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The Glory Hole  

dickencider2006 71M
22 posts
3/14/2015 2:15 pm
The Glory Hole

I had always wondered about it, a glory hole. Just the name had a certain danger to it, an uncertainty, a filthy, yet thrilling connotation. So when the opportunity to take part in one came up, I jumped at the chance. A private party, with their own glory hole, gotta love that.
There was a nice mix of people by the time I arrived, about 20 people in all, relaxing drinking and laughing. Laps being sat on, necks being nibbled, bodies being groped, while music thumped in the back ground. The women dressed in their most revealing lingerie certainly set the tone. I wondered how this glory hole was being set up and it turned out to be quite simple. A large patterned, fabric sheet, with approximately 4 inch diameter holes cut in it, about waist height, spaced about two feet apart, was strung across part of a room. Pillows on the floor on one side, in front of each hole. The lighting was low and reddish, to cast a mood of sorts.
So the call to begin the glory hole was made and the men partaking eagerly aligned themselves behind a hole, including myself. We looked at each other, grinning. I was nervous with anticipation as I stripped down and poked my semi hard cock through the hole, my breathing was rapid, the air cool on my cock. I could see a blurred shadow on the other side of the sheet, and heard a low moan and gasp of approval seconds before I felt a soft warm hand caress my hardening shaft, slide down it's length and come to rest under my balls, grasping them firmly. I gasped loudly as a warm, wet sensation followed quickly, engulfing my head, holding it there, tasting, the lips holding my tip between them, feeling it throb and twitch, and swell, getting a sense of its girth. The one hand cupping my balls, massaged gently and tugged, as the lips slowly slid down the shaft to my pelvic bone. She held there again, her patience was amazing, my cock had grown rock hard very quickly in her mouth. Her lips slid back to the tip and I felt her tongue tip swirl over the top part of my sensitive head, then underneath and then through the pee hole, thoroughly covering every millimeter of my nerve endings.
I could feel her tongue slithering over my shaft and flicking at my balls, swirling over them one at a time, then sucking each one into her mouth and then releasing. The soft wet lips began to slide up and down in a rythmn, not too fast and not too slow either. The balls being tugged in that same rythmn. The feeling was wonderful, my heart beat loudly in my ears, my chest heaving as I concentrated solely on my cock and it's delicious tormentor. Teeth raked along my shaft sending shivers along my spine, then my head felt the teeth gently scraping, Ohhh I moaned out loud. I tried to settle my legs down as they began to jitter slightly. I could feel precum seeping from me by this time. My mystery fellatrix was no stranger to a cock and had impressive skills, I thought to myself. As her other hand grasped my cock and stroked it into her mouth, I noticed it was very wet. It puzzled me momentarily, then I realized she had been fingering herself as she sucked me. Her moist lips and firm grip momentarily stopped and left me. The blurred shadow moved behind the sheet, then I again felt her hand on my cock, this time stroking the end over a very wet and soft spot, then smacking the shaft on that same spot. Then I felt a wet heat slide over my shaft as a body pushed up against my thighs and hips. I pushed back as hard as I could, realizing I was fucking her now, as she had bent over for me. Not being able to hold her hips, I just stood there and braced myself for each of her thrusts, making sure they went deep each time. Our bodies worked in unison as she grunted and moaned her pleasure with each thrust as it filled her. Slowly she worked my shaft, letting me feel her muscles contract purposefully on my cock, displaying her skills to me.
The excitement was intoxicating, pushing me closer to eruption. Once again there was a brief pause, and the heat of her pussy was replaced by a familiar sensation, as I could feel her lips draw on me with a firm steady pull. The suction was amazingly strong as I felt her hand stroking me with an urgency, all the while, I could hear her moans intensify.The tongue teased and slid over me, flicking and licking me like an erotic lollipop. I was very close now, only a few more strokes and I would explode, my legs were wavering as she pulled on me vigorously until finally my orgasm washed over me. I wailed loudly as my cum was ejected deep into her throat, I could hear her gulping and moaning with me, as jet after jet of sticky cum slid down her throat. Arching my back and squeezing my eyes shut, I was lost in the sensation the assault on my nerve endings gave me. She pumped and pumped, I was drained and yet she continued momentarily, the sensitivity was excruciating as she wouldn't let go and continued her quest for every drop of my cum. My hips tried to pull away, but she held fast, one hand cupping and squeezing my balls, massaging my taint with a finger and the other stroking my cock, engulfing it with her mouth. Sensing my pleasure being pushed to the limit, she gradually relented, my breathing calming down as she released me. I stepped back with a big grin on my face, legs trembling and my entire being flushed. Once I sat down, relaxation over came every inch of my body.
I wanted to find out who this amazingly skilled woman was, but never did, although, as I left the party later that night, I did notice a woman casting me a lingering glance and I'm positive I saw a flick of her tongue cross her lips.

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