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dickencider2006 71M
22 posts
2/10/2014 8:04 pm

We wandered along the aisles and racks separately, occasionally reaching out to feel the material of shirts or slacks or whatever struck our eye. I pulled a shirt from its rack and held it up against me and said over to my lady friend,"What do you think?" She looked up and after a second, nodded her approval, and I laid it over my arm with the other shirt and a pair of jeans I was going to try on. Having gone through the department and finding nothing more, we met at the entrance to the fitting rooms, the attendant checked how many items and unlocked the door, then went about her duties of straightening up the shelves. Looking around quickly, I pushed my companion into the change room and shut the door,. She gave me a wide eyed 'what the heck' look, then a smile slowly appeared as it just registered with her. I put my finger to my lips and shushed her, whispering, 'we have to make this quick'. There was a mirror on the wall and a shelf to sit on, in front of it. I motioned for her to step up and coincidentally her crotch was even with my face. I smiled up at her as my hands went up under her skirt and hooked my fingers inside her panties and pulled them down to her mid thigh. She spread her feet apart as i lifted the skirt and nibbled her inner thighs, licking and kissing, my hot breath flowed over her thighs.I could hear her moan softly, as my tongue slid along her quickly moistening slit, her hips and legs began to quiver. She braced her arms against the partition walls on either side, biting her bottom lip, her eyes closed. My warm hands slid up her thighs, circled around and cupped her firm ass, pulling her hips towards me as I licked deeper and with purpose. My nose was buried against her pubic bone as my tongue lapped and laved, probing and licking her wet hole. Her hips wriggled on my face, grinding and sliding back and forth on my mouth. My fingers dug into her cheeks as I devoured her now dripping pussy, the juices running down my chin. With my head bobbing up and down, I paused to look up at her, she was in her own nirvana, arms braced, her eyes squeezed shut and an exquisite look of pleasure on her face as her hips moved and gyrated, like some ultra sensual go-go dancer.
From behind me I suddenly heard a voice, 'Everything fitting ok in there, Sir?', I stopped, my heart raced, it was the attendant checking on me. I replied,'Yes, fine so far'. I wondered if she knew, knew we were BOTH in here, gawd it made it even more exciting. I looked up at my friend and saw the look of terror on her face, I grinned. We waited a second till the attendant was gone, then continued. Her juices were sweet tasting, and her pussy was soft and hot as my tongue swirled over her prominently swollen clit, sucking it between my lips and grazing my teeth over it. I could feel her hand on the back of my head, urging me into her, wanting more of the good feeling I was giving her. I slid two fingers up inside her, curling the fingertips and hitting her g-spot as I licked and sucked. Her legs were trembling now, from her throat I heard a muffled grunt as she came, her hips grinding furiously, her pussy wanting more. I moaned quietly as I drank in her release.
She hadn't caught her breath yet, when I pulled her down and took her place. Pausing momentarily to pull her panties on, she reached up and unbuckled my bulging pants, pulling them down along with my briefs. I stood over her, looking down as she took my already hard cock in her soft hand and began slowly stroking it, while her other hand fanned out over my hips as she mewled over her prize. Her mouth was extraordinary, her tongue warm and soft as it slid over my engorged sensitive head, making sure to explore the pee hole and underside of the head, then sliding down the shaft, nipping with her teeth. My breathing increased quickly as she began her ministrations. My world at that moment was centered on how she was making me feel. I could barely contain myself. Her lips engulfed me as she took it deep, her nose grazing my belly. Cupping my balls in one hand, squeezing gently, her head bobbed up and down, holding my cock as if the balls were a handle. It didn't take long for my legs to tremble, I was close. Without warning and muffling a grunt, I exploded deep into her throat, wave after wave of hot cum. Gagging briefly as she struggled to swallow, she caught her rythmn and began to milk me, pumping me as she did so. I could feel the suction of her lips, drawing the cream right out of me as it came so willingly. My cock pulsed and twitched as she drained me of all my juices, licking the end with a flourish when she was done. Stepping down, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, tasting the residue of my cum. We smiled at each other.
Buckling my pants up, I opened the door a crack to see where the attendant was situated. No sign of her as I stepped out with the un-tried-on items on my arm, waving my companion out of the change room just before the attendant looked up from a pile of t-shirts she was refolding and straightening. Smiling as I approached her I said, 'Sorry, none of these fit' as I dropped them next to her pile. She replied with a ' No problem, have a great day', and we left holding hands, giggling all the way out the store. On the street, my friend said with a grin, "Ok, what's next on the list? Dinner?"

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