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Clicking Heels  

dickencider2006 71M
22 posts
5/28/2015 2:09 pm
Clicking Heels

What's that noise? Is that clicking? Oh Jesus, she's coming back! I could hear the click of her heels on the concrete floor getting louder. My heart started racing and I began to get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. As the clicking was getting closer, I tried in vain to wriggle out of my bindings. Ughh useless. I could smell her perfume wafting into my nostrils as she walked briskly into the room. It gave me a Pavlovian response of just wanting to wretch. She addressed me in that sarcastic, acerbic tone, with an underlying meanness to it. I could feel her hands fuss over my blindfold, making sure it was still securely in place. As she moved about, I could feel the air move across my naked body, giving a cooling effect. But it was to be short lived.
She was speaking to me, but I honestly was paying more attention to the firm object she was running down my arms and torso and across my chest. I felt a smack and a millisecond later the sting of pain on my chest. Ouch! The heat began radiating across my pectoral muscle. Barely processing the thought, the other side of my chest felt the same smack and hot pain. Oww! Gritting my teeth and trying not to vocalize, as she had warned me earlier, it would get worse if I did.
Ohh no,no..I could feel this object she was using, a prod or a crop of some sort, tracing over my lower belly and between my spread eagled thighs, teasing my soft, flaccid cock and balls, flip flopping my cock from side to side, lifting my balls with it, then sliding along the inner thighs. My legs began to tremble as I was bracing myself for what I knew was surely to come. Smack! Smack! Smack!..I flinched hard and strained against my restraints...arrrghh, the pain was sudden and excruciating on my inner thighs, oh so close to my balls. Instantly the heat radiated down my leg. I could feel the prod moving below my knee to my ankle and then cross over to the other leg and up, caressing in a menacing way. My chest was heaving as I was taking in deep breaths.
There was a pause, I couldn't hear what she was doing, then I felt something warm and soothing glide over my skin. Her hand was lightly massaging my chest and inner thighs, grazing my balls and cock. I grew alarmed, as I felt aroused my her grazing hands. Intentional I'm sure. I couldn't help it. She noticed and mockingly remarked about it, then began to focus on my slowly hardening cock. Her hands were expert and in no time had me erect and hard, smacking it with her palm, in derision. She cupped my balls and tugged hard as I writhed and tried to muffle my cry of pain. The implement she used on me returned, I could feel her threatening my cock with it. Sliding it up and down the shaft, over my balls, gently tapping them as I squirmed uncomfortably. The swollen cock head felt the object as well. I was biting my lips, hoping she wouldn't hit that part of me.
I felt her pull on my balls, my foreskin pulled down tight, as her other hand began to slowly slide up and down my cock. One part of my brain said it felt good, while the other part of my brain dreaded what was to come. Her hand twisted over my swollen head as she reached the top and slid back down. Sometimes, when she reached the top, she just kept rubbing the head in her slick palm, before sliding back down the shaft. My body twitched and lurched. I moaned uncontrollably. She teased me with the prod, while stroking me. Ran it over my nipples, then my chin and lips. I was even more nervous now, my palms clammy. She smacked me a few more times, on my hips and outer sides of my thighs. Each time the heat radiated over me and my erection collapsed. She chastised me for it, prodding me and each time, soothed me with her lubed hands working my cock to hardness again. Then she commanded me to cum for her. Her firm grip on my cock moved up and down, slowly to start, then increased speed as she taunted me in her sarcastic voice. I could feel the pressure building up as I wanted to release, but she teased me and eased off just at the right moment, precum streaming down my shaft. Then to the brink, again and again, my breathing was loud and my body writhed within the confines of my restraints. I couldn't stand it any more and I let go. Loads of cum squirting from my cock, ahh sweet release...but no, no, noooo..oh fuck, she wasn't stopping. She was laughing, as my body began to buck. Her tone torturous. Urging me to cum some more, 'Come on you've got more, don't you hold out on me', she said.
The nerve endings in my cock head were on fire and soo sensitive, but she kept on stroking and working my head. It was a different kind of pain, a cross between pain and pleasure, more pain than pleasure, a paradox, to be sure. I cried out and my body lurched and bucked uncontrollably as she leaned in to take my tortured cock in her mouth. At this point I could barely feel anything, I was numb, I had a vague sensation of her sucking me, but my mind was spinning and I couldn't tell one sensation from another. I could feel a slight welling up inside me and felt another discharge, however large or small, I had no idea. She paused to tell me how pleased she was, but kept stroking and licking me for what seemed like eons. It felt like my entire being was one huge nerve ending on fire. I couldn't stop wriggling and jerking until well after she stopped. I was huffing and puffing like I'd just run a four minute mile. Beads of sweat ran down my face and neck. My mind slowly calmed down as did my body. She traced my torso one more time with the prod and said that I was a 'good boy' and she'd be back in a while. I could hear the clicking of her heels as they disappeared in the distance. For now.

40BATS 54F
197 posts
6/1/2015 8:09 pm

. Oh my!!!

2bjust4me 65F
8 posts
8/16/2015 10:19 pm

Love your writting. read my blog and let me know what you think

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