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The Foursome  

dickencider2006 71M
22 posts
9/20/2014 11:11 am
The Foursome

We sat inside, looking intently at the front door of the small eatery, waiting for the couple we were to play with that evening. Our instructions were not to make contact, just have a look and see If we liked what we saw. The woman wasn't to see us or notice us. People came and went,..nope, not them,...not them either. A pair arrived and walked past us, a slight nod from the man, and we knew it was them. After they were seated, I walked past their table on the way to the Mens room and got a brief look at her. Blonde, attractive, tall, nice figure, could be an interesting evening I thought to myself. My friend Al and I definitely approved, finished our beers and left to set up his 'love nest', in preparation for the couples arrival. Along the way he disclosed the basic premise for tonight. It was her birthday, and a foursome was to be her present. She was to be blindfolded the entire night, never to see our faces, even after we finished playing. The husband, Mark, had planned the evenings festivities with a musical theme he had carefully prepared.
With a knock at the door, they had arrived, and of course, Carol was blindfolded, wearing a low cut blouse and form fitting jeans, she looked casual and trendy and very sexy. Lovely ass, I thought. We introduced ourselves and got her settled and seated, we each kissed her sensuously, feeling her hungry mouth, soft lips and her probing tongue. She was a great kisser and I could tell she was excited. The music was on and we pulled her to her feet, we swayed gently with her, Al and I, her hips grinding playfully into each of us. My pants began to tighten as my bulge grew, and I let her know it by grinding back. We caressed her body, squeezing her breasts, running our hands over her hips and ass, sliding hands under clothing, massaging her warm willing flesh. She reached for my crotch, rubbing her hand over my bulge, moaning her approval. Her jeans were pulled down and removed, as well as her top, panties and shoes. Lovely breasts came into view, eager for attention, as we were told she liked her nipples and breasts played with. Al and I each took turns with her front and then her back. Licking, massaging, and sucking her breasts, her nipples hard and excited by now. Sliding hands over her moist pussy slit, fingers disappearing into the wet folds. Mark watched as we tended to her, savoring her pleasure. Tequila shots were called for, and she loved them off her tits. We limed her nipples and downed the shots, then licked and sucked the tartness deliciously off her breasts and nipples as she moaned and squirmed with delight. Mark leaned in to kiss and fondle her, asking how she liked her present so far. Love it! was her reply. Now it was our turn, she said. Blindly she limed our chests and licked and sucked us clean, her warm tongue roaming and exploring. She lingered at my nipple, tongue swirling over it, I whispered ' You can bite, if you like' , which she did, sending a jolt to my crotch, exciting my hard cock even more. We continued to sway with the music, groping and feeling her soft, smooth skin, exploring this gorgeous sexy woman.
Mark brought out one of her birthday presents, a leather collar and matching wrist restraints, which were promptly put to use, as we spread eagled Carol by the arms. I was excited by the fact she was at our mercy. All three of us tongued and kissed and fingered her as she moaned helplessly.
Her arms getting tired, we unfastened her and sat her on the couch, letting her recover. Carol's legs were stretched out in front of her, as Mark moved between them, head bowed, licking her, warming her up for us. Al then took over, pushing her knees to her chest and leaning in to taste her pussy. His head bobbed as her hand slid through his hair, moaning softly at first, 'Yes, yes, there...ohhh..a bit slower..mmm, ohh, up more, higher..yesss'. I sat next to her, caressing her thighs, moving to her breasts and shoulders, leaning in to kiss her neck and earlobes. Her body trembled and quivered as Al devoured her so deliciously. He and I switched positions, and I began where he had left off, leaving me with a wet, swollen, delightfully tortured pussy. I started out slowly, light flicks of the tongue, tasting her sweet nectar. Gradually I increased the pressure and speed and buried my tongue deep, sucking in her juices. Lapping at her honey pot, I could hear her breathing quicken again and her moans grow louder. I concentrated on her pussy lips, sucking them between my lips, tugging them gently, then using my tongue tip, I licked the alphabet on her pinkness as I spread her lips apart with my fingers. By this time, both her hands were on the back of my head, urging me on, her clit tortured mercilessly as her hips were grinding on my mouth. I heard a click and saw a flash, ahh Mark taking pictures, I thought to myself.
She called time, so as to catch her breath, her naughty bits were getting too sensitive. A good thing, I needed a breather too. Once sufficiently recovered, we laid her on the mattress covering the floor, so she would be more comfortable and accessible for us all. Al was situated above her head, I was beside her, and Mark on the other side of her. Carol reached up for Al's cock and began stroking it. Not wanting to be left out, I took her hand and guided it to my cock, instinctively she began stroking it hard. Mark smiled at her, as he buried his fingers in her wet pussy. Carol's breasts were kneaded and pinched as she jerked us, her mouth found Al's cock and she sucked on it hungrily, moaning from her throat. Pausing momentarily, she said she wanted us to cum on her tits, she loved cum on her tits..her voice had a pleading tone to it. ' Pleassse' she said, drawing out the word. It was such a turn on, feeling so excited, I accommodated her request. 'I'll cum on your tits', I said, as she blindly jerked my cock. I had to point her hand to her torso, so as not to hit any innocent bystanders. I squirted several big loads over her, as she squealed with delight, feeling the warm liquid running over her tits, taking my cock and smearing the tribute all over herself. She then took me in her mouth and sucked mightily to get the last drops. I could feel her exquisite suction as she cleaned me, my sensitive head screaming with pleasure. As she released me, I sat back, thinking how hot this was, seeing her being pleasured by us three.
I left the room briefly, and returned to find Al and Carol had switched positions into a classic 69. She face sat him, rocking her hips, as she took his cock down her throat, devouring it hungrily. Switching again, Carol rode Al's thick cock, facing him, her hips slamming it deep, moaning. Mark moved over to stick his cock in her mouth. I caressed her tits as she took him in, sucking and stroking as Al's cock filled her pussy. Moments later she took both their loads, enjoying her hot liquid rewards as the two guys moaned loudly.
As the music neared its end, we slowed down and composed ourselves, rested, grinned. We had a final toast to the evening, kissed her sensuously and began to get dressed. In each one of us, all of our senses were swimming, none of us wanted it to end, but we knew it had to. This was the sensational, overwhelming feeling associated with such play, that can't quite be duplicated with one on one play. It's just so different.
After the usual search for clothing articles, and packing up, Mark thanked us and led Carol, still blindfolded, out the door and whisked her home. As the door closed, Al and I looked at each other, grinning, 'Now THAT, was a good night!' I said.

40BATS 54F
197 posts
9/24/2014 7:04 pm

That was so damn HAWT!!! I so wish I was her. But I thank you for sharing the experience.

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