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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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The Workout
Posted:Feb 10, 2014 7:55 pm
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2021 5:04 pm

Her heart was pounding and her breathing deep and labored, sweat pouring off her. Seven, eight, nine, ten...ugghh. She dropped the dumbbells and bent over, hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath, her muscles burning. Just a little ways to go, almost done, she thought. Walking it off, resting before the next set, she looked in the mirror, liking what she saw, gratified to see all this hard work paying off.
It was late, about an hour before the gym closes. She was one of a handful of people left, as she looked around. Her and four guys. A couple of them were cute, she thought. As she went about her workout, she had noticed earlier, at some point, each one of the guys glancing at her, watching her workout. It was flattering, she thought to herself and yet such a guy thing to gawk. With the last rep squeezed from her muscles, she wiped down the bench she had used and headed to the change room, only to be greeted with a sign that said "Showers out of Order'. Grrr, just my luck, she thought, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Heading to the front desk, and enquiring, she was assured she could use the Men's facility.The employee would inform the guys to wait until she was finished before entering.
Satisfied, she went back to the locker room, gathered her things and headed over to the Men's shower. Finally an old curiosity was put to rest for her, what DID the Men's shower room look like? she had always wondered. Now she knew. Disappointed, it was no different than the Ladie's, just one big, tiled room with multiple shower heads. Stripping off the sweaty gym gear in the locker room and wrapping a towel around herself, she headed to the shower. Hanging up her towel she picked a shower head, turned on the tap, tested the water temperature and moved under it. The warm spray was soo relaxing she thought, just standing there, letting the water pound against her, it almost felt like a massage. Slowly turning herself, enjoying the sensation of the water pelting her. Seemed like she stood there for ages. She reached for her soap and began lathering herself, her skin and aching muscles beginning to feel better as the soap was rinsed off. Her hands slid over her smooth shaven mound, tight firm belly, then over her firm, medium sized breasts. Shampooing her hair, eyes closed to keep out the soap, she turned her back to the door way, when she felt hands on her waist. Strong hands. Man hands.
She gasped, realizing she was not alone. Before she could form another thought she was pushed up against the tiled wall, water cascading over her, her eyes burning from the soap as she tried to see, blinking frantically. A naked body was pressed against her, pinning her. Hands began roaming over her body, along her ribs and hips, down her thighs, between her legs and over her belly to her breasts. She tried to cry out, but nothing came out of her mouth. She felt a growing hardness pressed against her ass, as a hand cupped her cheek and squeezed. Lips nibbled at her neck and ear. A sinking, sick feeling sat in her stomach, and yet she was having other feelings, confusing feelings, messages from her brain telling parts of her body to respond, but not in the ways she thought.
The hands pulled her hips back, away from the wall, then pushing her torso forward. Bending at the waist, she braced her hands against the tiles. Her legs were kicked apart and she could feel the hardness grinding against her.The hand at the back of her neck keeping her bent over. Her mind was spinning, all she could hear was the splash of the water from the shower. A mix of fear and something she couldnt quite identify, filled her. As the grinding became harder, a thought shot through her mind,..its not uncomfortable..what? where did that come from? it feels good..what? she began to panic at the rogue thoughts. Imperceptibly to her, her hips began to push back slightly and rotate against what surely was a hard cock.
What? did i just do that? Her mind was reeling at the though of her body and mind betraying her incrementally. Part of her was saying 'no,no,no,' while another part was undermining her and saying, 'mmmm its kinda nice'. Like some kind of battle being waged inside her, both mental and physical, a battle she was slowly losing. The physical would always betray the mental.
She could feel the thick, hard cock slide between her pussy lips, slowly pushing in, she cried out, just a croaky sound came out this time. It was filling and stretching her, her hips ground back against him, her mind saying no, but her body saying otherwise. Feeling him drawback and thrust deep again,his pelvis pressed against her cheeks,holding there, letting her feel his girth and the pulsing throb of his cock. He began to pump her in a steady rythmn, her cheeks and breasts jiggling with every thrust. Much to her shock, she began to enjoy it, moving with him. Slowly he moved her along the wall, several feet away from the shower. As she was being ravaged, looking down, she noticed off to one side, a series of holes in the tile, about waist high. The holes were about four inches in diameter and two feet apart, roughly. As she was trying to digest the purpose of the holes, suddenly a hard cock appeared through the closest one. Was she seeing things? A growl from behind her said 'Go ahead'. Doing as she was told, she grasped the hot, hard cock and began stroking it. An urge to take it in her mouth overcame her and she slid her lips over it. Her tongue swirled over the swollen head, sliding in the peehole and down the underside of the veiny cock. Tasting precum, she slid it deep into her throat, her lips almost touching the tiled wall. Bobbing her head up and down, trying to concentrate, as she was being filled from behind, fingers pried apart her cheeks and began to tease and rub her rim. Pressure being applied, as she felt a finger push past her defenses and begin to ream her ass. A muffled cry came from her throat as she was being violated in all her holes. A second cock appeared in the next hole over. Reaching for it, she began to stroke it as well. Lust had taken over, no coherent thoughts could be formed. She surrendered to the physical. Being slammed from behind, she alternated sucking each cock, trying to please each one. Finally the first one began to quiver and twitch between her lips and she could tell he was about to cum. She was surprised with what force he ejaculated into her mouth, warm salty, sticky cum, spurt after spurt. Gulping and swallowing as fast as she could, her hand stroking every drop from the anonymous donor. Sucking the entire length, she licked the end as she finished, then moved on to the second cock. Sliding her tongue over the shiny head, teasing its length up and down before taking it between her lips. Saliva dripping from her mouth, she raked her teeth over the shaft and gently over the sensitive head. She felt him pull back, but he stayed for more. Bobbing her head up and down, a third cock appeared at the next hole. Instinctively she grabbed for it, tugging. By this time, so turned on, she reached between her legs to rub her swollen clit and squeeze the balls of the man fucking her. The slapping sounds from behind her grew louder as he picked up the pace, hitting her pussy walls from all angles and randomly slapping her ass. Cock number two took a bit longer, but he too succumbed to her expert lips, surprising her, as he sprayed her face unexpectedly with huge loads of cum. With the previous tributes dripping from her chin and forehead, she concentrated on the third cock. Noticing it was uncut, she pulled on it so that his balls rested outside the hole. It was entirely exposed, cock, balls and all. Holding his shaft, she licked his tight sack and balls, rubbing her lips over them, sucking them into her mouth one at a time, they felt huge. Then, she slid her tongue up and down the entire length of his cock, first the underside, then each side, licking it like a big, thick, sexy lollipop. Her tongue tip slid over the end of his cock sliding under the foreskin, slowly peeling it back, revealing the shiny head. Warm, wet lips enveloped it and slid down to the base, holding it there, as she hummed deep in her throat, sending tingling vibrations through his shaft. Cupping his balls in her hand, gently squeezing and tugging as her lips rode up and down his rod. He too spilled his seed, in large volumes, gushing into her mouth as she gulped it down, his cum tasting sweeter than the others, she noticed. Applying more suction, she felt the cum being drawn through his shaft, finishing with a final swirl of the end. All three cocks had disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared.
Looking back at the first assailant,unable to get a good look at him, still pumping and fingering her, she pushed back against him. He pulled his cock from her abused pussy, her juices dripping from the swollen end, and slid it over her rim, slowly pushing it in as he spread her cheeks apart. Thrusting immediately, his hips rocking back and forth, slamming into her cheeks, she grimaced as her ass was being stretched, pushing back against him to minimize the discomfort, as he impaled her. After what seemed like an eternity she heard him grunt loudly and felt him spasm hot loads of cum into her depths. Squirting loads of warm, sticky, white cum, his thrusting continued until he drained himself, withdrew, pushed her aside and disappeared, leaving her on the wet floor. Picking herself up off the floor, not sure, not comprehending what just happened, left with a strange mix of disgust and shame and a satisfied inner lust. Stepping under the shower again, washing off the cum and her own juices, the warm water easing a bit of the tension in her body. Trying to rationalize the event and her confused and conflicted feelings. Grabbing the towel from the hook, wrapping herself in it and tip toeing to the locker room to gather her things and change. All the while looking out for her assailant. Dressing quickly,she walked out, gym bag over her shoulder, and at the front desk were the four guys from earlier in the evening, smiling, wishing her a good night.
The Meet
Posted:Feb 10, 2014 7:52 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2024 12:16 am

We had been chatting for months, getting comfortable with each other and decided we should meet. I incorporated the meeting with a tourist trip. We decided to meet in the bar of my hotel. I showed up 10 minutes early, chose a table where i could see the entrance and waited. I felt as nervous as a on a first date. She walked through the door on time and i recognized her immediately. I got up and walked towards her, arms open, a big smile on both our faces. A big hug ensued, ending with a kiss on the cheek. She was much more attractive than her pictures, i couldnt stop looking at her. We seated ourselves, ordered a drink and a bite to eat. Conversation flowed, covering my trip so far and how she was doing at work. As we talked, her arm lay on the table, my hand resting on it, still not believing she was here. After a time, there was a lull in the conversation, we looked at each other, and i said ' shall we go up to my room?'. Without hesitation she agreed, smiling. Gathering our things we headed for the elevator and once on the lift, she turned to me and kissed me softly on the lips until the door opened on my floor. Walking down the hall, arm in arm, we entered the room and settled in.
It was a tidy looking room, a couch, padded chair, table, floor lamp, queen bed, small bathroom, all tastefully decorated. I hung her coat across a chair, her large hand bag sat on the carpeted floor. We stood facing each other and kissed, holding one another. She began to undress me as we kissed, her hands went to unbutton my shirt, running her smooth warm palms across my chest before moving to unbuckle my trousers.My shirt is tossed on the floor as my trousers join them. I was left wearing a pair of sexy tight black briefs i had bought just for the occasion. She undressed in front of me as i sat on the edge of the bed.My bulge growing as i watched. Her bra unclasped and her breasts tumbled out, leaving her in a pair of black panties and black mesh pullup stockings. Kneeling in front of me, pushing my knees apart, her arms resting on my thighs, looking up at me, smiling. The outline of my shaft was evident through the tight fabric. She leaned in and put her lips on my crotch, i could feel her hot breath on my cock as she slid her lips up and down the length. Slowly she rolled the briefs down, exposing just the swollen head of my cock. Her tongue flicked and licked the underside and top, swirling over the entire surface.My hips wriggled as i gasped, the feeling was exhilarating. She paused and looked up as she rolled the briefs down even further. My hard shaft was totally exposed to her. I felt her working her way from the bottom, up the underside and over the top with her tongue and lips,engulfing just the head, sucking on it, the tongue tip sliding in the pee hole. Her lips then slid down all the way, her nose up against my pelvic bone. Ohhh, i gasped as i watched her engulf my shaft and then slide back up. Stopping to look up at me, she grinned, and continued, up and down in a steady rythmn as she squeezed my balls through the fabric. Watching her head bob up and down, the slurping noises and her moaning were such a turn on, pushing me closer to the brink.I lay back on my elbows, watching her worship my cock, my head falling back, eyes closed as i was getting closer and closer to cumming. Finally no longer able to hold on, my legs began to tremble as i cried out her name and came in her mouth, jets and spurts of hot cum being sucking into her throat, her moaning as loud as mine. Her hand stroking every last drop from me, finishing me off with a flourish as she licked the last cum from my tip. Smiling up at me, she said ' was that worth the trip?' I grinned and croaked out a weak response, 'yes'. We kissed and i could taste my cum on her lips.
I moved up on the bed and made room for her to lie next to me. We cuddled and nuzzled, caressed and giggled like two school .I admired her body as she lay there next to me. Knowing i couldnt help myself, i kissed her softly and slowly, sensuously tracing my tongue around her lips. Her lips parted and let my tongue probe and play with hers as my hand slid down her torso, between her legs, cupping and rubbing her through the panties.They became wet very quickly, so i slid my hand inside them, my fingers running over her smooth mound, fingers slipping between her moist lips. Her legs parted willingly as she moaned. My lips had made their way down her soft throat and neck to her upper chest and then to her breasts, licking and sucking. Nipping her hard nipples with my teeth, grazing them, biting gently while tugging them. Tongue tip swirling over the ends, lips sucking them hard. Moving from one to the other while my fingers burrowed deep into her pussy, fingertips curling and hitting her g-spot, pumping her. Her hips were bucking against my hand, juices were flowing, the sheets quickly soaked. I could tell she was reaching a crescendo as she suddenly cried out and simultaneously gushed over my hand. Her hips wriggling and lurching, tremors wracking her body, then slowly subsiding. Her breath was deep and heavy and as she calmed down, i moved between her legs and began to lick and clean her mound, tasting her juices, sliding my tongue over and around her pussy folds. My tongue on her swollen, sensitive clit made her gasp and moan as her hips jerked. Looking up at her, she was in a state of delirium, eyes glassy, and mesmerized, legs splayed open for me. I finished up without being overly torturous, her moans and her hand on my head told me she enjoyed it.
I layed back with her as we both dozed off.
I awoke with the feeling of something rubbing me, my cock, specifically. I felt her hand gently massaging me to a semi erect state. Leaning over to kiss her and tweak her nipples, a deep moan escaped from her throat. Rolling on top of her, my hips grinding into hers as we kissed, her legs wrapping around my waist, pulling me in. I whispered if she had brought what i had asked her to and she nodded toward her bag. I got up off of her and pulled what i was looking for from the bag. I shook the scarves out and began to tie her wrists to each corner of the bed. An extra pillow went under her hips. I lay between her legs, pushing them apart. Slowly kissing and licking her inner thighs, gently nipping her skin. Her hips wriggled with anticipation as she strained against the scarves. My tongue began to lave and slide closer to her mound, licking then flicking, finally gliding along her wet slit. Pushing the tip between her folds, burrowing deeper, persistantly licking, as her hips bucked upwards to meet my mouth. My lips closed over her swollen clit, sucking it hard, pushing the hood back with my tongue tip, then swirling over the sensitive nub. She moaned loudly and her head thrashed from side to side on the pillow. I looked up and saw her chest heaving, breasts rising and falling, nipples erect. Reaching for them and squeezing as my mouth pressed against her pussy. I twisted her nipples hard before letting go of her breasts. Juices were dripping from my chin as i rose from between her thighs, a wet spot widening on the sheets again. Moving closer to her and holding my cock, rubbing the end over her swollen pussy lips, coating it. Slowly parting her lips with my thickness, sinking in an inch or two then back out, finally sinking in deep, grinding all the way in and holding it there, her legs pushed wide apart.A low moan uttered from her mouth as i filled her tight pussy, stretching it. I could feel her muscles gripping my shaft, trying to push out the invader, but to no avail. Accepting the inevitable, the resistance fell and she took me in. Withdrawing and shoving back in, over and over, each time with less resistance. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust as i smiled at her, my cock glistening each time it came out. I turned and twisted her hips over, so that one thigh crossed over the other.Swollen pussy folds exposed as i plunged deep into her wetness again, resting my hands on her hip and smacking her ass cheek. I could tell from her tense body that she was close to orgasm, as was i. Ramming her faster, impaling her on my raging thick cock, she moaned loud and steady, gasping ' cum with me, i want you to cum with me.' Barely having uttered those words,she gushed over me, wailing loudly. I followed seconds later, exploding cum deep inside her, squirting over and over, draining my seed, being milked by her pussy. Our bodies seething with heat and desire, tremors slowly subsiding as i collapsed on her. Releasing her wrists from the scarves, she wrapped her arms around me and we kissed passionately. Our breathing returned to normal as we fell asleep, entwined in each others limbs.
And that was just the first of several intense evenings.
Old Metal
Posted:Feb 10, 2014 7:49 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2024 12:16 am

I caught her looking at me from the other end of the bar, eyes met and she smiled. I took that as an invitation and walked over to her. We began chatting, it came easily. I stood next to her as we spoke, glancing down at her crossed legs in the short skirt. My stirring crotch pressed against her thigh as I leaned in to listen to her. Her fragrance was light and enticing. Drinking and laughing, the night went on.
We danced close and slow when the band came on, hips grinding into each other, fitting perfectly. Lips millimeters apart, but not touching, oh so sensual. Her hot breath across my lips as our eyes searched each others, daring the other to make the first move. I suggested we leave, taking her by the hand and making our way to the parking lot out back. We found the car,(a Pontiac from the early '60's) in a dimmer part of the lot, stopped and kissed, deep and with passion. She whispered, 'take me here,'. I pushed her up against the fender, pressing into her, letting her know the bulge in my crotch was serious. I kissed her hard and my lips made their way to her soft neck.her hips grinding back. Pulling her to the front of the car, she layed back on the expansive hood, the chrome hood ornament near her hip. Her legs were partially raised, as I slid her skirt up, noticing for the first time she was pantyless. Frantically unfastening my pants, I pulled her towards me as my raging cock sprang free, the head just brushing her wet pussy lips.I plunged in slowly at first, then thrust deep, holding there for a moment, savoring the feeling.Then I began to pump hard and fast. Her arms were spread across the hood, trying to hold on as she slid all over it. Her eyes were closed, her face a mask of pleasure. The old metal was cool to the touch as I braced myself, her legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me in.She unbuttoned her top and pulled out a breast, squeezing it, tugging the nipple. Leaning in, took it between my lips and sucked hard, grazing my teeth over it. She squealed, as she watched me torture her nipple. Our breathing was hot and eratic, my heart beating loud in my ears, her moaning soft but audible, bodies moving in unison. Her moans reached a peak, she suddenly spasmed and let out a low growl, 'ohh gawd I'm cumming'. Our hips moved with an urgency, thrusting and lifting, the flood of her juices running down the edge of the hood onto the wide bumper. I came shortly after, exploding deep inside, filling her. We slowly came to a stop, panting for breath. Smiling, I pulled her from the car, and kissed her again. Straightening our clothes, we walked hand in hand, to my BMW. The silly grin on our faces lasted the entire way home.
Morning Darling
Posted:Feb 10, 2014 7:48 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2024 12:16 am

..resting on an elbow, lying next to you, i watch you
> sleep as the early morning light shines thru the
> curtains. your breath is slow and rythmic, your chest
> heaving lightly, your face peaceful and serene.
> hand reaches for your chest and runs along your
> breast, stopping at your nipple, caressing it
> moan slightly and adjust your body against
> me. my stiff hard cock rests in the crack of your ass
> and slowly moves up and down..sliding my hand under
> the sheets to your pussy, fingering you, feeling your
> wetness. you raise your leg slightly allowing me to
> slide my cock along your wet cunt, coating it and
> slipping it inside you. You moan , your eyes still
> closed, i imagine you are thinking this is some
> delicious dream you dont want to end.My hips begin to
> move in rythm almost immediately, u push back against
> me and we fuck.My hard cock sliding in and out. your
> face is pressed into the pillow as your hand grips the
> bed sheet near your face.
> Pushing the sheets off and without losing the
> connection, i roll you over on top of me, so you are
> facing the ceiling with your knees apart,drawn up to
> your chest, as my cock slides easily in and out, my
> hips moving into you and my hand on your hard
> clit,rubbing.
> You open your eyes now, realizing its not a dream and
> you become much more active.raising yourself up and
> straddling me, facing away with your back to me and
> pogo-ing up and down on my shaft, leaning forward,
> bracing your arms on my thighs.mmmm u look so sexy
> from this cock disappearing into your
> delicious pussy.
> i notice your breathing is becoming heavier, rapid and
> suddenly you cum all over my cock and balls, gushing
> pussy juices all over me, your eyes squeezed shut,
> moaning.
> Swiftly you move around facing me and begin to lick
> my cock and balls, tasting your juices and engulfing
> me to the root.Now its my turn to moan, my gawd that
> feels worship my cock for what seems like an
> eternity, repeatedly bringing me to the brink and then
> backing off.
> You then move high onto my chest, straddling me,
> painting my face with your drenched pussy. reaching
> back to my shaft and stroking me as u brush your
> swollen pussy across my lips and tongue, your hips
> moving back and forth.
> My mind is on fire with pleasure, desire and
> confusion, not knowing where to concentrate-on my cock
> being stroked or on my tongue licking your pussy...i
> want to cum with you, thats all i know..
> i cant take it any more and explode. squirting hot cum
> up onto your arm and lower back and ass..and just as i
> do so i feel your muscles tighten and your pussy
> clench and drench my face with cum. my
> eyes widen as i slurp and drink in all that i can from
> your wonderful pussy, sucking and licking, tasting.
> both of us moaning now, bodies moving together.
> You collapse on top of me, breathing hard and i
> whisper in your ear..
> .."Morning, Darling" and smile...
The Perfect Day
Posted:Feb 10, 2014 7:43 pm
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2019 12:04 am

It was the perfect day. Blue sky and sun high above,
> wind in their faces as the big Harley eased thru the
> curves, leaning left, then right and then left
> again.He felt her hang on to him a bit tighter as they
> went thru the curves, he smiled to himself and thought
> "this is freedom". A truly exhilarating feeling for
> both rider and passenger,hearing the rumble of the
> engine and feeling the vibration between their
> legs.The road ahead now, was long and straight and
> there was very little traffic in either direction,
> just the way he liked it. Watching the scenery go by,
> he felt her reach around him and rub his crotch
> playfully. She had been wanting to do this for so
> long. He grinned. She felt him stir as she teasingly
> rubbed him. Loosening his belt she slipped a hand down
> his pants and grasped what she had been looking for,
> hard, hot flesh. She squeezed and kneaded,stroked as
> best she could.He had full control of himself and the
> bike.'Hmm' he thought,' we've been riding a while,
> maybe we need to rest a bit' and began looking for a
> side road to pull onto. After a few miles he came to
> such a road and pulled off . He followed it for about
> a half mile and found a grassy clearing. 'Perfect for
> a rest stop',he thought.
> As he was shutting off the bike and putting out the
> side stand, she swung around and straddled him,
> surprising him with the move.They both took off their
> helmets, tossing them on the grass.She shook out her
> short red hair and ran her hands thru it.She put her
> arms around him and kissed him like she meant it.
> Reaching down to his jeans she freed his hard cock and
> began rubbing herself against it.He kissed her neck
> and chest and squeezed and sucked her tits thru the
> t-shirt she was wearing.Raising herself up and
> unzipping her pants she lowered herself on to his hot
> shaft, sinking slowly to the base. Both were careful
> to balance as the bike was only on a side stand and
> sitting at an angle.She slowly rode him up and down,
> feeling his heat inside her and his lips and tongue on
> her aching nipples.She had always wanted to have sex
> on a Harley and that thought now made her even
> hornier.She was actually doing it, she thought to
> herself.He laid her back across the gas tank and she
> reached back to hold onto the handle bars as he
> repositioned himself and began pumping her wet pussy.
> Slowly he fucked her,long deep strokes, the bike
> tilting precariously but not tipping over.Her moans
> were soft and sexy, their breath laboured as he
> fulfilled her fantasy.Suddenly her legs scissored
> around his waist and she gripped the handlebars hard,
> her face contorted with pleasure as she came, pussy
> juices coating his cock and balls, dripping on the
> tank.He kissed her passionately,deeply.
> Lets get comfy he said as they carefully untangled
> themselves.He took a large picnic blanket from one of
> the saddlebags and spread it out on the grass.The sun
> thru the leaves and branches from the trees making a
> kaleidoscope effect on the blanket. She was on the
> blanket first and began taking her t-shirt and jeans
> off.Kneeling in front of him while he took off his
> shirt and leather vest, she pulled down his jeans and
> took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him,
> licking his shaft and balls.Her hands on both his
> thighs, head bobbing as she took him deep into her
> throat. His mind was torn between what he was doing
> (trying to get his clothes off) and the sensations he
> was feeling from her wonderful mouth and tongue.
> Finally free of his clothes he enjoyed her cock
> worshipping for a few moments and joined her on the
> blanket, he kissed her hard, feeling her hot body
> under him.
> They fondled and groped and explored each other, she,
> reaching for his hard cock, stroking, and he,
> slipping his hand to her pussy, rubbing her clit and
> tugging her pussy folds as he tortured her nipples
> with his mouth and tongue.
> 'Up on all fours' he said to her, she complied with
> anticipation. He spread her legs and reached under to
> her pussy and ran his hand along it, pressing deep,
> slipping 2 fingers inside, then 3 fingers. Her hips
> pushed back against him as he rubbed her and moved his
> hand in a twisting motion inside her pussy. Slapping
> her ass cheeks occassionally, she yelped and then
> moaned as the stinging went away and the pleasure from
> her pussy took over her senses again. He took his hand
> away and stroked his cock, covering it with her pussy
> "lube', then began rubbing his shaft along her ass
> crack, and teasing her rim.He slid the length along
> her pussy, teasing her even more,coating it again,
> her hips moved rythmically.She wanted him soo bad.
> He positioned himself behind her, and as she was
> anticipating an assault on her swollen pussy, she
> suddenly felt his hands spread her ass wide and his
> hot rocket slowly enter her tight ass. She groaned
> with surprise as her heart raced. She hadnt seen that
> coming. Pushing back slowly against him, his cock sank
> into her an inch at a time, backing out then in a
> little deeper until he was in as far as he could
> be.Her ass pressed against his hard belly. She was
> glad he was so patient and gentle.She loved ass play
> but with the wrong man it wasnt nearly as
> pleasant.With the right man, she could have orgasms
> that would send her into orbit.
> His hips began to move, slowly building a rythm,
> getting a feel for her ass, pushing deep, holding and
> grinding, pulling out just to the head and pushing
> back in, hips moving in circles to hit her from all
> angles.Slapping her ass and leaving red marks, her
> tits jiggling, swaying with each stroke.Spreading her
> ass cheeks, rubbing her rim, teasing.The bright sun
> shone thru patches of leaves and branches,creating
> abstract patterns on their bodies, birds chirped as
> they fucked on the blanket. An occasional car could be
> heard driving by in the distance.
> He reached around and rubbed her pussy, now dripping
> and then squeezed her tits, pulling her nipples hard.
> She moaned loudly and pushed back hard as he grabbed a
> handful of her red hair and yanked gently.Scrapping
> his fingernails across her back made her arch and she
> loved it. In her mind, she didnt want him to stop
> fucking her,she didnt want the exquisite feeling to
> stop. His hips now slapping her ass cheeks,as his
> balls slapped her dripping pussy, he was fucking her
> with passion. Time stood still, it felt like they had
> been fucking for hours.She could feel herself ready to
> cum again,( number? she had lost count), his cock
> filling her, stretching her ass. He was ready to
> explode as well from the tightness of her gorgeous ass
> and the visual before him, fucking this beautiful
> woman.
> It was quite sudden.He felt her body tighten and then
> felt this spray of fluid running down his thighs as
> she cried out 'Oh Gawd, fuck me harder, dont stop i'm
> cumming'!! And at that precise moment he couldnt hold
> back anymore and he released his load of cum,
> exploding inside her.Both bodies moved in unison as
> their passion took hold of them and drained them
> equally. She squirted repeatedly in smaller and
> smaller amounts, drenching them both and sopping the
> blanket.He pulled out of her and spewed streams of cum
> across her ass and rubbed it into her skin with his
> hot cock,then slapped her ass with it.
> They collapsed on top of each other, exhausted and
> spent.Their breathing returned to normal as they
> caressed each other and lazily dozed off .
> Back on the road , after waking and getting dressed,
> they were both smiling, their afternoon adventure
> going thru their minds.He felt her holding onto him
> and snuggling up against him, a little closer than
> before.The sun was a bit lower in the sky.He reached
> back with his left hand and patted and squeezed her
> thigh. Yup, he thought, the perfect day.

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