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The Good Samaritan  

dickencider2006 71M
22 posts
2/10/2014 7:59 pm
The Good Samaritan

The road went on ahead and disappeared into the horizon, shimmering from the 90 degree plus heat. The surrounding landscape was moon like, craggy cliffs and outcroppings of different shades and hues. Beautiful, but desolate. My eyes squinting, even through sunglasses, I saw an object in the distance. It looked like it was blocking the road. As i got closer, it was actually off to the side, a car. An older compact Chevy, packed with stuff inside, looked like it was down on one wheel, ahh a flat tire. Beside it, on the passenger side, were two girls, looking at the right front wheel. The jack and lug wrench on the ground next to it. Upon hearing my car approaching, they looked up and began waving and jumping up and down to attract my attention. I hit the brakes and pulled over about a hundred feet ahead of them, then backed up to their car. I got out, cautiously looking around, then approached, asking what was going on and if they needed help. The two girls were in their mid twenties, both blonde. One was wearing a green tank top with a halter underneath and the other a light blue t-shirt, both wore tight shorts and flip flops. They came over and explained they had tried to change the tire but the lug nuts wouldn't budge, they seemed frozen on. I asked if i could give it a try and they nodded, please. Using the scissor jack to raise the car, I tried to loosen the lug nuts, but they were on tight. I managed to loosen two of them but the other three were over tightened. Beads of sweat were dripping from my forehead in the heat, my t-shirt already half soaked. I think we need a breaker bar and I have one in my trunk, I said, going to my car and returning with the bar and socket. The leverage provided by the long bar made quick and easy work of the remaining lugs. I pulled off the tire and replaced it with the spare they had wheeled out of their trunk. Replacing all the lugs and tightening them, wiping my face with my forearm. Whew, its hot, I exclaimed. The entire time, both girls were standing off to a side, to give me room to work. They offered me something to drink and I gladly accepted. Both were so glad I had stopped to help. As i walked back to my car to put my tools back and clean my hands on a rag, I could hear them conferring with each other in hushed tones. Hearing footsteps approach, I turned and blue t-shirt was standing before me, a sheepish smile on her face. She took my hand and led me to the passenger side of my car and opened the door.
She asked me to sit down, my legs outside the car, explaining that they didnt know how to thank me for my help and being short of cash, they drew straws and she pulled the short one. Kneeling down between my legs, she unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled out my cock, her eyes watching my reaction. Kneading and stroking my cock, it sprang to life quickly. The head engorging as she watched me, her other hand cupping my balls as her head bent down and I could feel her tongue flick over my head. Her lips then slid over my cock, engulfing it in a wondrous warmth, I gasped and grabbed the seat as her head bobbed up and down slowly. After several moments she lifted her head and pulled my cock out with a pop, smiling up at me. I reached for her top, pulled it up, revealing her breasts,squeezing and pinching her nipples as she resumed worshiping my cock with her mouth. Sliding her tongue up and down the length and over my balls, taking them in her mouth one at a time. My hips raised up as she went down on me, gagging on my shaft,spittle dripping down my balls as she squeezed them gently. I could feel her tongue swirl over my cockhead, the suction increasing, trying to draw out my seed. Her firm grip on my cock, stroking it into her mouth, letting out little moans, mm what a turn on. Rolling her nipples between my fingers, twisting them, she moaned louder. Glancing over at her friend, she was leaning against their car, watching, biting her lower lip as she gently rubbed her crotch. Blue t-shirt's sucking and stroking was getting more intense, clearly she was intent on making me spill. Feeling her teeth scrape along my shaft, her tongue sliding over and under my head..mmm, fucckk..I moaned out loud. So close to cumming, as she squeezed my balls and pushed her lips down to my pelvic bone..Ohh, that was it..pushing me over the edge, my cock exploded in her mouth. I could hear her gag briefly as she gulped down my loads, spurting and squirting down her throat, her lips sucking mightily, draining and milking me. Bracing myself on the seat,my hips raising upward, deep moans coming from my throat as the last of my cum was sucked from me, my nerve endings screaming with pleasure. Sucking me dry until all that was left was the twitching. Taking my cock, she rubbed it across her pursed lips, her tongue sliding over the eye hole. Kissing it gingerly she sat back on her heels,smiled at me and said thank you. She got up, turned and walked back to her car, where they both waved, got in and drove off, leaving me to wonder what had just happened. After recouperating for a few minutes, I drove off as well, smiling to myself at the recent events, thinking what a great story I have to tell and realizing the girls have a great one too.

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