? We three are in a room, naked on the bed, the two ladies are very heated and aroused, and I just got invited to join them. This evening was all about them, not me. My mind whirred for any idea of what to do next and there was no way I was going to stop them to ask (DUH….I’m not stupid…LO. Wait a second; that’s it! It IS all about them so I just needed to do two things: insure the young lady continued to feel safe so she could be relaxed and open; and two, be the added excitement for them both as their arousal level increased. In short, add to the moment and not try to take it over. Now, how do I do that!? (ha ha)

As the two ladies continued kissing and fondling each other (I’ve got to re-state that is so damn sexy seeing it in person!!), I began by wrapping my arms around my girlfriend: one of my hands glided to one of her breasts while my other hand sought and found one of the young ladies’ breasts. Though I would pause momentarily somewhere, my hands never stayed anyplace for too long. Remember, I was just adding to the moment, not taking it over. With my girlfriend in the middle, each of us moved our hands across each other’s bodies. The young lady had begun to more intensely stroke my c**k and it was extremely difficult to keep myself under control. I gently kissed the nap of my girlfriend’s neck and I snuck in a little nibble a few times on that spot she LOVES so much (grin). After a few moments of all of this, I decided it was time to move around to the back of the young lady and do the same thing (minus the nibbling of course; that’s reserved for my girlfriend only).

Once I was behind the young lady, she folded one arm behind her and once again, wrapped her fingers around me. Damn that felt good! In this position, my role was a little easier. By that I mean that I was having sex with my girlfriend face-to-face except there was this sexy young lady between us. So, I pulled my girlfriend a little closer so I could, at least in part, place my hands on her back, arms, hips, and breasts while she was kissing, stroking, fondling, and licking the young lady. I would still lightly lick and kiss the young lady’s shoulders and neck and occasionally my girlfriend and I would kiss while the young lady kissed the neck of my girlfriend. My hands would glide over the young lady’s breasts, stomach, and inner thighs while my girlfriend was kissing her deeply.

At some point, things got shifted to the next gear. My girlfriend began kissing and licking lower and lower on the young lady’s stomach and she leaned back against me, inviting my girlfriend to taste her p**sy. As she leaned back against me, I leaned back as well and soon her entire body was lying on top of me and her legs were spread wide. My girlfriend was caressing and licking the inside of her thighs and I could feel the lady’s breathing becoming more labored from her arousal. I looked up and could see my girlfriend with a very satisfying smile on her face and knew that she was enjoying this woman’s very wet p**sy. I knew she had slid in one or maybe even two fingers and had found her g-spot because the woman arched her back as much as she could while lying on top of me at the same time as she took in a very deep breath and held it.

While my girlfriend was stroking the inside of the woman’s p**sy with her fingers and occasions licking and sucking on her swollen clit, I continued to glide my hands across her completely exposed abdomen, breasts, thighs, and neck. As my hand slipped over a breast, I would give her nipple a little pinch just enough to add to the moment. I was continuing to watch my girlfriend and on occasion we would lock eyes and the love we have passed between us. Occasionally could feel my girlfriend’s other hand slide down and grab my hard c**k and she would give me a couple strokes. A couple times, I could feel her tongue lick the head and it would take the breath out of me. At that same moment, the young lady would arch her back so she could feel my hard c**k protruding up between her legs at the same time as my girlfriend’s mouth was blowing warm air on her throbbing clit.

After a while of this erotic build-up of pleasure, my girlfriend began to intensify her stroking of the woman’s p**sy. The woman began arching her back even more. She reached over her shoulders and grabbed my shoulders similar to reaching back and grabbing the headboard of a bed. Her legs began to tense up and she started to pull them up to her chest to allow my girlfriend full access to her already wet p**sy. My girlfriend obliged by plunging her tongue inside of her. I could see her head moving in the rhythmic motions I’ve seen before; she was licking and sucking this woman’s p**sy at the same time as she was stroking her g-spot and the woman was close to an orgasm.

I reached down with both of my hands and grabbed the inside of her thighs and assisted in pulling her knees to her chest and holding them there. Whenever she eased up slightly, I would slide my hands closer to her p**sy. Soon, my hands were close enough to use my fingers to spread her p**sy lips so my girlfriend could push her the final inch. Suddenly, there it was. With a full body shudder and a loud moan, she had her first orgasm. Her arms pulled on my shoulders for leverage, my hands kept her legs and p**sy lips spread, and my girlfriend continued her intensive stroking licking and sucking. I could feel her hot p**sy juices running down the length of my cock. There was another orgasm and another immediately following the second. Her body was shaking incredibly even though it was rigid and tense.

Her breathing was hoarse and deep and then my girlfriend eased up so she could relax a little. Her body relaxed on top of me and I immediately felt my girlfriend’s lips wrap around my stiff c**k that was still between the young lady’s legs. Damn, I love how she sucks me. She knows exactly where to wrap those sexy lips and run that tongue!! Mmmmmmm. Oh sorry, I had a flashback moment there.

I’m not sure how we suddenly switched positions, but it was now my girlfriend’s turn. As with the young lady, I positioned myself behind my girlfriend and began my caressing and fondling. The young lady began licking and sucking on my girlfriend’s p**sy at the same time as she was stroking a finger or two inside of her. Because I know my girlfriend’s body a great deal more, I knew what to do to help her achieve an orgasm but my girlfriend had other plans it seemed.

I thought that my girlfriend was getting warmed up and into what was about to happen until she leaned forward to kiss the young lady again. She then whispered something into her ear and then there was a nod and smile from the young lady. What the hell were they planning? I was still going with the flow so it really didn’t matter to me; this evening was all about them. I’m just adding to the moment. My girlfriend then leaned back against me, kissed me, and asked if I would f**k her.

Ok, my girlfriend and I have no secrets and we’re very open with each, so much so that it throws people off. However, I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t expecting this at all! To prove that, I actually had to ask her two more times to confirm what I was hearing and get her to lock eyes with me to see if that’s what she truly wanted; there’s no way I was going to jeopardize my relationship with her for a fleeting thought or fantasy….NO WAY!! The look in her eyes, the biting of her sexy wet lips, and the devious smile on her face was the confirmation. I’d seen this look many times before when it was just the two of us and she was in one of those shower curtain and baby oil moods.

Well, because of the suddenness and surprise of this next act where I was now in the middle of this evening, my d**k started to relax. This was by no means a bad thing because the two ladies had no intention on letting me off the hook and so they took matters into their own hands (and mouths) to insure it happened. Before I could react, I had both ladies between my legs on their knees. My girlfriend was holding my semi-hard c**k in her hand and then she wrapped her lips around me. Oh yes, that familiar sensation that I love so much…..damn, she’s f**king great at this! After a few strokes in and out of her mouth, she pulled my c**k out of her mouth and held it for the young lady to sample. The young lady then wrapped her lips around me and also made a couple strokes on my once again hardening c**k. She pulled her mouth off of me and my girlfriend took her turn again; and so this went on for what seemed like a blissful eternity.

I think all of the guys can attest that there is probably nothing sexier and more arousing than seeing two extremely sexy women that are naked and on their knees between your legs sharing your c**k as if it was the sweetest and tastiest sucker or lollipop in the word and both of them moaning each time they take you into their mouth!! Where was a damn camera when you needed one!! (ha ha). This went on until they knew I was hard enough to begin what was requested. Believe me, I never wanted to be semi-hard so much in my life than at that very moment just to continue seeing and feeling what these two sexy ladies were giving me. Whew, I’m getting hard again with the afterthought alone!!

The two ladies repositioned themselves again. My girlfriend was on her back beneath the young lady, and the young lady was on her knees. The two of them were kissing again and my girlfriend was fondling one of her breasts. I approached the young lady from behind and rubbed my hard c**k against her wet p**sy at the same time as I glided my hands over her sexy ass. I could feel one of my girlfriend’s hands rubbing the young lady’s clit at the same time as she was coaxing my c**k toward her p**sy. Once I felt the head of my c**k penetrate her p**sy lips, I began to slowly push inside of her. Her back arched and she pushed back against me so I pushed forward and I was all the way in her.

Slowly, I began pulling and pushing my c**k in and out of her. At first I was slow and easy but she began pushing harder against me telling me that she wanted it more forcefully; so, I followed her cue and began f**king her harder slowing down only occasionally to tease her a little and see if she still wanted it as intense. As soon as I slowed down, she immediately let me know that she wanted it to continue each time and soon, I was holding onto her hips and f**king her as hard as I could. I knew when she had her first orgasm but lost count on how many she had following because my attention got drawn elsewhere.

At one point while I was f**king this sexy young lady as she was wanting, I looked down and could see my girlfriend staring up at me with that familiar look in her eyes and the biting of her lip. Oh yeah, not only does she love the attention during sex, she REALLY loves to watch! It gets her extremely hot and wet and I could see in her eyes that she was VERY wet and horny. So, I reached down between her legs and began stroking her p**sy as I know she loves. Perhaps within seconds, she had her first orgasm, coincidentally was in sync with one of the young lady’s, which only added to both of their orgasmic potential and for a time, it seemed that both of them were having orgasms at the same time: one with my c**k and the other with my fingers in her p**sy. Because of the position I was in, it’s highly likely that I was hitting both of their g-spots with different parts of my anatomy. Talk about an accomplishment!!! (wink…lol)

Unfortunately, after a time, the ladies were expended and every muscle in my body felt like I just ran a marathon. Before you ask: no, I did not cum because I save that for my girlfriend only. Sorry, it’s my compromise between old fashioned respect and playing in the lifestyle and I refuse the give on this one (ha ha). Anyway, after relaxing for a few minutes, we all got dressed, I walked the young lady to her car and the evening was over…..well, sort of. There was just one more thing to do.

Once the young lady was safely to her car and on her way home safely, my girlfriend and I went home as well. When we got home, it was our turn for each other. The evening was some extremely erotic foreplay for us and when we got home, we made love and f**ked until dawn when we passed out in each other’s arms. In case you’re interested, we never did pull out the shower curtain and baby oil and you bet you a** that I came a great deal while she was having a few more orgasms.
More Uncharted Territory
Posted:May 19, 2008 6:06 pm
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2016 8:15 am

Hello again everyone. My girlfriend and I was at a little get together a couple days ago and some friends of ours asked when I was going to make another post. At that moment I realized that it had been a while since I wrote anything on here and I also realized that there were a couple evenings that I should have wrote about and didn't. Shame on me....(wink).

Let's go back a couple months to the end of December. As most of you know, I'm now deeply involved with an amazing young lady I met last fall and we've been enjoying our time together a great deal. Christmas had passed and the New Years was coming up. We had spent some time apart over the holidays due to family obligations on opposite sides of the continent. Anyway, we were back together and looking for some fun (trouble?) to get into.

As most of the people know on here, juggling family, careers and other obligations just to get a few hours to let loose and have some provocative fun with like-minded people can be difficult. Well, this time everything seemed to mesh perfectly and we had no other obligations at the same time that the couple I've played with numerous times was having another group party so we graciously accepted the invitation and made plans to attend.

Pretty simple huh? Well, for a single male, it wasn't that big of a deal: accept the invite, go to the party, have a ball (oops....pardon the pun...ha ha), call it a night, and enjoy the memory. However, this time was going to be different: my girlfriend would be there as well. Its one thing to explain about what happens at a group party and to write about it with explicit detail but it’s something entirely different, at least to me, when I was taking the woman I was building a life with to one where she can see the whole thing in living color, with surround sound, and every tactile sensation.

Don't get me wrong, she already knew about everything I had done already and we've made it a point to have no secrets between us but for her to actually see it in person scared the s**t out of me. Perhaps the biggest fear was simply would her opinion of me change as a result of actually seeing it in person? Well, we discussed it and she seemed extremely excited about going and seeing what fun this type of group party would have. I had spoken very highly of the couple that hosted all the parties I had went to previously and she was excited about meeting them.

Oh wait, there is one thing I need to bring up that was going to be a positive aspect about playing at this party. One of her fantasies was to have a group of guys with their hands, mouths, and c**ks all over her. I attempted to put together a group party just for that reason but wasn’t able to get the right group of guys together; it’s all about the chemistry and there’s definitely a talent involved with picking the players. Our party was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed themselves a great deal but it seemed that some of them were very uncomfortable and that bothered she and I a great deal. We’ll definitely do better when putting together the next one.

Ok, so here we were, planning on attending the group party and I terrified that she would view me differently but at the same time excited because she would get one of her fantasies fulfilled. Beyond that, we were still feeling each other out (ha ha…..literally sometimes) and seeing if we could be a couple while playing in the lifestyle. This territory needed to be explored at least once contingent on three things. First, regardless of what developed throughout the evening, the two of us would be sleeping only with each other at the end. Second, because we both knew that we would still be horny as hell at the end of the evening, we promised that the last people we were intimate with that evening would be each other. Finally, we both agreed that the next day we would discuss everything that transpired and how we both felt about all of it. Ok, so everything we could possibly do to insure our relationship continued after this party was in place and promised, it was time to head to the party.

Even though all of the preparation for playing this evening was done, I was still terrified at the thought of her seeing me playing with another guy. The hour and a half drive to the party gave us plenty of time to talk and I guess a part of me was hoping she would change her mind. I do know that the thought of what she was wearing underneath her clothes had my d**k hard as a rock all the way down there. Oh sorry, forgot to tell you. She was wearing a white corset, white fishnet stockings, and white thong under her clothes. Believe me, with her tan, her delicious size D breasts erupting out of the top, and with her gorgeous ass inviting the hands of anyone within eyeshot, the vision was almost more than I could bear and we almost had to pull over a couple times during the drive….. (wink). ….where was a rest stop when you needed one…..ha ha. You know, at some point, I really need to learn more of the backwoods around here for just such an occasion.

During the drive, we continued to discuss what was to come (or is it CUM?) and that part of me that was still terrified was still waiting for her to change her mind about going. The time and miles passed and soon we got to our destination. One last time I asked her if she was sure and without hesitation she said “yes” and at that moment, I resolved that regardless of what was to happen, we were going to be fine and together still the next morning. We got out of the car and went to the room. As we knocked on the door, we exchanged one more term of endearment between us and then the door swung open.

We were greeted by our host and close behind him was our hostess. I shook our host’s hand and hugged the hostess while introducing my girlfriend to them both. Introductions were exchanged between everyone in the room and she was very well received by all. Actually, my amazement was unwarranted because now there were two women for the men in the room to have fun with and vice versa. Could you imagine a room of guys with two dominant women commanding the evening? Hmmmmmm

I knew some of the guys that were there because I had met them at previous parties but there were a couple I hadn’t met before. I wasn’t worried though because this couple has a talent for picking the right people. We chatted with our host and hostess for a bit while some things were heating up in the bedroom and then I figured it was time to get ourselves in the midst of it all. The comfortable part about playing with this couple at their parties is that no one is forced into anything and everyone respects boundaries. Thus, we could change our minds at any point and walk away though at this point I didn’t see that happening. Anyway, the moment of truth had come and it was time to unveil the present I had been envisioning for the past couple hours.

I walked over behind my girlfriend and began undressing her. Soon she stood there with nothing on besides the playwear she donned and I got a peak of before we left the house. Damn!! She looked so incredibly sexy right then and I wasn’t the only one that though so. Our hostess immediately complimented her (and my tastes) and I noticed the guys in the living room had eyes so wide that the look could only be rivaled by a in a candy store. Well, I took her clothes and laid them in an unclaimed corner of the room and began undressing myself….though I doubt I’d get the same reaction she did….ha ha

I know that we got to the bedroom somehow though I’m not sure what lead us in there beyond the obvious. I do know that I kissed her and lead her to one of the beds where we were immediately joined by a couple other guys and our hostess. After a few moments, the hostess and my girlfriend were pleasing each other and three or four guys were ‘physically’ introducing themselves to them both. I decided to step back so I could view the spectacle before me. Here was my girlfriend getting licked by another woman while at the same time as she was sucking on a c**k that was near her. At that same moment, another gentleman was licking the hostess as she was on her knees while he probed her p**sy with a finger or two. Another gentleman stepped up to the side of the bed and began caressing both women on all parts of their bodies and I believe at some point, he kneeled on the bed and got his c**k sucked by my girlfriend as well.

The view before me was extremely arousing especially when my girlfriend and I kept exchanging glances at any moment we could. No words needed to be said, it was all understood. We were both ok so far and nothing was threatening our relationship. She was enjoying herself and the fantasy she wanted for so long was being fulfilled. She had already been brought to orgasm a couple times and the guys were getting even more aroused each time they gave her one. Damn….I love hearing and watching her have multiple-orgasms but between you and me, I love it more when I’m the one giving them to her….(wink). I know that my neighbors are glad when she goes home after a hot and wet weekend…. (hint, hint).

Now that I was assured that she was being taken care of and was comfortable with who was doing it, it was time to move this evening’s experience to the next level. On the other bed was three other guys, two of which I had played with before. They had been trying to coax me over to the bed they were on for a while but I had been mesmerized by the arousal levels my girlfriend was having. I moved over to the other bed and sat down. They couple guys I knew already once again commended me on my tastes in my girlfriend and how sexy she was and I thanked them for the compliments. After a few moments, I felt one of their hands reach down and begin stroking my already hard c**k. As I looked over to the other bed, I could see that my girlfriend was watching me at this point at the same time one guy was licking her p**sy. I recognized the look in her eyes and knew that she was enjoying it and at the same time, I knew she was becoming more aroused by the sight of another guy with his hand on my c**k.

As she continued to watch, I bent over and took the other gentleman’s hard c**k into my mouth and began slowly sucking him in and out….I heard him take a deep breath and sigh at the sensation. After a few strokes, I briefly paused and looked back at her and saw that she was still watching and this time was biting her lip. Oh yes, she was enjoying the entire spectacle before her at the same time as the other men (and woman) were pleasing her. Since I had her non-verbal approval and desire for it all to keep going, I continued while trying to maintain as much eye-to-eye contact with her as I could.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, playing at these parties can be extremely arousing and a lot of fun if you’re just willing to let everything happen. Leave your inhibitions at the door and experience all that the evening could bring and you might surprise even yourself. So as I’ve always done, I let go and let it all happen. After a few moments of stroking and sucking, soon I was moved around onto my stomach. I pretty much let the couple guys position me as they wished all while I kept facing my girlfriend.

During my re-positioning, I recognized the muffled sounds of her pleasure as a talented gentleman brought my girlfriend to another orgasm with his tongue while she was stroking another man’s hard c**k in and out of her mouth. Immediately following her climactic moment, she turned her head back in my direction just in time to see one of the guys position himself behind me as he was gliding his hands over my ass. I found out from her later that this was one of the highly erotic scenes she had envisioned and truly wanted to witness: me getting penetrated by another guy. She was about to get another of her wishes.

After a few moments of light probing with his fingers and using his tongue to lubricate my ass in preparation for his entry, I felt the head of his stiff c**k begin pushing into me. I heard myself slightly moan and tried to maintain eye contact with my girlfriend the best I could. I was only partially successful because I think my eyes kept rolling into the back of my head. From time to time, I was able to steal glances with her and could see that she was truly enjoying seeing her boyfriend being taken. The gentleman behind me then grabbed my hips firmly and began thrusting more vigorously and her eyes widened as she bit her lip again. I think she lost track of everything going on with her right then (ha ha) and then unknowingly, one of the males pleasing and being pleased by her moved between us and we couldn’t see each other any more.

Ha ha….she told me later that evening that she got frustrated that the gentleman got between us because she got so wet watching me being taken from behind but she could still hear me moaning with each thrust. She said that at that moment, she wanted to be beneath me sucking on my c**k until I shot my load. Well, I didn’t have her mouth around me but at some point, someone lifted my hips higher and slid beneath me and began sucking my d**k just as she wanted to do herself. I don’t think she knew it was happening because she was surrounded by the three other gentlemen and she was taking turns on each one of their waiting appendages all while someone was licking her VERY wet p**sy.

As usual, I’m not sure how much time had passed but the gentleman behind me continued to thrust in and out of me while the other continued to suck my c**k. At the same time, since I could only hear my girlfriend now, I was periodically stroking another c**k with my mouth. But soon, each one stepped back for a rest, which I needed also. After a couple minutes, I got up and moved over to the other bed where my girlfriend was and gave her a deep passionate kiss. I asked her in a whisper if she was alright and she gave me that extremely sexy smile and whispered back “oh yes, and then some”. I kissed her again and got her some water because I knew she probably needed it at that point.

There was casual conversation between everyone as well as some jokes, compliments, gratitude. I believe one or two gentlemen needed to be on their way and so they passed on good wishes to everyone and were on their way. Soon, the hostess, my girlfriend, and I were in another pile of sexual pleasure with each other. It wasn’t long before two or three other gentlemen joined in with their hands and stiff d**ks. At one point, something so provocatively sensual took place that she and I still get aroused by the thought.

My girlfriend and I were in another passionate kiss. There were hands and tongues all over everyone. Then suddenly, there was the hard c**k that penetrated me within mouth’s reach of us both. At the very same moment, we both looked at each other, each grabbed one cheek of his ass, and pulled him closer. Yes that’s right, we both began sucking on his c**k!! Of course we couldn’t both take him at the same time but we could each take one side of him; I had the top and she had the bottom. His girth allowed for our lips and tongues to continue touching and probing each other’s and so we slid our mouths up and down the full length of his shaft. He clearly was enjoying the overflowing passion between us because as our kissing became more intense, so was the grip our mouths had on his now throbbing c**k.

Even though he was moaning and breathing heavy, we had to commend him because he didn’t move his body whatsoever. Think about it, if you were a guy, would you in this situation? He was nicely endowed and it’s highly likely that he had never felt the sensation of his entire manhood being swallowed but here were two mouths giving him just that. This pleasing sensation continued for him for quite a few minutes more and then he was forced to withdraw because of how intense it became. She and I spoke later that it was actually great timing on his part because we both began thinking the c**k we were pleasing together was extremely hot but was becoming more of an obstruction to the passion we were trying to exchange. Timing is everything, isn’t it?

For the next hour or so, she and I played with everyone that joined us on the bed in one form or another. At one point I was intensely fondling and sucking her delicious breasts while someone else (I believe it was our hostess) was licking her p**sy, all while another gentleman was thrusting his c**k in and out of me and another was getting his manhood sucked by her. Near the end of the evening, she and I endeavored to share another c**k and while the gentleman lied on his back, she and I took turns sucking him in and out of our mouths while the other caressed his balls and shaft. When we spoke later, we both discovered that we were thinking the same thing at that moment.

It as clear that we were going to get him to shoot his load but which one of us was going to get it. As it turned out, it was my mouth wrapped around his c**k when he let it go. It was a complete surprise at that moment but as soon as he was finished and before the taste in my mouth was gone, I pulled off of him and deeply kissing my girlfriend and she knew that it happened. When he relaxed and caught his breath, he made a joke about wanting to thank someone but not sure who he should express it to and we both enlightened him (wink).

Well, there it was; the entire evening where we were both terrified and aroused at the same moment as were became fulfilled and satisfied. We had a great conversation on the drive back and an even more passionate and heated intimate time together when we got back to the house and could get our clothes back off again (Mmmmmm). We’re still together and still having a provocatively fabulous time playing with others (female, male, or both) and a lot of times just ourselves and our imaginations…..and boy does our imaginations get a little wild (boy, there’s an understatement…. wink). Let’s just put it this way: shower curtain and baby oil….perhaps you’ve tried it?! (ha ha) Oh, we’ve got a few more encounters and experiences we haven’t tried yet but….they’re on our list!!

Stay sexy and stay well everyone!!
.....And Fun Was Had By All
Posted:Dec 5, 2007 6:58 pm
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2012 7:14 am
Makes you wonder doesn't it...ha ha. Some of you have already figured out that I'm now part of a couple and we have our own profile on here as well. Hell, some of you may have even read this post already on that profile. We've had a number of people ask what the siginificane of our handle was and so we decided to explain where it came from. So, here's the story and we'll begin it with "Once Upon a Time....Sorry, we couldn't help starting this that way...LOL Think about it, anything about a mythical creature and its (their) adventures regardless of the context, has got to start with "Once upon a time...." ha ha This one is just sexual in nature....(wink)

Let's see, for this post, its me that's writing mostly because she wants to see if the talent that I have with my tongue can be transposed to words (wink...ha ha) but mostly I think its because she's read some of my other posts and got hot reading them, so she wants me to describe the night we met. So here it goes....

A couple months back, I got invited to a leather and lace get-together with one of the local social clubs. I've been dabbling with the lifestyle since the beginning of the year and have had a lot of fun but this time it would be involving going out to a club into the general public. Obviously, I was a little apprehensive but figured that since it was a private party and everyone there was in the lifestyle of varying degrees themself, what could possibly happen.

With the thoughts of the evening's possibilities going through my head and the never ending little angel and devil on my shoulders arguing over actually going to something like this (it can give you a headache sometimes....ha ha), I got all slicked up and went. The good part is that I knew there would be a couple couples that I already played with there but the frightening part was probably those people I hadn't played with or have even seen a photo....wouldn't it be a strange situation to go to an event like this and find out a co-worker or boss was there also......Uh Oh!!!! ha ha Boy that would make for an interesting conversation at the watercooler on Monday....ha ha.

Well, I finally got there and entered the room. There were a few people there already scattered around the room...all were couples or very close friends by what I could tell. Fortunately, both of the couples I knew were already there and they introduced me around. This should get interesting, a single guy in a room full of likeminded couples....I wonder where the evening would lead?

Since I'm generally a people watcher, I took position on the opposite side of the room where I could see everythng that was going on. I was very intrigued about what went on at these things and really wanted to meet a lot of people and perhaps have a little fun later on with some of them. It seemed that mostly people hung with their friends even though there was some interaction between the little clicks. As the evening moved forward, people became more relaxed and bold in their actions.

After a while, in walked this young lady who was by herself as well. She made her rounds saying hello to everyone and being introduced. It's amazing how a single and attractive young lady captures the attention of an entire room by just walking in and smiling...LOL This was especially noticeable in a room full of people in the lifestyle because I think that most are looking for that single bi-female to play with just that once. I've been told that most couples believe that the true bi-fem is a myth or "unicorn" ....are you now getting some of the story behind our handle? LOL

Well, the night continued on with some of the fesitivites and special attractions our host and hostess had set up to expose and tease the attendees' senses. There was some really good music, some dancing and, oh yeah, a lot of explicit flirting!! Would you expect any less with a room full of people in the lifestyle? ha ha As the evening went on, more and more clothing was removed as well as an increase in the boldness and bluntness.

Through all my visiting and movement as I was watching everyone with awe as they were enjoying their increasing levels of arousal and freedom with each other, I ended up at the bar where I ordered another drink. Suddenly there she was beside me: the captivating young lady I spotted earlier when she first entered. Over the past couples hours, I lost track of where she was through all the other activities. Anyway, she being the more experienced one at these parties, introduced herself and we started talking.

In a very short time, I got to experience how these parties go when suddenly there was another gentleman standing beside her and they were talking. I heard her say "really?" and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her reach down to his crotch. It turns out that he was wearing a cockring, as well as a few other 'gadgets' from the lite BDSM world. She was very intrigued and he willfully submitted to her interest. At that moment, I pretty much thought that my interests should begin to look elsewhere when suddenly, I felt her hand glide around my waist and pull me close to her.

So began my quick lesson to what exactly protocol was at these parties....pretty much anything goes if it's invited. So, for a while, it was her in the middle with him on one side and me on the other each caressing and probing various parts of her anatomy. The phrase "copping a feel" took on a new meaning right then for me....(wink). This activity went on for quite a while and I believe she actually had a couple orgasms while standing there at the bar with these two guys doing everything they could to do just that, all while keeping her clothes on!

Well, things heated up and cooled back down 2 or 3 times between the three of us over the next undetermined amount of time and it came time for everyone to adjourn to somewhere else. I had informally been invited to play with one of the couples I knew at an 'after-party' and with the attraction that was between myself and this captivatingly sexy woman, the couple invited her back to their house as well so the four of us could have some fun.

The four of us got over to the after party and everyone started to relax. Drinks were offered and clothing started to slowly come off with the beat of the music in the background. I was standing behind her and she just kept moving that gorgeous ass of hers and somehow, her clothes just started coming off of her!! (ha ha) We still can't figure out how her moving her hips like that made my hands instinctively glide to each button, zipper and clasp and un-do them. We just know that within seconds, she was suddenly bending over without anything on with her ass still caressing my crotch....(wink)

Well, we had some brief conversations between the four of us and after a few minutes, I stepped outside with the hostess to 'indulge' in one of my vices and when we got back inside, there was the young lady on her knees indulging in the host. Ok, wasn't expecting that but it was extremely hot!! Our hostess excused herself for a few moments and went to the bedroom, while I slipped the rest of my clothing off.

I sat down across from the host and young lady and watched as the two of them enjoyed some oral pleasures. After a few moments, our host commented that I might need some attention as well and she then began crawling over to me. Have you ever noticed that a woman is so incredibly sexy when she is on all fours, crawling towards you and has that look in her eyes that seems to hint that she has a very deep secret that she's about to show you? DAMN!!

Sorry, I just slipped into a VERY erotic's getting hot in here now...ha ha.

When she finally reached me, my c**k was aching so much to feel her lips around it and then suddenly there it was: that hot and wet feeling as she slowly sucked me into her mouth. OMG!!!! If this was any indication of the rest of the evening, I was in some serious trouble!! Ok, the kind of trouble I wanted and especially from a woman as sexy and sensual as her. Where is all this going to lead?

After a few minutes of this blissful foreplay between her and I, the host and hostess invited us into the bedroom to join them. Once in there, I really can't remember how everything got started and who was pleasuring who first but I do know that for the rest of the evening (morning?) everyone pleased everyone in one way or another. There was a lot of oral between the four of us and some penetration.

Perhaps the hottest moment on multiple levels for me was when this extremely sexy woman that I call my girlfriend now, was orally pleasuring our hostess. It started out with just a little petting between the two of them while the host and myself was trading between them with our oral talents. This trading back and forth and licking the p**sies of these two extremely gorgeous women as they were laying on their backs with their legs spread wide was VERY arousing to me to say the least.

After a time, the two ladies developed the intense interest in themselves and then suddenly, my future girlfriend positioned herself between the legs of our hostess and got up on her knees; that was what did it for me. OMG, that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen!! From my vantage point (right behind her), I immediately saw that she had a very hot and sexy ass!! Combine that with the fact that she was licking the hell out of hostess' p**sy at the same time!?!? I think most of you would agree that there is nothing more erotic and exciting on the planet!!

Ok, from that moment on that night, I couldn't keep my eyes (and hands) off of that incredibly sexy ass of hers. Damn; it was without a doubt intoxicating. Sorry, just imagining that first moment and lost my train of thought...(wink)

Anyway, my future girlfriend was orally pleasing our hostess while I was captivated by her other attributes. I slid a couple fingers into her very wet p**sy and began stroking them in and out. Meanwhile, our host was getting his c**k sucked by the hostess. Ha ha....this wasn't too rewarding of an endeavor for him because the second surprise of the evening soon happened. It seems that my future girlfriend not only enjoys orally stimulating a sexy woman but she's also VERY good at it!!

As the host and I were simply trying to cop a feel or at least add to the moment, these two arousing ladies were caught up in themselves. After a short time doing her oral magic, my future girlfriend brought our hostess to her first orgasm of the evening. LOL....I stress the word "first" because before this evening was through, my future girlfriend gave her so many orgasms that each grew in intensity, that our hostess was literally crawling off the bed!!!

She actually proclaimed very loudly on one very brief moment of calmness that my future girlfriend WAS the mythical bi-fem every woman was looking for and that us men needed to take lessons from her!! (wink...ha ha) We all chuckled from her comment and then this captivating woman with the extremely hot ass went back down on her and she was once again screaming and crawling from the blissful pleasures in just a couple licks!!

I was going to go further into this first evening but we've got to keep something to the imagination....right? There was a lot of stroking, sucking, caressing and f**king between all four of us until the sun came up. I'll simply repeat one final line that we all agreed upon that evening (morning?): "and fun was had by all". The rest is, as they say, history.

Ok, for those of you that have stumbled across our pofile, have you figured out some of the story behind our handle? She's definitely the mythical unicorn and together we're both unleashed and having a great time!! Who knows where this will lead or what it will become but she and I both agree that it will be an interesting and provocative ride for us as well as anyone we would be fortunate enough to call friends and intimate playmates.
Birthday Bang
Posted:Aug 3, 2007 8:02 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2021 7:20 am
Hello again everyone. It seems that it never fails that I intend on writing about a great new experience right after it happens but something always comes up...please accept my apology.

Back on the 14th of July, I was once again invited to another group party that was hosted by that alabamacou down south of here. However, this was no ordinary gang bang, this was celebrating the hostess' birthday. When I was invited and found out the occasion, there was no way I would miss this special occasion especially since the two of them are great people that have been wonderful to me.

Like all those before, the day prior was filled with thoughts of the events to come. What things would be different than normal: would they have a cake with candles for our sexy hostess to blow out? Should I take a gift? How elaborate would this evening get? I actually got a very erotic thought about a make-shift human cake with c**ks for candles where instead of blowing out the flames, the hostess would blow the c**ks; ok, how many c**ks could you get in close proximity anyway? LOL Could you imagine the vision of a number of c**ks, arranged in a semi-circle, all standing tall, with a sexy woman systematically licking and sucking each of them; her tongue slowly gliding across her puckered wet lips as she approaches each one in turn....damn, I need to stay on topic don't I?! LOL

Well, the day finally passed at its agonizing pace and the time arrived wehn I headed down to the party. Due to an event taking place at our normal meeting hotel, there was a last minute change to where the party was going to be and the host gave me a call about the change just as I was approaching the right exit. Timing is everything, isn't it...LOL After a few more miles, I arrived at the hotel.

This was a first. Normally because of the distance, I've never been the first to arrive and usually, there are a couple people already undressed to include our hosts. This time, I was the first to arrive and it turned out to be a running joke for the first part of the evening; I actually got to see our sexy hostess with her clothes on....LOL Since it was her birthday and I am a gentleman first and foremost, I did resolve earlier to bring her flowers for her birthday and I presented them to her upon my arrival. As I previously hinted to, was giving her a gift for her birthday acceptable etiquette for group parties? Oh well, I did it anyway simply because I really like tis couple a great deal and am honored to call them friends.

Well, we exchanged conversation about a little of everything while the host was continuing to contact everyone of the location change. Soon after, everyone started to arrive and with each entrance, everyone was introduced. There were a couple guys I already knew and played with at previous parties and a couple new ones. This time however, our hostess was the only female; it was her birthday after all and all the attention should be on her anyway.

The conversations continued for a brief time about a lot of things, while everyone slowly got undressed. Then there was a pseudo-ceremony that I've always missed having never been one of the first to arrive that I asusume happens each time.

As all of us guys were sitting around the living room in various levels of undressedness (is that a word?..LO, our host takes the hand of the birthday girl and lead her to the center of the room. The two of them embraced and kissed deeply for a time and held on to each other as if it was the last time they would see each other. It was very romantic and loving; yes, this couple really does love each other unconditionally. How inspiring!! He then slightly pulled away and slowly spun her around so she was facing us and asked her outloud if she was ready for her gangbang. As she began her response, he began undressing her.

As her clothing was slid to the floor one piece at a time, our host asked more questions of her: was she excited, was she ready for her birthday gift and who did she want first. I guess because of the exciting selection she had, she chose the first, and only guy at that time, who was more undressed and had his c**k in hand., that wasn't me but looking back, I wish it was...LOL Anyway, she took his hand and lead him to the bedroom while a couple of the other guys followed. I then undressed myself and entered the bedroom with the rest.

The night proceeded just as the previous group parties I had been to with this couple. There were people on the side that were watching the activites while they stroked themself until they reached a point where they were compelled to join in; people participating in the primary activity at the moment; casual caresses, sucking and licking of some part of another's anatomy. Everyone was just letting everything happen as it came and acted out whatever they desired at that brief moment. It is always incredibly excting to witness and participate. What a great group to play with.

After a while of oral foreplay with a guy or two, I finally made it to the bed where our hostess was being devoured (sp?) by one guy while she was pleasing another. At some point, everything twisted around and I ended up in a 69 position with our hostess. For a time, she was sucking on my c**k while I was licking her p**sy and, as the pics later revealed, soon there was a guy's mouth that took her place on my c**k even though she and I was still in our original erotic position. A short while later, there was a guy behind her and above me, that began f**king her whle I licked them both. Remember what I've written before about the blissful chaos? Exactly! Here we were again.

We were this position for quite a while because our sexy hostess began expressing how close she was to having an orgasm. This started a pseudo-feeding frenzy. I began licking her more intensily while the someone (was it her or a guy?) was f**king my c**k with their mouth. The guy that was stroking her p**sy steadily increased his intensity and I occasionally slipped my tongue up his shaft to his balls and took them in my mouth and then back to her p**sy. Once in a while, he would slip out of her where I awaited with an open mouth and he quickly slipped his p**sy drenched c**k down my throat for a couple thrusts but would always return to her p**sy; this rhythmic pattern continued for quite a while with increasing intensity as everyone's pleasure levels rose.

There it was, she was close to cumming. In a concerted effort with everyone acting out their part she was to the point that all of us wanted to give her and then with a few more aggressive thrusts,licks and sucks, he was there!! The sounds of her moaning got everyone participating even more excited and the intensity and aggressiveness increased more and she had another one I believe. Oh no, we weren't going to stop now, so everyone, without a word, continued and then she reached the next orgasmic level and she squirted.

You would think that by then, everyone would have reach the highest intesity level they could muster but that was not remotely true. Th intensity, yet again increased and she let go again!! At that moment, I knew for sure she was scuking my c**k because I not only heard her muffled moans from the sound of something filling her mouth but I felt her mouth close tightly around my c**k as she tried her best to keep stroking me in and out through the pleasure she was feeling.

This continued for a while and then another guy took position behind her and slid into her very wet p**sy. Oh yes, I was continuing with my oral pleasuring of her and now the new c**k just as the previous. I think this guy was slightly bigger in gurth than the first and I could barely get him down my throat but after a couple attempts, and a littlehelp from a wet p**sy, I was able to. I guess its a wierd sort of pride thing with me...LOL (wink) Well, this continued just as before and then there she was again!! Another orgasm and squirting!! Oh yes guys....keep it up, I think she's loving this a great deal! After pleasing her a number of times again, we all really needed to take a break and so we all slowly peeled our bodies apart.

While the 'main course' (our hostess and birthday girl) took her brief break, a few of the other guys continued to play and arouse each other around the room. I got me a drink and walked around watching, taking mental notes and remaining aroused and then suddenly something completely unexpected happened.

As I was passing by one blk guy standing near one side of the bed by the door, I suddenly felt his hand slide down my back and in between my ass cheeks where he grabbed one of them firmly. I naturally paused and in a low voice, he gave me a positive compliment about how he liked my ass and expressed his desire to get a piece of it. I don't think I actually responded but he quickly stood up and asked me to follow him into the living room. I wasn't exactly sure what he was wanting (was it to just talk or more?) but I followed.

As I followed him into the room, not really knowing where this would lead, he sat his drink down and then he once again commented on my ass and his desire. Not sure exactly where this would lead but willing to see, I reached down and grabbed his hard c**k with my hand and then followed by going to my knees and taking him into my mouth. I recognized the feel of his c**k; this was the one I had difficulty taking earlier because of its size. From this position, I knew I wouldn't be able to take all of him so I didn't even try, but I continued to pull him in and out of my mouth. As his moaning began to increase, he grabbed my head and started f**king my mouth vigorously and then he stopped. He then showed me exactly what he wanted.

He told me to stand up and as his hands slid around my waist to my ass, he once again said he wanted a piece of my "fine" ass. His hands guided me to turn around so I was facing away from him. He pulled me close and I felt his hard cock between my legs. One of is hands were removed from my waist and then it was back again between my ass cheeks wet from him licking it. He then positioned his hard c**k between my ass and semi-forcibly made me bend over. My hands went to the floor to steady myself and then with one quick thrust, he was deep inside me!!

Since this wasn't my first barbeque, and I pretty much let everything happen when I'm playing with people, I did some anal training in preparation for this evening. However, this specific approach and his size, I wasn't expecting so it caught me off guard. Don't get me wrong, it was f**king exciting and I loved it but I just wasn't expecting it to go down like this. This was another one of my fantasies fulfilled: being forcibly taken by a well hung guy. Is it possible to be taken if you're willing? Hmmmm

So here I was, bent over, hands on the floor, his stiff c**k stroking my ass very deep increasing in speed and forcefulness. His hands gripping my hips and pulling my ass onto his c**k with each thrust. OMG....was he geeting deeper with each thrust?! Damn....come on, f**k me harder!! Was I actually thinking this? Did I say it out loud? It sure seemed that way because he started to f**k me harder!! Then, he shoved one more time into me real hard and deep and then slowly pulled out. He then 'commanded' me to suck his c**k and I quickly obeyed.

Oh, don't worry, also when attending these parties, I do everything that is necessary to be clean inside and out just in case the activities go in a direction I wasn't expecting...such as this. Anyway, I was now on my knees and with one quick stroke of my hand on his c**k to insure there was nothing there that would be undesirable to have in my mouth, I took him into my mouth and began stroking him in and out. He once again grabbed my head and began f**king my mouth as before and just as before, he went for a while like this and then 'ordered' me to give him my ass again. I quickly obeyed by standing up and bending over again where he approached and shoved his hard c**k deep into my open, willing and throbbing ass!! OMG....he felt f**king huge!!

He continued to stroke in and out of my ass and after a few more hard thrusts he pulled out again and told me to follow him to the couch where he sat down. I immediately went down between his legs and did the same actions as before just before I once again began f**king his c**k with my mouth. Pretty soon, his hands were grabbing my head and he was forcing my mouth on his c**k and I continued to do his bidding and following is lead. He then told me to lay down on the couch where he immediately pushed my legs to my chest and shoved his c**k into my ass yet again and began to f**k me even harder than before!!

At some point, the activities in the bedroom briefly adjourned and a couple guys and our hostess was soon in the living room witnessing us. Shortly, there was another c**k at my mouth, that I eagerly took in and began to suck, and then our hostess was sucking on my c**k and caressing my balls, which I enjoyed greatly. This was incredible!! Hell yes, all of you take me at once!! Damn!!

Well, this kept going for a while and then we finally broke before anyone came; we by all measn do not want the evening to be cut short, now do we? I discovered that I need to work on that flexibility thing a little...LOL My damn legs were stuck where they were....LOL, and it took a little time to get them back down again. I think everyone found humor in that cause I know I did. ha ha

Well eventually, everyone strayed back into the bedroom and the evening continued. Our birthday girl did get her birthday swats from everyone with the aid of a paddle that our host brought with him. While one was doing the deed, a couple guys were holding her down, though I don't think she ever moved. After the swattings, the gangbang started up again and everyone continued to please and be pleased in one form or another. At some point, one guy came in our hostess and then our host moved in to get the "icing" off is cake. If you remember back to my first group party, I made the mistake of doing that before our host could get in there and was jibed for it; its still a running joke with everyone that was there the first time...LOL

The pleasures continued. Our hostess was pleased again and again by all of us and one-by-one the guys reached their climax and came themself in different situations. One guy came while our hostess was sucking on his c**k and a guy was f**king his ass with a couple fingers all while he was sort of sitting-standing on the dresser; another while we was laying down and getting a blowjob from our hostess and host while he was sucking on another c**k. One blk guy that has been at all the same parties I have, came by f**king my ass at the same time that I was sucking a c**k and getting sucked by our hostess, and while I was sliding my fingers in and out of her p**sy. Just before he came, he pulled out and shot his load all over my c**k and balls where our hostess enjoyed the added flavor to where her attention was already at.

As each guy came, the party began to dwindle until there was only four of us left. It was getting late and so we decided to adjourn for the evening. And so closed the Birthday Bang for our sexy hostess.

You've read before how I highly rate the group parties 'alabamacou' hosts. They are an amazing and sexy couple that are a lot of fun and they obviously know how to pick a group of people that play well together. I was regretably unable to attend a recent pool party they held due to work but I look forward to the next group party.

Thank you both for allowing to me to share in your birthday celebration. I'll feel you soon!!
Basic BDSM 101
Posted:Jul 7, 2007 5:40 pm
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I know that I normally don't post my experiences this close together but with this one, I've got to get it all down while its still fresh in my senses. The down side to that is that I really haven't had enough time to soak it all in and actually bring some reasoning to it. Perhaps some of it will unfold as I write. I do know that this experience is probably going to be the most difficult to write.

Yesterday morning (Friday...boy, am I glad that I had the day off....whew!!)when I woke up, my c**k was hard enough to chip diamonds!! I actually think that it was the reason I woke up in the first place. Well, like most people, I rolled over to look at the clock to see what time it was. Instantly, I felt the remnants of the night before all over my body and that got me even more aroused and my c**k began to throb. At the same time, the memories and sensations of the previous night and morning began flooding back into my mind and body (I'll explain the latter further on). I have no idea if I was dreaming about it or not but I do know that it was very clear in my mind at that moment. I instantly tried to gain some perspective and understanding of it all.

Let's back up a little.....

Thursday night, I had a meeting with a couple at a restaurant in town. We had agreed on 8pm allowing for a few minutes (LOL....little joke for them). Anyway, as I got ready to go, I was in the shower and the thoughts of what was to come was obsessing my mind. I knew what their profile said and what this evening might be filled with but I must admit, I was extremely apprehensive this time because of the extreme nature.

I had been thinking about this evening on and off for the past few days and have conjurred up so many deep and dark ideas in my head that I was almost scaring myself but at the same time extremely aroused. Was I actually going to go through with this? As I've noted in previous postings, I am by no means a coward and I can always walk away but what if this time, I'll be unable to due to what I was willingly asking to experience? I guess I better explain what I was going to do and ultimately did.

A few times in my life, I've had a girfriend or wife that love being tied down and also loved tying me down. As some of you know, at those moments, you are most vulnerable but you still find it extremely arousing. However, this was with someone you knew a great deal and trusted. I had one girlfriend (I've mentioned her before)who had a fantasy involving a strap-on and a guy that I allowed her to indulge on me. One time, she tied me face down on the bed and then took me with her strap-on. She started with a small one and then moved to a new larger one that I didn't know she had gotten. She had to have orgasmed a dozen times while she was f**king me. I can remember her grunting with each thrust; feeling her fingernails digging into my hips and feeling her gorgeous DD breasts rubbing across my back each time she shoved into me. She loved the power she had at that moment and I loved giving it to her. I found myself getting more and more aroused as she stroked me hard and deep and found myself screaming "harder baby, harder". Sorry, straying WAY off subject; its relevant though....I promise.

Anyway this time, I was willingly offering myself to an unknown couple with only the slightest idea of what was going to transpire only for the experience. These thoughts continued to fill my head as I was in the shower and on the drive to the restaurant. What kind of people were they? Were they really extreme? Were they mass murderers that no one has figured out yet? Has there been a series of unsolved missing persons cases in the area? Who's going to take care of my and IF something actually happened to me, please police officials, don't tell my family on the specific circumstances of my dissapearance and demise. Geez, WHAT IN THE HELL AM I DOING???

Ok, stop!!! I'm a pretty intuitive guy that read people fairly well. I've had a couple of experiences that turned bad and it was because I didn't listen to my instincts who were screaming as me to walk away. Needless to say I listen to them now. Anyway, I continued on and got to the restaurant. We had already exchanged what we looked like and when I walked in, they were already there and we spotted each other right away. Guess they didn't need the extra few minutes after all...LOL

I walked over and sat down and we exchanged pleasantries and shook hands. They were an extremely sexy couple that had an air of confidence about them that you couldn't help but admire. You could tell by the way they acted that they had been together for quite a while and greatly loved being together and sharing each other's interests. We ordered our drinks and exchanged conversation about a lot of things and then we made an absolutely amazing discovery about how small the world actually was around this town; which proved to be even smaller once we got back to their house and spoke a little more. Anyway, the positive result was that most of my hesitation and apprehension subsided as soon as this discovery was made.

We continued to talk and they ordered an appetizer. And then the conversation turned into what was to transpire that evening with a simple question: "What was I wanting to happen"? I honestly couldn't answer. I fumbled around with some of my past experiences and a few of what my imagination could come up with but I really had no frame of reference to give a direct answer. What was I wanting from this?

In normal sexual sitations, regardless of the number of people or gender, its pretty easy to say: Oral, penetration, anal, toys, whatever...but this evening proved to have many more levels that I never would have dreamed to have existed sexually. Boy, I think I was in way over my head. I resulted to simply replying with lets start simple and work our way up. They were ok with that for the time being and then began explaining some of the differnet levels, and as it turned out, some of the different definitions that existed in this sexual world. The most important part that I was to remember this night was 4 basic colors and their significance with what was to come.

Green, yellow, red and blue quite simply represent your current arousal state, for the lack of a better definition. Green obviously means to continue, yellow means continue but you are pushing my limit, red obviously means stop and blue means that that is as far as you are wanting to go. Oh sorry, with this type of sexual encounter, the intensity increases according to how far you want it to go. Later on at their house, I was told not to speak until spoken to so as not to confuse anything (Oops...I think I broke this rule a couple times from the sheer pleasure) and when I was spoken to, it was simply to ask me what color I was, which I responded with the appropriate color.

Sorry, I don't want to get too far ahead on this. The stage and setting for this night is an integral part that I need to express. Besides, I needed to take a break and go to the tanning bed but then again, you wouldn't have the slightest idea that I stepped away....nevermind. Back to the evening.

Well, we stayed at the restaurant a little while longer and then left to go to their house. Upon our arrival, he immediately began pulling everything out while she and I continued to talk about a little of this and a little of that. He began by assembling a mechanism that actually has a name but it escapes me at the moment. It is essentially a man (or woman) sized "X" with bondage points at all 4 ends. He then pulled out the chains and straps and hooked them to the points. Rest assured, the straps were actually velcrove (sp?) attached to the chains. I was told that it added to the effect and I can tell you now that it surely does. They did explain to me that there are other kinds that you can use that you can't get out of but these were designed to get out of if need be. In between this assemply, the lights were shutoff and scented candles were lit. Music was also turned on that firther added to the effect. I actually loved te music; a sort of new age type music that added to the entire evening.

After he completed the assemply, I sat there still amazed that I was actually going to go through with this. In the meantime, he began laying out his arsenal of toys and such and explained what each of them were used for. He had a couple riding crops, flogs of different sizes and materials, gloves, satin and velvet sheets of fabric, some paddles of varying sizes and material along with a lot of other items that were still out of my view and not introduced.

Oh, I forgot something at the restaurant. I stepped away to go to the restroom once and came back and accidentally interupted a private conversation they were having. They explained that they really didn't have time to get together to discuss the script or agenda for this evening. Here I was always keeping the options open and going with the flow with my encounters but this sort of sexual endeavor usually takes a script or sequence of events. I never would have guessed. The reasons became clear later on. Back to the house...

As he finished laying out all of the toys, she re-entered from changing clothes. Contrary to what you may be thinking, she didn't step out in an all leather body suit and whip. Actually, she was in a comfortable sleep shirt and nothing else. Remember what I said about that in a previous blog? (wink) Well, she and I stepped outside to have a cigarette while he went to get dressed (or undressed that is). When we cam back inside, he was just stepping out and also, he was not wearing some leather contraption or mask so I hope this may dispell some myths or pre-concieved stereo-types.

He asked if I was ready. Here it was, the moment of truth. Obviuosly, I said yes and began undressing. It turned out that she was very aroused by the thoughts of the evening and asked if she could get some of what was to come before me. I had no problem with that so at least I could see what was about to happen. She stripped her shirt off and there she was with her beautful body completely exposed and she went up to the big X and grabbed the ends. He stripped off is shirt and grabbed one of the flogs that he had laying on the table (I'm assuming it was her favorite) and he struck her for the first time across her back.

Though the sound was incredibly intimidating, there was no welt or mark whatsoever!! He did it again...still nothing. He began doing it a little faster and I watched her. She didn't flinch or make a sound except some moans of pleasure. Actually, she was arching her sexy body as she stood there essentially telling him to proceed. I wouldn't understand any of this until later when I experienced it myself. After a few minutes, he relaxed and then asked if I was ready. I stood up and walked over to the cross. He gave me one final word just before we started; he let me know that when we began, he would take on a dominant persona and reminded me not to speak until spoken to and only respond with a color. Then he handed me a mask to cover my eyes.

Oh wait, forgot about that one too. When I was considering all this, having my eyes blindfolded was out of the question. While at the restaurant, they actually brought it up and explained the significance and it made sense. I said I would try it with the option of removing it if I couln't handle it and they gratiously agreed without hesitation. This was another reason why my apprehensions subsided. It greatly added to the experience.

Ok, I've kept you in suspense long enough but it was necessary to set the stage and atmosphere for the rest of this. Some of you will understand it, some of you won't.

I was now blindfolded and was led up to the cross. First my left arm and then my right; my right leg and then my left was each bound to the tips of the cross and the room was silent except for the music and very faint whispers that I couldn't understand. Here I was spread eagle and naked, bound to a cross with two very sexy people about to do who knows what to me with the smell of incense in the air and soft music playing. All the other senses in my body was on full alert to compensate for my loss of vision: smell, hearing and tactile. However, at this point, I lost all sense of time so I really don't know how long any of it went on.

After a brief few moments I began feeling hands on my skin. First one, two and then four. Remember, my tactile senses were in overdrive so at this point, I could tell which ones were male and which were female. They caressed my back, chest, ass, c**k, balls, legs, abdomin....everything. A few times someone was standing behind caressing me with their entire body while the other was gliding their hands on the front portion of my anatomy. I know I sighed a few times because of how aroused I was at that moment. This went on for a while and then I only felt her hands on me.

A few seconds later, the other hands re-appeared but he was wearing a pir of gloves that were essentially course and he began caressing and gliding his hands on my body. Some faint whispers and then there she was with some kind of soft fabric (is that satin?) gliding around the front of me. Softly wrapping around my c**k and being gently pulled off, the feel of the course hands caressing my ass and balls and dropping down the inside of each thigh.

As one continued with their actions the other went over and grabbed another article off the table and came back over to me. There were brushes of different sizes, thickness and material all with the specific purpose of increasing one's arousal by varying degree. The really funny part I found out later, was that most of it are everyday itesm that you can find in any store....sort of makes you think a little more open when going grocery shopping, doesn't it?...LOL

After an undetermined amount of time and various arousal articles that I lost track of long before, I felt him come up behind me and whisper simply, "give me a color" and I immediately responded with "green". Are you kidding? This was incredibly arousing!!! At that moment, my entire body was fully awake and sensing everything to its finest detail. Please, by all means, continue!!

Then, I felt the unexpected sting of some kind of paddle or crop on my left ass cheek. Ok, I did flinch because it wasn't expected but that was the point of the blindfold: receiving the unexpected adds to the effect. It stung for only a moment and then there was another on the opposite side and it too only lasted for a moment. Was my c**k getting hard from this? I couldn't tell, but I do know that my entire body was aroused to great heighths. I couldn't say anything but I know I thought "OMG, this is making me incredibly horny"!! A few more swats..."damn, more horny...this is impossible. Oh please, give me I actually thinking that"? Then he did something that I never thought would be possible with me.

I've alway thought myself to be an incrdibly strong willed individual. People have tried to hypnotize me or cleaverly manipulate me into doing things but with no success; too strong willed. However, in a very short amount of time and effort, he had me responding to a few non-verbal commands as if I was a stallion being trained to perform tricks. Because I've got a passion for psychology, I was able to immediately figure out the classical conditioning he used to make me do what he wanted in those arousing moments. I still can't believe it but I'm telling you he did.

At this point, he had a crop or paddle of some kind and initially he would come up behind me and lightly tap me on the spot between my legs and between my balls and ass. You know, that sensitive area that men and women have. Anyway, a few times doing that and I began arching my back so I would more expose that area. In turn, he would caress my c**k or balls and then start again. It only took him a couple times of doing this association for my body (not my body all by itself!!) to immediately arch again everytime he lightly tap me there to expose my ass for him.

OMG....I've just been trained like a !!! LOL I find that extremely funny!!! So, if any of you that I should ever meet in the future ever wants me to arch my back and expose my ass for you, you now know what to can thank this very talented gentleman. LOL

Anyway, the evening continued on with increasing levels of intensity and he would periodically ask me my color and everytime I responded with "green". At one point, she was in a full body caress with my back while he ever-so-carefully placed some kind of clamps on both of my nipples. It turns out they were only clothes pins I discovered later. At first, it was a little uncomfortable but then became very arousing as they continued to the next level of intensity. My entire body was so alive with all the sensations happening to it that I couldn't help but to be aroused to a level I;ve never experienced before. Here I was spread-eagle, naked, bound to a cross, blindfolded with clamps on both of my nipples, completely aroused and excited with the anticipation of what was next and soon I found out.

He then began using the flogs he had laid out so ceremoniously at the beginning and I had witnessed being used on his sexy partner. He struck me the first time. It really didn't hurt at all, actually it was very arousing. Then there was another, and another. I remember thinking back to an old girlfriend who had such an intense orgasm with me once that she literally raked her nails across my back in ecstasy. After I asked her if she was ok, that got me so aroused that I didn't stop and we literally moved the bed across the floor about 2 feet. The more she raked her nails across my back, the harder I f**ked her. I only found out the next morning that she took off skin that night. LOL....I think I may still have a couple scars from that night....LOL Sorry, let's get back to where we were.....

He used a small flog at first and then started using a larger one and still it was very arousing. Periodically though all this, someone was moving to the front of me and began sucking on my c**k and then would stop and later would come back and start again. At some point, I coudln't tell who was doing what. I felt a body on may back and lips around my c**k. As I was getting flogged, there was someone also sucking me. Every once in a while, he would come up behind me and ask me my color and I still responded with "green". Someone would tap me in that area again to get me to arch my back and then I felt him full body against me from behind and grab my hips. I could feel his erect c**k between my legs and found myself wishing he would shove it in me right then. At a few of those moments, she was in front sucking on my c**k and stroking his c**k and my balls together.

The flogging got more intense and faster. One of them was sucking me while the other was laying the straps of the flog acros my back and ass. My body was so aroused that I was starting to moan I think and had a death grip on the chains that were hooked to my bondage straps and the 4 point cross. Then suddenly it stopped. There was still the lips on my c**k sucking me in and out of their mouth and then I felt something smooth searching for my as***le. This time, no tapping was required, my back arched only slightly because I still had someone sucking my c**k but the smooth object began pushing in.

The really amazing thing about this couple and this evening was that their actions were all in unison with each other as if they had rehearsed it a hundred times. As the one sucking me was pulling my c**k out of their mouth, the one with the object was pushing in and then the mouth was sucking me in again. This went on in an agonizing pace but so very erotic until suddenly, there was one finla push and it was all the way in my ass. The mouth was still going on my c**k and then there was the flog again!! OMG....this was fricken' incredible. All night I was able to bite my lip and keep as silent as I could but this was the most intense moment of the evening and an "OH S**T" escaped my lips!! I don;t really remember if he asked me what my color was at that point or not but he could probably tell that my exclamation was not out of pain but pleasure. In either was definetely "GREEN"!!!

After a few more 'lashings' and suckings. It all stopped and they recommended me to take break. I couldn't agree more at that point. My legs and arms were about to give out but, oh my, I didn't want it to end. They both came up to me and un-bound my arms at first and then my legs and I found myself almost falling to the floor. They were both there to catch me and I think I remember him saying something about that being completely normal and this being called the "after-care" (I think that's what he said...LOL....very appropriately named). Remember, I had been bound in a stand-up, spread eagle position for an undetermined amount of time with all of my muscles tensed. By the way, this was the cause of the sensation I woke up with the next day that I described at the beginning of this. They say that vigorious sex works every muscle in your body; boy did I feel it the next morning.

As an after thought of making sense of all of it, I think I realized something as I wrote this; I wondered how it was possible for my entire body to be hyper-sensitive during the evening but me not able to tell what was being used or the gender of the person caresing or rubbing against me? I think it may have something to do with first, not really knowing them intimately to begin with but second, yeah my skin may have been very sensitive but with every muscle in my body tensed and contracted, it sort of negated what I might have been able to feel or recognize through touch.

Well, I excused myself to go to the restroom and remove the object (turned out to be a plug) and I just had to know what my back and ass looked like so I looked in the mirror. Not a single welt or mark!!! Yeah, it was slightly red (obviously) but there was literally no remnants of a lashing whatsoever on any oart of me. Unbelievable!!! I do believe that if we continued and ONLY if I so wished, he or she could have left some pretty good ones with what they were using.

When I went back out into the living room where thye were, I was literally speechless. All I could say was "WOW" and I believe I made a joke saying just that....LOL Oh, I almost forgot one thing. Somewhere during the flogging, he did come up and say one other thing to me that I truly didn't expect. He came up and simply whispered "she's already very wet from watching this", or something along those lines. That just aroused me even more because through his actions on me, she was becoming aroused; the vision I conjured up was so incredibly sexy!!!

Well, we spoke for a little while after that and they asked me what I thought and I fumbled around trying to find how to express it all. I still hadn't figured out how all of it was so arousing to me. After we spoke for a while, she couldn't take anymore and asked for her turn. He agreed and she stepped up to the cross. I so wanted to actually see everything I had just experienced from this side of the equation.

We both began binding her to the 4 points of the cross just as I had been earlier and she as blindfolded. Initially, both he and I began caressing her entire body. He moved around to the front and we took turns gliding our hands across her breasts, ass, p**sy, thighs, waist.....every part of her sexy body. Since I was the rookie in this completely, I took my cues from him and knew that the silence was an integral part of the overall experience. He knodded toward me and some part of her and I acted how i thought he wanted me to. And then it came the time for me to step away because he was going to begin using his toys that she loved so much. What I winessed next had me in such awe that I couldn't do anything else but watch with amazement.

When I stepped back and sat down, he then strted using his flogs on her; first a small one and then a larger one. At one point, he was using two in a poetic motion where there was constantly one or the other lashing against her gorgeous body. With each strike, her body arched in an undescribable way that was so incredibly sexy that even if speaking was allowed, I wouldn't know what to say. There was nothing harsh, hurtful or painful about the entire surreal scene I was witnessing. These two incredibly sexy people cared so much for each other that they each read each other's minds and knew what the other wanted.

It was like watching a flock of birds gracefully negotiating the skies and when there was a breathe of wind from a different direction, the entire flock would all move in an instinctive fashion. Though the reason and venue all this was happening in may not be traditionally considered art, I was indeed witnessing an artist painting his orgasmic masterpiece with her as his subject. This was truly beautiful in an odd sort of way.

At one point, he handed me a condom and asked if I wanted to f**k her because she'd enjoy it a great deal. Now, don't get me wrong, yes I wanted to a great deal but my arousal level was so high with all this that penetrating her didn't feel right at that moment and subsequently, couldn't get hard. It would be like asking Michalangello if I could make a couple paint strokes on the Cistine just ain't happening! At least not this first time; however, if I get another opportunity to play with this couple again, I won't pass on the opportunity.

I guess I should explain this a little. The arousal I felt was not just a physical one. It was mostly mental. Have any of you every had every neuron in your body is firing all at once? That kind of arousal goes far beyond the one where only your genitals are involved. Every touch, smell and noise excites you. That's how I was at that moment. Combine that with being in awe over the scene before me and maybe you can understand a little why I couldn't f**k her at this very moment. I will say, that later on that night was a different story (wink).

Anyway, this poetic scene continued. He would lash at her sexy body and then reward her by caressing her p**sy occasionally. She would arch her back and speak a color, which did reach yellow a couple times but he would react with a caressing of her p**sy again. I don;t think she ever actually orgasmed while he was using the flog or paddle on her but I do know that she neared orgasm so much that when he touched her with his hand, she came almost instantly and this happened quite a few times. Have I ever said how sexy a woman is when she's having an orgasm? Well, let me tell you that it is, the arching of the back, the moaning, the spreading of the legs....all of it. Well, witnessing this sexy lady bound to that cross was even more so because she couldn't move everything that she normally would so her body contorted in other ways to make up for it....sheer grace and beauty in motion.

Once again, after an undetermined amount of time had passed, she was spent and he asked me to give him a hand un-binding her and then hold her up while he got her a robe to slip on. I knew how she felt at that moment with every limb weak from the intense pleasure.

Anyway, we all relaxed for a few moments. Talked about some of the stuff that had taken place while I asked my un-skilled questions about everything and they patiently answered. After a short while, we adjourned to the bedroom where we finished the evening in a more customary (sp?) fashion. However, I will say that during this time, I greatly felt the urge to return the favor they both gave me so when they got into a position that I had both his c**k and p**sy in the same vicinity, I paid a lot of attention to them both. That was very exciting.

Though there were many things that went on that night that were all firsts for me, there was one other one that I'd like to mention. All three of us had been swapping around positions and trading who and what we were statisfying for a little while and then while she was sucking on my c**k and he was f**king her, he reached over and handed me a condom and gestured toward her. Obviuosly, I moved down between her legs and entered her while pushing her legs toward her chest and I began stroking. He was behind us so I wasn;t sure what he was doing but it became evident a short while later.

As I was stroking in and out of her, I felt him come up from behind me but wasn;t sure what he was going to do. I slowed my rhythm down a little until I figured out what he was doing by the expression on her face; he was entering her anally. It seemed a little slow going so I tried to assist by lifting up her hips so he could more easily gain entry. In the meantime, I continued to stroke in and out of her in a slow rhythm to keep her and I aroused.

I'm not sure if he was successful in that endeavor but then he changed his target to the only open entry point that was there: my ass. When I realized what he was about to do, I looked down at her and she said "I don't know what he's doing either". I guess the questioned look was on my face and she answered it before I spoke. Anyway, there it was, another from my list that I wanted to experience about to happen. I stopped pulling and pushing in and out of her for a moment and then his hard c**k was in me!! OMG, he had a nice c**k!! It felt great and then I started to stroke in and out of her again.

We were only able to do this for a short while because of the position we were all in but I will tell you that it was incredible. Ultimately, we all fell to the bed laughing because we couldn't pull it off but all wanted to. After laying there a few minutes laughing at ourselves, I glanced up at the clock and saw the time at last. Out of fear of overstaying my welcome, I politely excused myself and departed for home.

This evening was absolutely incredible and I really do want to see how much further I'd go with them. I hope that someday, they and I can do that and much more because it was truly one of the most sensually erotic experiences I've ever experienced along that sexual realm.

I'm not sure if any of you will ever be fortunate enough to meet and play with them but if you have already, you know what I'm talking about. If you do in the future, you will never regret it!!

Thank you both for an incredibly enlightening and arousing evening and I wish you both my very best of wishes.
A Long Awaited Meeting
Posted:Jul 7, 2007 8:48 am
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2012 7:15 am

LOL....have any of you ever went to meet somebody or couple at a public and as you sat there with them, looked around the room and briefly believed that everyone knew exactly the reason you were there? Or worse yet, had a co-worker show up at the same out of the way place and you just knew that they knew why you were there with that couple? LOL

About a week ago, and after many failed attempts at meeting, I finally was able to get together with CplFukN4Fun. We've been trying to meet for probably 2 months or so but our schedules always conflicted. As every cautious person does, we met at a local lounge to see if we clicked and to measure each other out to see if each other was safe to have some carnal fun with. This was where my initial comments above came into play.

Does everyone in the room know that you're there to purposely get your freak on with the couple your sitting across from? Do they know that possibly over the next few hours that you'll be buried in pile of flesh searching out a c**k to suck or p**sy to lick at the same time that someone is licking your c**k or ass? Sorry, you probably don't want to hear my toughts on this; let's get back to the evening.

Anyway, we were at the out of the way place talking about a little of everything probably both hpoing there wasn't that ominous silence when the superficial conversation runs out. Fortunately it didn't and after a while and couple drinks, we all adjourned to their house for some nocturnal fun.

As I followed them, the thoughts of what was potentially to come were filling my head. I was trying to remember everything in their profile; likes, dislikes and especially the pics. I've found that the pictures people post generally say a great deal about the people and their interests. Without a doubt, this couple was going to b a lot of fun but I just needed to figure out, once again, how to start. I'm not a pushy person and I have actually gotten pretty descent at taking the subtle hints on what people like to do first. Do they want to start slow with a little caressing and petting or do they want to jump right in? Do they want to start on you first, you on them or everyone on everyone?

When we got to their beautiful home, we went inside and to their den (I think it was a den...LO. We continued to talk about many things but now the conversation shifted to the lifestyle instead of the superfical safe topics at our meeting location. At this point, it became evidentally clear that I was in the presence of some very knowledgable people. He had been in the lifestyle for over 20 years if I'm remembering correctly but she has only been in it for a few. A very romantic thing was that they met on a very accidental situation that also happened to be her first time experience with the lifestyle and the rest is, as they say, history.

Well, we continued to talk for a little bit more while my host was preparing our play area. We talked and laughed and I was completely relaxed with these wonderful people and knew that I was ready and willing to let this evening unfold how any of us desired. For those of you that have played with other people or couples, have you ever noticed that people slowly get undressed as the conversation goes on? Are we all trying to be suggestive? LOL I was concerned with the pain pill I took earlier and how long it would last. Oh, sorry, I failed to mention why that's relevant.

Earlier that day, I went for a flying lesson and had a brief encounter with some weather. In so doing, I either pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle or some sort of odd thing and ended up with my left shoulder and arm not fully functional. I had been favoring it all night and the pain pill I had taken kicked in around the same time when we got to their house. Why in the hell didn't I bring them with me? Well, maybe when things got heated up, it wouldn't make a difference....I hope. In either case, there was no way I was going to miss meeting and playing with this couple because I had been trying to for a while now.

Anyway, everything was prepared; the conversation had gone to sexual, both men were undressed and my hostess was wearing nothing but a t-shirt. (BTW, a woman wearing nothing but a t-shirt or button up shirt is very sexy to me...Mmmm) Then my sexy hostess, crawled over onto the mattress. My host asked her to take off her shirt and moved around to the front of her so she could suck his c**k. In turn, I moved down and began caressing her ass and lower torso. Interestingly, I discovered that she was extremely ticklish in certain areas when lightly stroked...LOL I couldn't help but to play with that concept for a brief few minutes...LOL...I guess its just that little devil in me...(wink) Isn't it extremely arousing to see a woman (or man) be reactive to your touch?

So there we were, the three of us beginning our evening. My host was getting his c**k sucked by his wife while I got an all fours and placed my head betwen her legs to sample her sweet p**sy. She welcomed me by speading her legs apart and slightly lifting her hips. If you've seen their pics on their profile, you already can imagine how sweet and wet she is....Mmmmm. I reached my hands around and grabbed the inside of her thighs so I could fully appreciate what she was offering to me.

After a few moments, I suddenly felt my host's hands on my ass. I initially flinched because I wasn't expecting it but instantly relaxed and felt both my c**k and ass begin throbbing with excitement. A few more minutes and I felt a warm and wet tongue licking me. With each progressing advance on my ass and hard c**k, the attention of my tongue and lips on the sexy hostess' p**sy increased. I remember briefly thinking how was it possible that he was reaching me from where he was positioned? Wait a second, which one was it: him or her? A little confusing yes, but at that point, really didn't care about how it was happening but very willing to let it all happen.

This went on for a little while longer; we shifted positions and portions of our sexual anatomy being pleased by someone but the hostess remained on the bottom and at the center of the two men's attention. Then this sexy lady spoke up and asked me to lay down; obviously, I followed her direction (are you kidding?...LO. Immediately, my host began sucking my c**k. Isn't it amazing that as soon as you feel a warm and wet anything on your c**k that your legs instinctively spread apart, your eyes roll back in your head and you hold your breath? Maybe its just me.

After a few heated strokes with his mouth, my host deep throated me and I fell back against the mattress. I always try to witness as much as I can during these moments but those autonomic body functions have a mind of their own (wink..LO....muscle control in your arms and legs are definetely one of them. I think I remember horsely saying "Oh S**t" when he took all of me.

Guys, why is it that when we're deep throated, it completely arouses and amazes us? Is it related to all of our desires to have a virgin at least once; receiving that feeling on our c**k that we are in territory that no one has gone before? Or is it simply because the tightness of a virgin p**sy or tight throat prevents us from entering and we just have to get into tehm while simultaniously the muscles or "sucking" us in? Who knows but I think we can all agree that it is very exciting and if you're at the moment, will force you to cum like gang-busters.

Anyway, my hostess was sucking on him while he was sucking on me and I just couldn't handle it anymore; I needed to have my mouth and hands doing something. I asked for him to come around so I could suck his hard throbbing c**k at the same time but there must have been a glitch in our communication (you know, like this website sometimes...LOL...couldn't resist). Instead, he crawled up and straddled over my chest with his c**k within close proximity of my willing mouth. When he shifted up to this position, his wife shifted up and began sucking on me. Damn....wasn't expecting that and definetely wasn't expecting what happened next.

After a few moments of orally pleasing him while receiving oral pleasure from her, she crawled up and straddled over me and I suddenly felt my c**k being enveloped by her very hot and wet p**sy. So here I was, laying on my back with him on my chest while I was sucking on him, she was riding my c**k while she had her arms around him holding him close and once in a while sliding a hand or two down to stroke his cock or feel my mouth taking all of him in. At times, when her hands were caressing his c**k, I would shift down and suck and lick on his balls and then return to his cock. At times like these, its great that all the playmates are clicking because this is surely a concerted effort. As I'm writing this, I catch myself stroking my hard c**k with the clear memories.....Mmmmmm.

This went on for an undetermined amount of time but I really wasn't caring what time it was (LOL...would you?). Then my host got up and moved around to the back while she continued to ride me. At that moment, I suddenly felt his warm tongue licking at her and I while my c**k stroked in and out of her. Now, I've done that to another couple people but have never felt it myself. That was incredible!! What a confusing and very pleasant sensation. I remember briefly thinking back to when I did that with another man and woman at the last group party I attended and it excited me all the more. I then heard his voice ask her if she wanted to try it and she said yes (ok, I don't think she actually said yes but actually sort of hummed Uhhhh, Uhhhh). Uh oh, what was going to happen next?

Though I couldn't see him (eyes rolling back in my head and all....LO but suddenly I felt his hard cock around the same vicinity as mine. OMG, what was he going to try to do?! I could feel him start to push with his cock but still couldn't tell whether it was her p**sy or ass. She breifly stopped grinding her hips on my c**k and I looked up at her. She was slightly biting her lip and her eyes were closed (is it just me or does everyone get excited when they see a member of the opposite sex slightly biting their lip in the middle of some heated sex?....damn, that's hot!!)

Oh, sorry...where was I? Oh yeah....he continued to push with his c**k and then I could feel he was all the way in. Instinctively, I reached up to place my hands on her hips but instead I found his hips were there also and so may arms went all the way around his as well. This was incredible!! He began thrusting in and out of her. The amazing thing was that I couldn't actually move without my c**k coming out of her. She began rocking back and forth against his thrusting and I went more with her movement than his. To this day, I'm still not sure whether he was in her p**sy or ass but regardless of which, it was very exciting and she clearly was enjoying it.

After this labor intensively sexual moment, we three needed a break. I told them that I have never experienced that before and the two of them actually shocked me with the science of it. Oh yes, there seems to be a science behind it having to do with the size of the two males' c**ks; just think about mass, space and pressure from your basic physical science though I don't think it was ever meant to be applied this way....LOL. I won't go into it because that is their observation and we don't want to be guilty of copyright protection laws now do we?....LOL. I'll just recommend this: if you want to know, go have some fun with this couple; its an education to say the least.

Here's where the sad part of the evening took place. Remember me writing that I had the little incident earlier? Well, when we took the break and my body started to cool off, it seems that the pain med I took had also worn off but I was to engrossed in everything to notice. The pain in my shoulder and nech came on with a vengence!! I tried to push it away and not let them know how much it was actually hurting and being the gratious hosts they were, they didn't let on they knew. Needless to say, I had to cut the evening off cause I was not going to be able to move like I knew I wanted and it wouldn't be fair to have them only service me. I just prayed that they wouldn't hold it against me; I so wanted the evening to go on.

To be honest, I'm really not sure if she ever achieved an orgasm and I make it a point to shoot for that with everyone I'm with at least once. I do hope she did and reasonably sure she did at least once.

I'll tell you that CplFukN4Fun is very sexually arousing and are a lot more experienced than the average person when it comes to the lifestyle. Thier complete honesty and openness makes for a very relaxing evening that allows a person to do what he or she holds back with other people. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to experience the lifestyle to its fullest, needs to drop them a line. Of course the chemistry has got to be there but it is worth the me.

The information and experience I learned from them on this incredible evening was an eye opening. Since they are members of a local social group, I expect that I will be seeing them more often: I hope....(wink)

Thank you both for a wonderful and enlightening evening that was long overdue and a cannot wait for our next meeting; we have some unfinished business to conclude. Oh, I promise I will not do anything else physical during the day prior....LOL
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Oh Yes.....Another Group Party!!!
Posted:Jun 17, 2007 7:20 pm
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2015 12:42 pm
UPDATE: I just received some of the pics that were taken at the party and I could't resist posting one of them. Once again, the blissful chaos was in full swing with this remarkable group of people. In case you're interested, that's me on the bottom enjoying one of the pleasurous moments with our hostess and two other guests....Mmmmm....great memories!!

Hello again all. I just got back from a much needed vacation, like all of us I'm sure. I had a blast. No, there was no sex involved during this trip because I had family with me; however, there were a few lovely ladies on the beach that I would have loved to become intimately acquainted with.....I love the summer time!!!

Anyway, just prior to the start of my vacation, I attended another group party hosted by alabamacou at the same hotel as the first. If you recall, I was warned not to miss any of their parties or I would regret it and the advice I received proved to be 100% correct. I'm very glad I didn't miss it. Let's back up a little.

What I still don't understand is, during the drive down there, I was once again a little hesitant. Why would I be at this point? I knew the couple and were pretty sure I knew a few of the other people that were going to be there; no worries there, they were all good people. I've experienced a few sexual situations already with couples, singles and this group so I knew what to expect and how to begin. So what was causing me to be apprehensive? I couldn't figure it out but there was no way I was going to miss out on this. Ha ha...the funny part was regardless of how nervous I may have felt on the drive, my c**k was getting harder and harder the closer I got to the hotel with the thoughts of what was to come.

As with the informal rules of the group, I called the host as I neared the hotel for the room number. While I spoke with the host and confirmed the exit numbers and directions, I asked if anyone needed anything from the store on my way in and the host repeated my offer to everyone that was already there. LOL....suddenly I heard the familiar voice of the hostess in the background say that she just wanted some d**k. Ha ha...I couldn't help but to start laughing as my head briefly filled with the mixed thoughts of going to the store and asking which isle (sp?) I could find her request on. Well, I doubt I'd find it at a store (ha ha) but I did respond with the fact that I'd be there in a few minutes to help her with that appetite....LOL

Upon my arrival at the playroom for the evening, I was pleasantly surprised to find some new faces (and bodies...wink) that showed up for the evening's festivities. After some introductions and conversation, it seemed that some of these people that were new to me had played with this group before. There was another couple there that were absolutely great to be around and coincidentally, was in my friends network already; I'm embarrassed to say that initially I didn't connect the two but they did remind me and I apologized for my forgetfulness (ha ha). Regardless of my brief Alzheimer’s moment, they had wonderful personalities and were equally as sexy and they added some additional spice to the evening that made the whole night even more adventurous than it was already. I'll get into that in a few minutes

There was another gentleman there that unfortunately I didn't get a chance to become acquainted with due to how the encounters developed between everyone but he did seem as open to everything as I was. The final gentleman was 'virgin' to the group this time. He and I spoke a great deal after the host introduced us and a few of the people strayed off into the bedroom for some 'intimate' activity. What I discovered was that he was going through the exact same hesitation and apprehension as I did on my first time and we found some humor in that. Not that I was remotely qualified but I did offer what little bit of advice that helped me the last time to help him to relax and begin.

Well as I said, a few of the people had moved to the bedroom and had begun with some carnal pleasures already and I soon wandered that way to observe and join in. I think the wonderful part about attending a group party like this, with as many people as were there, at times there were two or three encounters going on between people. Its sort of like going to a carnival where you walk up and down the rows of games and decide which one you want to play. Do I want to try my luck with the mfm situation by simply putting my c**k within reach of the woman's mouth or do I want to step over here with a m2m and join in? The added bonus was that there were two women at this party with equally insatiable appetites and a whole room full of guys wanting to please. Ladies, could you imagine anything more pleasurable? Makes you think, doesn't it? (wink....ha ha)

Anyway, I began this time with a familiar c**k while he was going down on another. Soon after I began sucking on him, I felt the familiar lips and hands of our sexy hostess begin stroking and sucking on me; there it was, the night's festivities had begun for me. At the center of this erotic pile of flesh was the one gentleman I didn't get the pleasure of throughout the night but I think that while he was getting sucked by one, he was sucking on one c**k with another close by that he was trading off with. So, if you're keeping count, there were six people playing together, with the hostess and I at one end and two guys at the other of this sexual chain spread the length of the bed and to the floor. All six were jockeying for position to satisfy someone and be satisfied by someone at the same time.

On the sidelines during this encounter, were our host with a still camera, the other young lady with a video camera and the group virgin. Looking back to my first time, I can only imagine what was going through his mind at that point: probably complete amazement at the spectacle before him! I know that I was at my first.

This first encounter went on for a while with people changing positions, changing contacts, or changing body parts to caress, stroke or suck. At one point, I slid over onto my knees and sucked the group virgin's c**k for a while another guy was sucking on my throbbing c**k. As before, we all took brief breaks and chatted only to begin again a short while later with two other people. exciting part about this night with this many people, if you stood in one spot for too long, you found someone suddenly performing some kind of sexual act on you. I remember that at one point, I was standing by one bed watching the events going on when suddenly someone had my c**k in their mouth.

The events went on like this for the entire evening but I really do need to mention one encounter that brought everyone in the room to silence while it unfolded and escalated. It took a little time to get the camera out of the young lady's hands at the beginning of the evening (ha ha...another inside group joke) but then suddenly, a couple of us turned around and we saw the hostess and the other woman becoming intimate. At first it started with just one of them licking and caressing the other and then it soon twisted into f2f in a 69 position. While I stood there in awe over what I was witnessing, I briefly glanced around the room and there wasn’t a c**k that wasn’t hard and being stroked by its owner. Sure, many of us have seen this in porn or in magazines but actually witnessing it in person with two sexy women licking and caressing each other in living flesh-tone and with surround-sound moaning was incredibly arousing. These two ladies went at it for a while both achieving orgasm at least once or twice. I think it’s safe to say that every male there was all desiring to get into the middle of the two of them but not wanting to disturb there pleasure seeking. It was incredible!! Ha ha….I think we were all glad that she did put down that damn camera….just kidding.

This night went on for quite a while just as the previous group party I attended; people trading off partners and positions. Both genders pleased each other and I believe that with my one exception, everyone pretty much tasted everyone in the room at least once. I was once again fortunate to taste the sweet taste of our hostess a couple times as well as feel her incredible oral pleasures while I was pleasing someone else’s hard c**k with some part of my willing anatomy.

Oh, I will say that as before, this night allowed me to experience a couple more firsts that I wanted to experience while I was on this journey. That night, I was able to encounter 69ing with a woman while another guy was f**king her and being able to lick them both while he was stroking her. I also was able to 69 with a guy while another guy was f**king me all while a woman was caressing, licking and sucking us. I also had the pleasure of licking a woman to orgasm while I felt the talented tongue of someone licking my ass deep and sucking on my c**k and balls. As I said before, at these group parties, if you’re willing to let anything happen, you can experience so many incredibly sexually arousing things that your mind will take a while to sort through all the pleasures completely.

So far, I think that I’ve been able to experience almost everything I have thought of with exception to two women at once (ha ha…hard to believe isn’t it?) and being with a woman of the darker persuasion. After those two, I’m out of ideas so if anyone has any new ones that might arouse my curiosity, please pass them to me and maybe we can get together and have some fun. To date, I’ve done a lot of things and quite a few of my avid readers have told me thanks for writing it all down as I have. I’ve actually had a few women and men tell me that they are living vicariously through this blog and I find that very complimentary. Thank you all for your support and extremely arousing comments. I will say that most of your comments have sparked a lot of my interests and ideas.

Once again, I would REALLY like to thank alabamacou for hosting another party and inviting me. Their selection of guests and the atmosphere they create for everyone is incredibly relaxing and arousing and is a true pleasure to play with both of them and I enjoy every lick, suck and feel of it. They are a wonderful couple that I truly enjoy knowing and playing with. I look forward to their pool party that is coming up soon. This should be a very exciting day and evening, especially since I love being in the water as much as I do. Combine that with the absolutely erotic encounters that will undoubtedly develop and the sexual bliss that will be felt by everyone, I may be in serious trouble….ha ha

Damn my luck…..ha ha
Late Night Meeting....
Posted:Jun 3, 2007 11:41 am
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2007 3:36 pm

Once again, I apologize for not keeping up with my posts. I'm now trying to catch up on some of the events that has happened in my journey into the unknown.

A couple weeks back, I had the distinct pleasure of playing with an incredibly sexy couple. The evening started off with a simple e-mail expressing their interest in playing that night. I've had great interest in this couple since I first saw their very sexy pics but never thought anything would become of it but surprise, here was a response and desire to meet from them. Were they for real? I hoped so. As I've previously mentioned in a seperate post, I usually don't hold too much weight to an initial e-mail expressing interest until we actually get to the point of detailed plans and times.

My brief soapbox: I haven't quite figured out why the single males around town are treated like lepers; I can't speak for all single males but I know that I just want to have fun and enjoy life without shortening my life or risking my career. By meeting a couple, group or whomever, regardless of the gender, allows for some fantasies to be fullfilled and mysteries dispelled; isn't that why all of us are on here in the first place? I know that someday I will meet that special lady that I will grow old with and this journey may or may not come to an end depending on her fantasies but in the meantime, rest assured, I deeply respect all of your relationships and I am no threat to your relaionship....believe me. Sorry, I had to get that out....back to the story

Anyway, after a few emails, it became evident that they were very interested in getting together. They had plans on going out that night and coincidentally, I had some errands I needed to take care of as well. We traded and spoke briefly and decided that when they were heading home and if they were still in the mood, they would give me a call and then we'd meet. This was probably the best way because I am by no means pushy and it allowed a way out if they had second thoughts; no one would have their ego's bruised.

The night went on and my thoughts went to the possibilities of the evening if and when they called. Visions of their pics popped into my head periodically throughout the night and then suddenly, just before midnight, they called. They were still out on the town but were still interested in meeting that night. After a few awkward moments of conversation, I got the directions to their house and told them I'll be there as soon as I took a quick shower.

After briefly becoming lost and then questioning that I was at the right address...could you imagine knocking on someone's door at 1:00am and having to explain that you're at the wrong house that late at night?.....LOL....boy, I'm glad I got the right house.....ha ha

Anyway, I rang the doorbell and when the door opened, I was standing in front of one of the sexiest women I have ever laid eyes on wearing a bathing suit and short silk komono (sp?). Yes, I've seen their pics online but those still shots of a few brief sexual moments in time gave her no justice. LOL.....was my mouth hanging open while I stood there? I still can't remember....LOL

She said hello and led me into the house where I met her husband who was also dressed in a robe. They both were incredibly friendly and pleasant and oh yeah, the two of them had me extremely aroused already. Oh yeah, I forgot, when we spoke on the phone, they told me to bring a robe because we would most likely hit the hot tub....shorts were optional...LOL After meeting them, I was definetely over-dressed....LOL What would the odds be of getting pulled over wearing nothing but a robe? Ok, we can be brave but not stupid...LOL Sorry, straying off subject again.

We sat down for a moment and then I was given the "Rules of Engagement"....LOL I love that!! I wasn't exepecting that at all and couldn't help but laugh hearing it put that way....LOL And that's how I knew I instantly liked them. A personality and sense of humor that people couldn't help but to feel welcome!! After hearing the rules, we then went out to the hottub.

When we got there, we took the cover off, stripped (not to music...LOL...just kidding), and all climbed in. Imagine being in a hottub, 1:00 in the morning, outside under a beautiful starlit sky, slightly cool air, in a hottub with a very sexy and erotic couple....Wow!! What will the rest of the evening hold? I couldn't wait.

We sat there for a while talking about a little of everything. An interesting point that I did realize a while later, we were sitting there talking and the host began fondling my cock and I didn't even flinch. Hmmmm...I think this would be a testimant to how comfortable and welcome they made me feel. Anyway, the fondling between everyone continued all while the young lady was floating naked between the host and myself. She suddenly, floated her body around so she could go down on her husband while I was able to caress the lower half of her body. All of our bodies semi-floating in the water, naked to the world. After a few moments, she spun around and did the same to me while her husband caressed and fondled her.

All this went on for a while and then it was time to go back inside for the rest of the sexual events. During the brief walk, my thoughts went back to the 'rules' to make sure I didn't violate any of them because I was really hoping for a possible second meeting. It really wasn't that difficult because I love oral a great deal and there was nothing more I wanted than to kiss, lick and suck every errogenous portion of both their bodies.

A side note: as I'm writing this, I have gotten so aroused because I'm re-living every delicious lick, suck and caress of that entire evening in great detail!! Mmmmmm

For the next three hours or so, we had some of the most passionate sex I could imagine having with a couple. At times it became vigorous bit it mostly stayed slow and deliberate. There were times when I watched in mazament as the two of them were making love to each other and other times when all three of us were enjoying the primal passions of the moment. There were a few times when it was just the host and I playing while his wife watched and became more aroused while she fondled herself. Other times it was the hostess and I licking and sucking each other while her husband watched. All three of us got into positions that only a contortionist could achieve...LOL How did we get this way? ha ha Oh well, who really cared at that very moment anyway.

At one point, the hostess stepped out of the room while her husband and I continued to play and she stepped back in wearing a strap on. Mmmmmm....that got me even more aroused because I really wasn't expecting that at all and as you may have already read in one of my previous posts, my first encounter with an ex and strap on was phenomenal. Would I be so fortunate to feel her toy under the control of her body take me? She laid back on the floor and was stroking it while her husband and I briefly watched. What I wanted to do was climb on and ride her c**k but decided against it mostly out of being unsure if my actions would be allowed. A short while later, the three of us were all playing and I was on my back with my legs up to my chest and I thought she was actually going to shove it in me but the events went in a different direction of greater pleasure.

Oh yeah, in case any of you were wondering; yes, I did get f**ked later on by my host while his wife was laying over my shoulder and sucking on my c**k (remember, positions that only a contortionist could His c**k felt frickin' great thrusting inside me. After quite a few minutes, he pulled out of me and began stroking his and my c**k together in his hand until he finally came all over both of our swelled c**ks.

Finally, it was my hostess' turn. She laid back on the bed and began fondling herself while her husband and I watched. Her husband then apporached her and begand softly caressing her beautiful and wet p**sy and then he motioned me to go down on her. I eagerly obliged because she did taste very sweet. Meanwhile, her husband was caressing the rest of her body and whispering softly to her. As I licked and sucked her, I then began stroking her with my fingers; slow and deliberate at first and then increasing to feverish pace to help bring her to orgasm. I believe it was the concerted efforts between her husband and I that finally gave her the pleasure we both wanted to give her even though her husband could do it by himself without difficutly.

I'm slightly embarrassed to say that because of the extreme arousal I had with them, I came reletively early and unexpectidly. I can usually last an entire evening but this couple had me so excited that I came after maybe an hour or so. However, because I was so excited with them, I managed to stay aroused and excited and actually came close to cumming again a while later.

What an incredible evening that ended as the sun was coming up; it was a new day and it was starting out as a great one....(wink)

Finalizing the thoughts from my soapbox. This is a place where some darker fantasies are fulfilled that requires discretion but here's the part about this couple I greatly admired: I was there playing with both of them, in their house, all of us naked and exposed. Never once during those 4 or 5 hours of sexual bliss between the three of us, did I not feel the love exuding between the two of them. I greatly respect and admire that.

To this amazing and loving couple: if it happens that we should never meet or play again, I wish you both all of the continued happiness you deserve.

Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening evening.
Group Party or Gangbang?
Posted:Mar 25, 2007 10:25 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2007 4:44 pm

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a group party hosted by alabamacou and how could I explain my first gangbang? Let me just put it this way: incredibly pleasurable chaos.

About a week ago, I received an email from alabamacou, simply titled "Gangbang", where they invited me to attend a group party with a few friends of theirs. Normally, I wouldn't have put too much weight to the invitation cause not too many people actually want to meet in person but the tone of this e-mail was different and so I responded with my interest. Over the next couple days, we hashed out the details and then the day of the party arrived.

Throughout the entire day yesterday, I was extremely apprehensive and nervous to the point where I almost didn't go. I'm no coward and I'm always a man of my word so I got ready and headed down there.

During the drive down there, I weighed everything in my mind asking myself what in the hell was I doing. Am I completely out of control now? Since this was my first time at a group party, how in the hell does someone get things started? Is there such a thing as gangbang etiquette? was giving me a headache. The important decision I did resolve was that without question, I would show up adn just simply be honest with them in that I don't know if I would be able to follow through and hope they understood.

When I got there, the host opened the door and I immediately felt at ease. The hostess was on the couch with another gentleman and I think they were kissing and fondling but I really can't be sure. I was introduced to everyone and pleasantries were exchanged and even got a friendly kiss on the cheek from the hostess. Though I was still a little nervous, I really didn't feel out of place and I realized that if I was able to figure out how to start something or join in, I'd be able to enjoy the evening completely.

After a few moments, another gentleman showed up and once again, everyone was introduced. He immediately went to the couch and sat down beside our hostess and began rubbing her. In ther meantime, I was still trying to figure out a way of 'jumping' in so I stalled by talking to the host about this and that. After a short while, the hostess and two gentlemen led each other to the bedroom and after brief glimpses of almost naked bodies passing by the door, it was evident on what was now taking place. However, I still hadn't figured out how to get started. Do I wait for an invitation from one of them or do I simply jump right in and get busy?

A couple minutes later, yet another gentleman knocked on the door. This guy had been to a number of their parties already and was extremely comfortable being around them. Ok, it was official, I was the only virgin to gangbangs or groups at this party. My only experiences thus far have been one-on-one. Wait a second, maybe I could use that to help me get started or at least get the hands-on tutoring from one of them I'll need to get started. A few moments later, I took the plunge.

I went into the bedroom and started taking my clothes off. I think I remember the hostess saying that it was about time and I chuckled and responded with the virgin fact I figured out earlier. At that time, one guy had just stepped away and went out of the room while another one was getting a blowjob from our hostess while she was laying on her back. There was my door; since I love to lick p**sy and hers did looked delicious, that's where I went. Go for what you know, right? Anyway, she WAS just as tasty as she looked and enjoyed her deeply.

After she had orgasmed a couple times, she moved around and went down on me. I'm sorry to say that about then, my eyes rolled back in my head and I'm not sure exactly what the other guys were doing. I do know that sometime between when she was sucking me and when she got on top and started riding me, the other gentlemen came into the room, disrobed and were standing around the bed where we were.

I learned rather quickly that anything can happen during these and you can be satisfied and satisfy someone else if you simply let go and let it happen. While our hostess was riding me, she was sucking on one guy that was standing to the side while I was sucking the one on the opposite side. I'm not exactly sure who it was but there was one guy feeling us both while I was sliding in and out of her.

This is what I meant by pleasurable chaos... you're not sure who it is doing what but it is all very exciting and arousing. I'm still getting hard and excited today with thoughts of the entire evening. I would like to mention one thing and I hope it holds tue for every group party out there; everyone at this party was very respectful and simply there to have some fun. It didn't seem as though anyone was selfish and only out for themself but truly wanted to please everyone else and in so doing is pleased themself. I consider myself extremely fortunate for my first to be with these people.

Anyway, back to the events. After a while of our hostess riding me and the other guys getting sucked by her and I, one gentleman stepped away for brief moment. When he came back, our hostess slid off me and moved down btween my legs. What happened next was a complete surprise to me but I had no trouble letting it unfold. The guy I was sucking moved down and was f**king our hostess from behind, the guy who stepped away, slipped a condom onto me and then climbed on and started riding my c**k while she sucked his. This got to a feverish pace until the guy riding me came. This was an incredible sensation. I am so glad there was a big mirror on the closet beside the bed so I could witness it all; well that is when my eyes weren't rolling back in my head (ha ha).

This was another first for me, I've never f**ked a guy until that moment and at that moment, all of the reservations I had in the past about doing so were dismissed. To be honest, this entire evening was a first for a great many things that I had wanted to try and EVERY one of them has become a spectacular first time memory. WOW!!

Sorry, straying off subject again. The rest of the evening is pretty much an orgasmic blur with varying positions and people. we took brief intermissions, laid around and talked about a lot of things but after a few moments, someone would start again and everyone would join in one at a time with a different approach on a different person. We had another gentleman show up a little later and a couple of the guys leave but the sexual activities continued in this way for the next few hours.

Ha ha....probably specific to this couple and group but I did discover that there was one gangbang rule that I inadvertently broke. When someone cums in or on the hostess and she asks who is going to take care of it, that is ALWAYS the host unless he is too busy doing something and asks for someone else to take care of it in his place (ha ha). Little inside joke with the group....ha ha

Nearing the end of the evening, there was one last situation I cannot help but to describe because it was frickin' incredible. We were back at it again just as we had done 4 or 5 times already that evening and I had one guy sucking on me. I think our hostess was sucking on him and playing with his ass with a vibrator but I can't be sure because of the eye thing again...ha ha. After a little while, the guy lifted up one of my legs and started playing with my ass and the hostess came over with the vibrator and was playing as well. I believe that somewhere during that time, she put a condom on him while he continued to suck me and then he lifted my other leg up and the hostess was holding on to it. I'm not sure where the vibrator was but I could hear it, and then I could feel him penetrating me.

He was very hard and very well endowed and he moved very slowly to make sure I was ok and both him and the hostess was asking me to make sure. Oh yeah, I was better than ok!! (Hmmmm) Suddenly, as the hostess was directing him on how hard, fast and deep to fuck me while she stood beside the bed hold one leg of mine, I had my fingers inside her hoping to give her an orgasm or two, and another guy was sucking on my c**k. (ha ha) Just like the one other time a guy f**ked me, I think I grabbed the headboard and begged for him to f**k me more. Once again, that pleasurable and blissful chaos!!! You can't make out who's doing what but its ALL good....DAMN RIGHT!!!

I'm not sure how long we were going like that but I do know I reached a point where I started to uncontrollably laugh and it ended. However, I do know that after a few moments, I tried to stand up and my legs didn't work!!! Ha ha I guess that's when you know that you've been completely satisfied. A short while later, I had to leave because I had a long drive back even though the host and hostess invited me to stay the night. I really didn't want to but I left nonetheless.

Last night was truly memorable and I do look forward to the next party they have and hope I'm invited. One of the gentlemen has been going to their parties for over a year now and said that he has loved every one of them. He did say that he missed one once, and it was one he really wished he didn't. If I'm fortunate enough to get an invite again, I will make sure I'm there!! If you get an invite from 'alabamacou', I HIGHLY recommend you accept it and go. You will love every lick, suck, f**k and inch of it....guaranteed!!

To the group: Thank you all for an incredible evening and we really do need to do the cruise we spoke about. Whew!!!
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Cross-Dressing on Cam
Posted:Feb 10, 2007 9:32 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2007 7:09 am
First I would like to greatly apologize to my avid readers about not writing much in recent days. The journey still continues but I had an encounter that forced me to briefly re-look at what I was doing and why. I won't waste your time with the details but will simply say that I found a limit that I never would have guessed was there.

Thanks to an absolutely marvelous young lady ,who I am proud to call a friend, and who is holding on to my 'reality' rope and doesn't hesitate to give it a yank when she feels I may be getting way too out of control, I've come to terms with discovering that limit and realize that I can still move laterally within that boundary. You know who you are and I want to once again say thank you doll, I am truly fortunate....I can't wait until our next date. (wink)...keep both hands on the keyboard sweetie...ha ha.

Ok, now about the subject that drew your attention in the first place. This cross-dressing phenomenon has got me puzzled. Since I have quite a few people that love to watch me on cam and some of them requested that I would cross-dress for them, I figured why not. I'm out here exploring so why not follow where it leads, regardless of the course.

Coincidentally, a Frederick's catalog showed up in the mail (I've never ordered anything from them so its surprising how they got my address and name...hmmm). Anyway, I started glancing through it and found a few items that I thought I might look pretty decent in and that my watchers might get excited about and just ordered them.

Well, they came in a couple days ago and this morning, I tried one of them out on cam. This is where it puzzles me; by far, the number of women watching exceeded the men by far!! Now, I normally don't keep track of the gender of my audience but when the orange icons outweigh the blue this much, you can't help but notice.

This is where I'd like to get some feedback. Ladies (or guys), why would there be more women interested in a guy dressing in womens clothes than the men? Is it because it symbolizes submissiveness and those ladies like being the dominate one sexually or are they simply wishing they could be so bold? I am filled with wonder on this and invite everyone to please let me know your thoughts.

Beyond my questions, I would like to compliment the ladies though; how you wear some of these outfits is absolutely amazing! Perhaps its easier if you have the body its designed for in the first place (and I don't...ha ha). In all honesty, I don't think I looked too bad in the one I wore this morning but don't even think I'll turn it into an obsession or lifestyle (ha ha). I'll wear them only upon request and only on cam or intimate meetings.

I respect that a lot of people get excited by seeing a guy in them or wearing them themselves but it really didn't do anything for me while I was by myself performing on cam. Perhaps it may have a different affect if I was with a woman or guy while I was wearing them. I'll have to try it and find out.

I've got a few other things I want to try out and if there are any other adventurous people out there that want to join me in experiencing some of them, drop me a line and let's make it happen; don't hold back, just let go. I'm still looking for that first bi-couple, two or more guys, lite bondage submissive and being a sex toy for multiple people and genders.

I'm sorry to tell those who have been asking already and/or were interested and wondering that the two or more women encounter is solely reserved for the lovely young lady who is holding my rope and her choice of lady friend(s), which we have already planned. (I know they are going to put me in the hospital when it happens...whew!!!...I've already got 911 on speed dial..ha ha)

Thank you all for your continued attention, support and comments. It's appreciated much more than you know or I can truly express without being in person.
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In Search of a Bi-Couple
Posted:Jan 27, 2007 6:50 am
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2011 3:55 pm

Through the few encounters and conversations I've had, there has been one common conversation topic: that having sex with a bi-couple is one of the most exciting things any person can ever experience. As my imagination has conjured and confirmed by those who have actually experienced it, 69ing with a woman while a guy (her's or another) is f**cking her is so erotic that you never want it to end. The imagination flares into a frenzy of wishes and desires that you would agree to anything to simply experience it for another hour or two.

If so many people can say the same thing about it, there must be some truth to it......right? I've been told that being able to lick from pu**sy to balls is so exciting for all three that it soon turns into a pulsating source of energy that could power a small city (Hmmmm). I've got to try this next!!

So, I am now searching for a bi-couple or young lady and guy that is willing to let me join them in experiencing this. I've found out through my encounters that the more extreme and erotic I go, the longer I last during, so I can say with complete confidence that whomever you are, you wil not be disappointed! Since I've never experienced except through my imagination, I may need a tip on how to start but after I get going....whew, watch out!!

There will not be any hesitation on my part. Trust me. Let's light up a city
Popping My Cherry
Posted:Jan 25, 2007 9:27 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2007 3:51 pm
After a few weeks looking for someone to pop my ass' cherry, it has finally happen!! For the past couple days, I've been trading e-mails with this guy in town for the week on business and this evening we hoked up. Both having to be discrete, we sort of felt each other out through the e-mails and brief phone calls. I had read his profile but it was rather cryptic. When I got to his hotel room, he opned the door and we talked for a bit and moved into the bedroom. He laid back on the bed and I crawled between his legs and started to suck on his cock. Though soft at first like mine, soon we both had throbbing hard-ons.
After a few moment of me just sucking him, he asked me to turn around so he could "spread the wealth". For the next undetermined amount of time, we 69'd, and changed positions and sucked each other seperately. Suddenly, he started toying with my ass with his fingers.
I could feel my ass beginning to throb with anticipation and hope that maybe he would like to shove his cock into me and fuck me. I've been wanting it from some willing soul for quite a while now and the toys I have are fun but it was time for the real thing. I remember thinking that that he wasn't so huge that I'd be regretting it later but endowed enough for my first time and it would be what I was looking for. With amazement, I suddenly heard him ask me if I wanted my ass fucked and I eagerly pulled his cock out of my mouth and answered without hesitation "oh yes, please do".
It was a little awkward at first cause I didn't know what position he would like me in. We tried with me on top and it wasn't quite working probably cause I wasn't sure how to position my legs. He then told me to lay down on the bed. I automatically went down on all 4's but that wasn't what he wanted either. He asked me to rollover and began sucking my cock again.
While he was sucking my cock he coaxed me into lifting up one leg over his shoulder and then the other. Pretty soon, my knees were up by my chest and his shoulders were behind my knees holding them there all the while he was sucking my cock.
Then, the moment finally came, he slightly lifted up and I could feel the head of his stiff dick probing my ass. This is what I've been wnating for such a long time and the time has finally come. He was gentle at first, pushing in slowly and I caught myself grabbing his hips and pulling him deeper. Then he began stroking in and out of me.
It was incredible, the toys I've been playing with was nothing remotely close to this sensation. He stood about 6 inches taller and weighed maybe 60 pounds greater than me, which added to the moment. It was like being willfully dominated and biy was I willing. My legs were over his shoulders and he was f**king my ass harder and deeper with each pleasurable stroke. I suddenly called his name and told him to f**k me and give it all to me; I think I may have repeated it a number of times along with a few profane words of pleasure (wink).
I'm not sure how much time passed because I was in pure bliss but when he came, he thrusted one last time deep inside me and I could feel his cock thobbing as he gave me the load he had been holding from the blowjobs. Of course he was wearing a condom but I could still feel the heat from his cum. What seemed as suddenly as it started, he pulled out of me and it was over. I lad there for a brief few moments re-living the experience and loving every inch and minute of it. I can still feel his cock in my ass while I'm writing this.
Ironically, we discovered afterward while we were talking that he had never done anal with a guy before nor has he ever been with a virgin from either gender. Well, in one evening, he not only did his first anal, but he did his first anal with a virgin! It may not be something to write home about but it something to keep in memory.
For me, this has been another experience that I can finally check off my list of things to try. Now that I've gotten the "lighter" ones out of the way, its time to move to the more extreme. I'm REALLY wanting them now and I'm willing and for real. No BS
Deep Throating
Posted:Jan 20, 2007 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2009 3:09 pm

Yeah...I've thought about having a bunch of guys over at the same time and I've been trying to put that together. I've got an offer with a group of guys in Florida where I would be their "Special Guest" taking care of all of them from both ends. We'll see what happens with that; I hope it happens.

Here's something that might help you in trying to deep throat, just in case you haven't tried it. The second guy I was with, I decided to try a few new things. When we got together and things started going, I laid back on the bed with my head hanging over so it would open my throat up. He straddled over the top of me and I took him into my mouth. Him getting hard in my mouth was just as exciting s the first guy. After a few moments, I believed I was ready so I grabbed his ass and showed him to give it all to me. He was slightly bigger than the first guy but it was much easier because my throat was opened up. After a while, he was in full stroke all the way in and f**king my mouth like there was no tomorrow. When he came, he shoved himself all the way in and I was able to take all of him and let him keep it there until he was done giving me his load and pulled out. As a side note, he'swanting to get together again and broadcast on HotMatch so I must have done something right...LOL. Good luck to you; hope this helps.

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