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Secret garden
My own space...
A place for secrets ,
my sweet intimate secrets...
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For You
Posted:Apr 14, 2008 8:20 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2012 12:36 am
I would shed all my secrets,
like my clothing, one piece at a time.
Your smile would be enough reason,
I'd do 'strip' poker in step to wine.

Wrapped in my lullaby's confusion;
I would hope to draw you near.
Then I'd sing to you my love,
and release the second glove.

By now you should have the picture,
of where all this is leading to.
If you get to the bottom of this page;
I have no more clothes on-it's all for you.

Then you can roam me for then I'm open,
a story-teller's fiery delight.
There'd be no more place for secrets;
If you've made it through the night.

I'm an open book for you to read,
every page a dreamer's thrill.
You wouldn't wander far or leave me,
if one massive look you'd steal.

To My Master...
Posted:Apr 27, 2008 9:27 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2012 4:52 pm
To My Master,

Love me;

Master, please love me, give to me your heart, your soul and your love unconditionally as I have given mine to you. Take my heart, for it has always been yours to take. Hold onto it tight, for no other could ever replace the love I have for you. The bond we share is like no other, no one else could even come close to compare. Take my love and use it to mold me Master, to make me yours without reservation, without hesitation, and without question. You once asked me what was my hearts true desire, and now I offer that answer to you my Master. My hearts true desire is to be loved by you, to be owned by you, to be your slave, and most of all to be your loving, devoted pet always without hesitation or regret. I live too serve and obey you till I take in my very last breath.

Kiss me;

Master, please kiss me, with your lips that I so desire, as they are music to mine, they are the spark that feeds my very soul. Let your strong hands explore my waiting, willing body. Help me Master to let myself go, help me to give myself over to you completely. I melt in your stare as I cannot escape your deep brown eyes as they explore my soul, drink me in Master, feed me from your soul, nourish me and love me, I beg you. For it is you and only you Master that I love so.
Train me;

Master, please train me, use your discipline to bring forth my obedience and my submission that I offer willingly to you. Teach me all there is to know so that I may serve you in every way, for serving you as my Master is what I live for, it is in every breath I take, every thought I have and every dream I have ever dreamt, it is my destiny. The power is yours and yours alone, for you are my one and only, my Master. I trust you with my heart and my life, for I know you would never ever hurt me. Please start this very union, this very day as I kneel at your feet, so grateful to be where I am, take me, train me, for I am now your faithful slave.
Break me;

Master, please break me, take your rightful place as my Master, take your control. Use my emotion, my lust and my desire to strengthen your hold over me, discipline me and mold me into your perfect, obedient slave. Teach me that the satisfaction of our love lies deep within the pain of my much deserved punishments. My world is spinning fast around me as you take your control. Place your black leather collar about my neck Master, break me, for I am now your obedient Pet.
Bind me;

Master, please bind me, hold me, never let me go. Use your strong arms to hold me in place, tie me with your binds of leather straps and encase me in your love, your heart and your discipline. My flesh burns for your touch, my body is lost in a trance as it yearns for the warmth of your gentle thrust. Bind my body Master as you have my heart, never allowing us to ever be far apart.
Punish me;

Master, please punish me, Teach me the proper way to show you my love and appreciation. Let me feel your wrath Master when I have been disobedient and let me feel your strap across my bottom, my breasts and my womanhood as you punish me with love. Allow me to feel your hands on what is yours, and yours alone. Let me hear your stern tone as you correct me my Master. I long to be disciplined by you, to be punished by you my Master. I long to feel the love you will show me through your discipline.
Take me;

Master, please take me away, do not leave me here alone without your love, without your discipline. Do not leave me here without your touch. I cannot breathe, nor can I bear the thought of us ever being apart for long. You have taught me things I have never before known. Before you I was nothing, my life was a so boring and blank. You have taught me all I am, you have taught me my place in this world, my place with you and for that my Master I give my life to you.

I live only to serve you, for you are to me, My everything, My friend, My lover, and My Master.
With Love,

Your devoted and obedient Pet

poetry and sex
Posted:May 22, 2008 8:49 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2013 1:00 am

Poetry and sex, those two words go together beautifully
"Sex is an emotion in motion"
Making love feels so good, as feelings turn into words
Words that inspire me and cover these blank pages
Sweet, sensitive touching
Love overwhelms me
My body tingles when he touches it
Cant get enough of it
Emotions erupting, feelings boiling over
Bonding, as two bodies become one
Pleasure, good for the soul
Feeling him inside me...theres no greater feeling
Friction as our bodies touch
Watching him in amazement
Causing me to orgasm
This blank canvas becomes colorful
The work of art complete

1 comment
Everything Between Us
Posted:May 24, 2008 1:26 am
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2012 2:14 pm

The strap falls of my shoulder,
against my gentle skin.
Kiss my neck, feel me breathe,
Release the urge within.

Followed by a bead of sweat,
curving down your chest.
As I'm moving slowly closer,
touching my own breasts.

You look at me like never before,
with a fire in your eyes.
Staring into a love,
where my passion begins to cry.

I want you like no other man,
I've ever had before.
Take me now, take me hard.
Throw me on the floor.

Panting, petting, kissing,
I tremble with your touch.
Let my hand run up your thigh.
Tell me if it's too much.

You have my body aching,
as you slide inside.
I whimper out a sound of joy
matching every glide.

My arms are wrapped around you
clutching to your back.
Roll me over, grab my ass
Baby give it a smack.

I hear you moan with eyes,
far in the back of your head.
Kiss me hard, call me yours
Make me want to spread.

The rhythm grows
I'm in your throws
I simply can't oppose

You're the one I trust
With one last thrust,
Ohhh I feel your gust.

Stay on your knees, enjoy the time
Hold me nice & tight.
Everything between us
Couldn't be more right.

I love you baby
this ones for you!

No Mystery
Posted:Jul 16, 2008 11:07 am
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2011 11:31 pm

You look into my eyes and see things you don't understand.
Am I a mystery? I think not.
You look at my smile;
You search for something that isn't there.
Am I a mystery? I think not.
You listen to my voice, and call me an angel.
This angel is flesh and blood,
Not a doll to be put on show.
You see - I'm not a mystery.
I am me.

I am flesh and blood.
Touch me; I wont break.
There's no mystery here.
Caress me; feel the warmth.
I'm not a mystery; I am Woman.

Here I am - desires abound;
Relentless and sensuous - yours to caress
Like a flower; make me bloom.
Don't stop; not even to rest!
No mystery here; Just a Woman.
I feel the weight of your body against mine;
Your heaving breath upon my skin.
The most gentle touch on my thigh,
The soft nibbling on my breasts -
Moving slowly in a downward motion.
Now you see,
I'm no mystery; I am YOUR Woman.
I am all Woman.

Red Stockings
Posted:Jul 1, 2008 10:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2013 10:59 pm

Red stockings against white satiny skin
Black garters color soft creamy thighs
Nipples erect coloring on loves manipulations
Tender Hands slide, grasp, twitch and play
These eyes drinking deep of musky lust
Beseeching those fingers to play,

On silken legs opening wide
Womanly curves, spreading thighs
Soft velvet folds growing wet
Moans of need escape these lips
Fingers quicker as they fondle
Sliding slipping into passions gate

Breathing quicker whispering yes baby
Slowly entering with throbbing need
Arching my back resonating inside
Reaching for nipples to twist and pulled
Responding to sighs and moans of
Deep� slow� please� please� quicker

Hips Bouncing meeting in measure
Urgently pounding together
Hands squeezing firm bottoms
Rocking down arching up
Screaming to release� release of all
Simultaneous explosion wet rapture

1 comment
Boundaries of Passion
Posted:Jul 1, 2008 10:45 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2011 12:00 pm

Fetishes exchanged
sweet to hard core,
My minds deranged
as I seek a little more.

Spreading petals
far and wide,
warmth settles
on a blazing thigh.

Lips ignite
and bodies explode
bud is so tight
as he gently rode.

Velvet hands
caress ivory skin,
moans fall on demand
as fires erupt within.

A sudden earthquake
to a settling peace;
One at a time, 3 I�ll take
just too simply tease.

A romantic to a
I simply love it all.
Often I will explore
the nature of passion�s call

On my knees
I don�t mind
I love to tease
all various kinds

I love to ride
or strap it on real tight.
Lick a woman inside
to sucking a man to delight!

So either or I love the romance
and within the sheets I�ll play,
pleasure is brought by intimacy�s dance
so in the boundaries of passion I�ll stay.

Surrendering to Your Marks
Posted:Dec 17, 2012 11:55 pm
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2013 9:25 pm

Sweat dripping off
as I restrain
not wanting to let go
of the desire burning
inside of me

Nails digging into
palms as I whisper
softly, "I need you"
and silence-
leaves me comatose.

Emotionally dead
my body reacting
as your lips move in
to mine,
stealing my breath
and I gasp

As teeth leave intentions
down between breasts
until a trail is seen through
misted eyes-
from neck to panty-line
where your tongue
slips under
removing panties, easily.

I try to restrain but
the warmth of your lips
as your tongue
separates me, sliding
deep into my folds
and I tremble,
inside and out as you
feast freely

Moans fought their way
from inside me
as hands guide you in
knowing I have-
surrendered to your mark.

Clit was sucked in,
and your eyes raised
to mine, calling me
Sweat spills as moans
from the pit of
my stomach to my lips
and in the mist
your own sounds peaking
bringing me to
unimaginable heights

"Cum for me!"

we both shouted, repeatedly

You drank hungrily
before rising up
from between trembling
thighs and
showing me your widest grin
and sweetly said thank you!


1 comment
Posted:Dec 17, 2012 11:50 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2013 9:28 am
he looks at me
heat rises within
goosebumps caress
my delicate skin

my face flushes
5 shades of red
thoughts consume
of him on my bed

he winks in sheepish grin
I'm melting
this passion I'm feeling
rising deep, sweltering

captivated by his eyes
the aqua reflects the light
they sparkle with seduction
will he be mine tonight?

I'm burning up
in the moment
my lust just
another component

intensity rises
as he walks past the chair
I'm hopelessly falling
victim to lusts despair

pins electrify flesh
is he mentally watching
me undress
the way I'm watching him?

his arm brushes past
heightening desire
his touch like
liquid fire

my face my skin
hot, burning
heat rises as he moves
it's disconcerting

sits in the vacant seat
can he hear my heart
in its incessant tune
as he jolts it to a start?

his voice, deep,
does he hear my thoughts

the air from his mouth
caresses my neck
I shiver slightly
from breaths effect

where are we up to?
amused, he asks
I can't speak...
in this place

his hand slightly
skims past mine
I'm barely able
to keep myself in line

does he know the
effect he has on me
that I wanna obey
and suffer his conformity?

in a daze I'm dreaming
not paying attention
my libido screaming
travelled to a new dimension

then lips melt into
my nape
this time my body
feels an earth quake

I dare to open eyes
they're filled with lust
I stifle cries
control, a must

the tension between
nerves on edge

My lust for U...
Posted:Dec 17, 2012 11:46 pm
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2012 11:49 pm
All reason expires between your arms,

when you smother me with your passion;

I sink in your every touch

and drown beneath your gaze,

while your voice sings to my senses

as you whisper longingly in my ear,

each syllable is music to my ears

and driving me from hell to heaven and back

in ecstasy; I struggle for breath.

All that's left at the end

is a heat emits of flesh and feelings.

I hang my caution and common sense

and burn in the hell-fire of your passion,

a casualty of devouring lust

that burns every part of me

until all thoughts become extinct

and my reality blends into yours.

The Art Of Lovemaking
Posted:Nov 21, 2012 10:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2012 4:50 am
To completely share yourself with someone with no inhibitions.

Is a trust deep within.

The softest of lips

touch her mouth

her neck

exploring aimlessly

Hands so strong

fingers caressing slowly

down the back

her dress falls to the ground

Pulling his shirt off

running her hands down his chest

the sweet taste of his body

has her longing for more

Brushing her body

she smiles coyly

knowing his desire for her

has completely overwhelmed him

They look at one another

each filled with lustful desires

consumed in one another

their bodies pressed firmly together

Captivated in her beauty

hair flowing over her breasts

skin soft as silk he kisses her

pulling her into a deep embrace

His mouth making love to hers

hands cupping her breasts

softly she moans

incredibly aroused sliding past her derriere

A slight arch of the back

his hands slip down

past her thighs

reaching his destination

Her body quivers

her flesh on fire

her body jerks slightly

biting his lips as her climax is reached

Carrying her to the bed

his libido in over drive

skin to skin

she kisses from his neck down

His desire grows immensely

each piece of skin she kisses

the farther down she travels

anticipation finally reached

His head tilts back slightly

aroused in intense pleasure

a deep moan is heard

pulling her up into a heated kiss

A uncontrollable lust

as they begin the dance

pulling her to his hips

their bodies in sync

A song they both sing

their voices echo into the night

hip to hip pulling her farther in

her nails dig into his back

His thrust firm

her sighs louder longer

as if the planets aligned

he frantically pulls her in deeper

Bearing down in a frenzy

he takes the lead

bodies feverishly aching

pushing sweating uncontrollably

Feeling her essence

as she climaxes frantically

slowing to a steady pace

one last thrust filling the garden of love

Laying together

he looks at her

"what shall we play next time"

she kisses him and grins

The art of lovemaking

between two enjoying each other

bringing fantasies to life

~ Desire~
Posted:Nov 21, 2012 10:02 pm
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2012 4:49 am
I need your touch, want to feel it in my soul

The need's too much, gotta let myself go

to scream your name, as I make your body mine

Let's play the game that has stood the test of time

I've thought all day about the way your body moves

I wanna play, try something different, something new

Don't want the bed, push me down onto the floor

Tonight I'll beg "Give me more, Give me more"

Pull you in close, let your tongue dance with mine

Rip off your clothes, it's almost feeding time

Give me control, let my hands do what they will

Make me moan, give it harder, make me feel

Your body's wet as the heat intensifies

We start to sweat as your hand runs down my thighs

I begin to shake, anticipating every wave

Don't make me wait, tonight I am your slave

1 comment
The Sexiest Thing A Man Can Do
Posted:Nov 21, 2012 9:59 pm
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2012 4:47 am
The sexiest thing a man

Can do to his woman

Is crawl into her mind

And make her imagination

Run completely wild

The sexiest thing a man

Can do to his woman

Is tenderly lean into

Her small delicate ear

And gently whisper secrets

About bodily pleasures

Awaiting her that evening

The sexiest thing a man

Can do to his woman

Is fill her abandoned dreams

With erotic hopes, instead

Completing who she is

Leaving her feeling ecstatic

With nothing other than

Blissful, titillating and splendid

Exquisite womanly pleasures

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