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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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What is a Gentleman and What is He Worth?
Posted:Aug 18, 2018 10:49 am
Last Updated:Apr 20, 2022 4:43 pm

The history of what it means to be a gentleman is hundreds of years old and has evolved from it's beginnings as an aristocratic title automatically bestowed on the wealthy for no other reason than being wealthy.
A gentleman was looked up to and respected by all for the gentleman qualities of the time. But times have changed and I'm not so sure that holds true anymore for a lot of people, especially some women.
How often have you heard a woman lament the lack of gentleman these days or the proverbial nice guy? There are none out there she says. She'd love to have a good guy.
And yet, when they find such a gentleman who treats them with kindness and respect, some women can't help themselves but to lose him. They can't seem to handle what they say they really want.They don't know how to deal with it. They'd rather be without or with the 'bad boy', who always turns out to be an A-hole or an abuser or cheater etc. I'd like to hear the conversation in her head...' Ok on the one hand there's : being treated well, respected, shown kindness, being loved..and on this hand there's : drama, being cheated on, lied to, disrespected, abused..Umm, yeah, I'm going with abuser.' You just gotta shake your head.
I've been called a gentleman many times. To me, a gentleman means being respectful, courteous, reliable, kind, empathetic, helpful, dependable, considerate, etc. In other words, a nice guy. I can't help but be that. I am who I am.
But a part of me cringes whenever I hear I am being referred to as a gentleman. It's the equivalent of the friend zone. Why is that? Precisely the reasons mentioned above. The women I have been in relationships with didn't realize what they had. Most likely had no idea what they wanted or what they thought they wanted. And so they fucked it up by being dishonest with their feelings, by being inconsiderate, disrespectful etc. I've been screwed over in numerous ways by women despite being the gentleman/nice guy. It's almost like gentleman=doormat. So that's why I cringe. Being a gentleman or a nice guy has done me no favors other than put a big bull's eye on my forehead. I could try being an A-hole but that's not being me (besides, I wouldn't look good with a pucker ring on my forehead).
So, what's being a gentleman worth? To me, not much, because the aggravation and heartbreak isn't worth it, in my experience. For me, the saying 'nice guys finish last' is only too true.
Posted:Apr 21, 2017 10:45 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2023 12:55 am

Due to the unreliability of IM and the restrictions the site has put on sending and reading emails, It's almost impossible to connect with people, so please leave messages and we can converse here, as I will be checking often. Thank you.
The Visit
Posted:Jul 26, 2016 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2019 12:59 am

I hadn't seen her in quite a while. She smiled as she let me in, closed the door and stood up on her toes to kiss me. I pulled her to me and kissed her hungrily. Her warm body pressed against mine as I pushed her back against the wall, pinning her. She moaned as we devoured each other, tongues flicking and searching. My hips pressed against hers, slowly grinding. I'd been wanting to do this for so long. When we had been out on previous occasions, all I could think of was how her body would feel in my hands, how it would feel as she lay under me. I nibbled and kissed her neck and ears as her leg snaked around mine and held me close. I couldn't help myself, I wanted her, I wanted to take her. I pinned her wrists above her head as I bit her neck gently. My other hand moved down, pulled up her skirt and what I found brought a smile to my panties. My curled finger slid into her wet slit and began working her g-spot. Her breathing was heavy and loud as she moaned. Her hips wriggled on my finger. I took her to the couch, pulled her head back by the hair and whispered 'You're going to be my fuck toy tonight', then pushed her to her knees. She whimpered and looked up at me as I told her to unzip me. My hand was in her hair as she pulled my cock out, I pushed her mouth onto it, up to the hilt. I could hear her gagging and gurgling as saliva dribbled from her chin. I held it deep for a moment and then pulled it out, a rush of air followed as she coughed and sputtered trying to catch her breath. 'Good girl,..again' I I shoved it in, her eyes watering as strings of saliva hit the floor, a mix of gurgling, gagging and moaning came from her. With my hand behind her head, I fucked her slutty mouth, mascara running down her face. I pulled away and tugged her to her feet by the arm. 'Let's go upstairs' I said. She coughed and mumbled, 'Yes Sir'. Reaching her bedroom, I threw her onto the bed, landing on her front. I pounced on her and smacked her ass hard, several times, she yelped with each slap. She looked back at me, her head resting on a pillow. Pulling up her skirt, I spread her cheeks and twisted 2 wet fingers in her ass and reamed her. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened in surprise.'You like that don't you?' I asked. Her smile was my answer. I rolled her on her side and rammed my hard cock into her wet pussy. Pounding her mercilessly, using her wet hole. I reached under her top for her tits, squeezed and pulled her hard nips, She moaned loudly, 'Fuck meee' she pleaded. I just smiled. 'Who's pussy is this?'.. I growled..
..' yyyour's' she stuttered.
' I can't hear you,..again'
'yours', she wimpered
'Yours', she replied
'Good girl, that's my fuck toy,' ..I smacked her ass hard, as her reward. My cock was sunk deep in her, grinding and filling her.
I pulled away and moved to her face, my cock dripping with her pussy juices. I squeezed her cheeks together with one hand, to open her mouth and shoved my cock in, thrusting immediately. One hand pressed on her throat as her eyes grew wider, taking another throat fucking. I looked down at the amazing body that had me so turned on, she was gorgeous, great tits and a hot pussy and I told her that. My cock slid in and out of her mouth as I whispered, 'Take my cock, all of it, suck it like you own it'. I heard her moan and I could feel her suction increase markedly. Easing off on her throat, I reached back for her pussy and very swollen clit, fingering and pumping her used cunt. She gushed suddenly and crossed her legs tight, trapping my hand. Her cock sucking mouth paused, eyes squeezed shut, as the orgasm rolled through her body. I smiled at her when she opened her eyes. Her body slowly relaxing its grip on my hand. Her hair was mussed up and makeup smeared, she looked good and used, and very satisfied. I pulled away, then leaned in to kiss her deeply, tasting our fluids. She pulled me next to her and wrapped her legs around mine and I knew this could be the start of something good.
Clicking Heels
Posted:May 28, 2015 2:09 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2023 3:54 pm

What's that noise? Is that clicking? Oh Jesus, she's coming back! I could hear the click of her heels on the concrete floor getting louder. My heart started racing and I began to get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. As the clicking was getting closer, I tried in vain to wriggle out of my bindings. Ughh useless. I could smell her perfume wafting into my nostrils as she walked briskly into the room. It gave me a Pavlovian response of just wanting to wretch. She addressed me in that sarcastic, acerbic tone, with an underlying meanness to it. I could feel her hands fuss over my blindfold, making sure it was still securely in place. As she moved about, I could feel the air move across my naked body, giving a cooling effect. But it was to be short lived.
She was speaking to me, but I honestly was paying more attention to the firm object she was running down my arms and torso and across my chest. I felt a smack and a millisecond later the sting of pain on my chest. Ouch! The heat began radiating across my pectoral muscle. Barely processing the thought, the other side of my chest felt the same smack and hot pain. Oww! Gritting my teeth and trying not to vocalize, as she had warned me earlier, it would get worse if I did.
Ohh no,no..I could feel this object she was using, a prod or a crop of some sort, tracing over my lower belly and between my spread eagled thighs, teasing my soft, flaccid cock and balls, flip flopping my cock from side to side, lifting my balls with it, then sliding along the inner thighs. My legs began to tremble as I was bracing myself for what I knew was surely to come. Smack! Smack! Smack!..I flinched hard and strained against my restraints...arrrghh, the pain was sudden and excruciating on my inner thighs, oh so close to my balls. Instantly the heat radiated down my leg. I could feel the prod moving below my knee to my ankle and then cross over to the other leg and up, caressing in a menacing way. My chest was heaving as I was taking in deep breaths.
There was a pause, I couldn't hear what she was doing, then I felt something warm and soothing glide over my skin. Her hand was lightly massaging my chest and inner thighs, grazing my balls and cock. I grew alarmed, as I felt aroused my her grazing hands. Intentional I'm sure. I couldn't help it. She noticed and mockingly remarked about it, then began to focus on my slowly hardening cock. Her hands were expert and in no time had me erect and hard, smacking it with her palm, in derision. She cupped my balls and tugged hard as I writhed and tried to muffle my cry of pain. The implement she used on me returned, I could feel her threatening my cock with it. Sliding it up and down the shaft, over my balls, gently tapping them as I squirmed uncomfortably. The swollen cock head felt the object as well. I was biting my lips, hoping she wouldn't hit that part of me.
I felt her pull on my balls, my foreskin pulled down tight, as her other hand began to slowly slide up and down my cock. One part of my brain said it felt good, while the other part of my brain dreaded what was to come. Her hand twisted over my swollen head as she reached the top and slid back down. Sometimes, when she reached the top, she just kept rubbing the head in her slick palm, before sliding back down the shaft. My body twitched and lurched. I moaned uncontrollably. She teased me with the prod, while stroking me. Ran it over my nipples, then my chin and lips. I was even more nervous now, my palms clammy. She smacked me a few more times, on my hips and outer sides of my thighs. Each time the heat radiated over me and my erection collapsed. She chastised me for it, prodding me and each time, soothed me with her lubed hands working my cock to hardness again. Then she commanded me to cum for her. Her firm grip on my cock moved up and down, slowly to start, then increased speed as she taunted me in her sarcastic voice. I could feel the pressure building up as I wanted to release, but she teased me and eased off just at the right moment, precum streaming down my shaft. Then to the brink, again and again, my breathing was loud and my body writhed within the confines of my restraints. I couldn't stand it any more and I let go. Loads of cum squirting from my cock, ahh sweet release...but no, no, noooo..oh fuck, she wasn't stopping. She was laughing, as my body began to buck. Her tone torturous. Urging me to cum some more, 'Come on you've got more, don't you hold out on me', she said.
The nerve endings in my cock head were on fire and soo sensitive, but she kept on stroking and working my head. It was a different kind of pain, a cross between pain and pleasure, more pain than pleasure, a paradox, to be sure. I cried out and my body lurched and bucked uncontrollably as she leaned in to take my tortured cock in her mouth. At this point I could barely feel anything, I was numb, I had a vague sensation of her sucking me, but my mind was spinning and I couldn't tell one sensation from another. I could feel a slight welling up inside me and felt another discharge, however large or small, I had no idea. She paused to tell me how pleased she was, but kept stroking and licking me for what seemed like eons. It felt like my entire being was one huge nerve ending on fire. I couldn't stop wriggling and jerking until well after she stopped. I was huffing and puffing like I'd just run a four minute mile. Beads of sweat ran down my face and neck. My mind slowly calmed down as did my body. She traced my torso one more time with the prod and said that I was a 'good boy' and she'd be back in a while. I could hear the clicking of her heels as they disappeared in the distance. For now.
The Glory Hole
Posted:Mar 14, 2015 2:15 pm
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2021 4:53 pm

I had always wondered about it, a glory hole. Just the name had a certain danger to it, an uncertainty, a filthy, yet thrilling connotation. So when the opportunity to take part in one came up, I jumped at the chance. A private party, with their own glory hole, gotta love that.
There was a nice mix of people by the time I arrived, about 20 people in all, relaxing drinking and laughing. Laps being sat on, necks being nibbled, bodies being groped, while music thumped in the back ground. The women dressed in their most revealing lingerie certainly set the tone. I wondered how this glory hole was being set up and it turned out to be quite simple. A large patterned, fabric sheet, with approximately 4 inch diameter holes cut in it, about waist height, spaced about two feet apart, was strung across part of a room. Pillows on the floor on one side, in front of each hole. The lighting was low and reddish, to cast a mood of sorts.
So the call to begin the glory hole was made and the men partaking eagerly aligned themselves behind a hole, including myself. We looked at each other, grinning. I was nervous with anticipation as I stripped down and poked my semi hard cock through the hole, my breathing was rapid, the air cool on my cock. I could see a blurred shadow on the other side of the sheet, and heard a low moan and gasp of approval seconds before I felt a soft warm hand caress my hardening shaft, slide down it's length and come to rest under my balls, grasping them firmly. I gasped loudly as a warm, wet sensation followed quickly, engulfing my head, holding it there, tasting, the lips holding my tip between them, feeling it throb and twitch, and swell, getting a sense of its girth. The one hand cupping my balls, massaged gently and tugged, as the lips slowly slid down the shaft to my pelvic bone. She held there again, her patience was amazing, my cock had grown rock hard very quickly in her mouth. Her lips slid back to the tip and I felt her tongue tip swirl over the top part of my sensitive head, then underneath and then through the pee hole, thoroughly covering every millimeter of my nerve endings.
I could feel her tongue slithering over my shaft and flicking at my balls, swirling over them one at a time, then sucking each one into her mouth and then releasing. The soft wet lips began to slide up and down in a rythmn, not too fast and not too slow either. The balls being tugged in that same rythmn. The feeling was wonderful, my heart beat loudly in my ears, my chest heaving as I concentrated solely on my cock and it's delicious tormentor. Teeth raked along my shaft sending shivers along my spine, then my head felt the teeth gently scraping, Ohhh I moaned out loud. I tried to settle my legs down as they began to jitter slightly. I could feel precum seeping from me by this time. My mystery fellatrix was no stranger to a cock and had impressive skills, I thought to myself. As her other hand grasped my cock and stroked it into her mouth, I noticed it was very wet. It puzzled me momentarily, then I realized she had been fingering herself as she sucked me. Her moist lips and firm grip momentarily stopped and left me. The blurred shadow moved behind the sheet, then I again felt her hand on my cock, this time stroking the end over a very wet and soft spot, then smacking the shaft on that same spot. Then I felt a wet heat slide over my shaft as a body pushed up against my thighs and hips. I pushed back as hard as I could, realizing I was fucking her now, as she had bent over for me. Not being able to hold her hips, I just stood there and braced myself for each of her thrusts, making sure they went deep each time. Our bodies worked in unison as she grunted and moaned her pleasure with each thrust as it filled her. Slowly she worked my shaft, letting me feel her muscles contract purposefully on my cock, displaying her skills to me.
The excitement was intoxicating, pushing me closer to eruption. Once again there was a brief pause, and the heat of her pussy was replaced by a familiar sensation, as I could feel her lips draw on me with a firm steady pull. The suction was amazingly strong as I felt her hand stroking me with an urgency, all the while, I could hear her moans intensify.The tongue teased and slid over me, flicking and licking me like an erotic lollipop. I was very close now, only a few more strokes and I would explode, my legs were wavering as she pulled on me vigorously until finally my orgasm washed over me. I wailed loudly as my cum was ejected deep into her throat, I could hear her gulping and moaning with me, as jet after jet of sticky cum slid down her throat. Arching my back and squeezing my eyes shut, I was lost in the sensation the assault on my nerve endings gave me. She pumped and pumped, I was drained and yet she continued momentarily, the sensitivity was excruciating as she wouldn't let go and continued her quest for every drop of my cum. My hips tried to pull away, but she held fast, one hand cupping and squeezing my balls, massaging my taint with a finger and the other stroking my cock, engulfing it with her mouth. Sensing my pleasure being pushed to the limit, she gradually relented, my breathing calming down as she released me. I stepped back with a big grin on my face, legs trembling and my entire being flushed. Once I sat down, relaxation over came every inch of my body.
I wanted to find out who this amazingly skilled woman was, but never did, although, as I left the party later that night, I did notice a woman casting me a lingering glance and I'm positive I saw a flick of her tongue cross her lips.
Posted:Nov 14, 2014 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2015 12:16 pm

I've recently had to reconsider and asess what constitutes a friend online. Several people I have considered friends, have behaved in ways that have made me rethink what 'friends' really means here.
The behaviors were all different from each other, all should know better and yet, I'm affected, directly and indirectly.It's made me look at them in a different light. In all cases I was surprised. It has taken what little fun was left for me here.
I'm tired of people meddling in other peoples business, either online or real life and in some cases both. Of gossiping, omgd just stop. Tired of jealousy, real, or imagined. Of people not being honest enough with themselves, thereby affecting how others deal with me. Of arguments starting at the drop of a poorly chosen word, phrase or perceived slight. Adults acting like . I've had enough of it.
I've not decided how to proceed at this point, I'm just going to keep people at arms length for now. Minimal chit chat and socializing, just get what I came for and go. It's sad, because that's not me. As much as I told myself this wasn't going to change my behavior, I guess it has. My time here will be reduced, we'll see how it goes.
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The Foursome
Posted:Sep 20, 2014 11:11 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2021 2:29 pm

We sat inside, looking intently at the front door of the small eatery, waiting for the couple we were to play with that evening. Our instructions were not to make contact, just have a look and see If we liked what we saw. The woman wasn't to see us or notice us. People came and went,..nope, not them,...not them either. A pair arrived and walked past us, a slight nod from the man, and we knew it was them. After they were seated, I walked past their table on the way to the Mens room and got a brief look at her. Blonde, attractive, tall, nice figure, could be an interesting evening I thought to myself. My friend Al and I definitely approved, finished our beers and left to set up his 'love nest', in preparation for the couples arrival. Along the way he disclosed the basic premise for tonight. It was her birthday, and a foursome was to be her present. She was to be blindfolded the entire night, never to see our faces, even after we finished playing. The husband, Mark, had planned the evenings festivities with a musical theme he had carefully prepared.
With a knock at the door, they had arrived, and of course, Carol was blindfolded, wearing a low cut blouse and form fitting jeans, she looked casual and trendy and very sexy. Lovely ass, I thought. We introduced ourselves and got her settled and seated, we each kissed her sensuously, feeling her hungry mouth, soft lips and her probing tongue. She was a great kisser and I could tell she was excited. The music was on and we pulled her to her feet, we swayed gently with her, Al and I, her hips grinding playfully into each of us. My pants began to tighten as my bulge grew, and I let her know it by grinding back. We caressed her body, squeezing her breasts, running our hands over her hips and ass, sliding hands under clothing, massaging her warm willing flesh. She reached for my crotch, rubbing her hand over my bulge, moaning her approval. Her jeans were pulled down and removed, as well as her top, panties and shoes. Lovely breasts came into view, eager for attention, as we were told she liked her nipples and breasts played with. Al and I each took turns with her front and then her back. Licking, massaging, and sucking her breasts, her nipples hard and excited by now. Sliding hands over her moist pussy slit, fingers disappearing into the wet folds. Mark watched as we tended to her, savoring her pleasure. Tequila shots were called for, and she loved them off her tits. We limed her nipples and downed the shots, then licked and sucked the tartness deliciously off her breasts and nipples as she moaned and squirmed with delight. Mark leaned in to kiss and fondle her, asking how she liked her present so far. Love it! was her reply. Now it was our turn, she said. Blindly she limed our chests and licked and sucked us clean, her warm tongue roaming and exploring. She lingered at my nipple, tongue swirling over it, I whispered ' You can bite, if you like' , which she did, sending a jolt to my crotch, exciting my hard cock even more. We continued to sway with the music, groping and feeling her soft, smooth skin, exploring this gorgeous sexy woman.
Mark brought out one of her birthday presents, a leather collar and matching wrist restraints, which were promptly put to use, as we spread eagled Carol by the arms. I was excited by the fact she was at our mercy. All three of us tongued and kissed and fingered her as she moaned helplessly.
Her arms getting tired, we unfastened her and sat her on the couch, letting her recover. Carol's legs were stretched out in front of her, as Mark moved between them, head bowed, licking her, warming her up for us. Al then took over, pushing her knees to her chest and leaning in to taste her pussy. His head bobbed as her hand slid through his hair, moaning softly at first, 'Yes, yes, there...ohhh..a bit slower..mmm, ohh, up more, higher..yesss'. I sat next to her, caressing her thighs, moving to her breasts and shoulders, leaning in to kiss her neck and earlobes. Her body trembled and quivered as Al devoured her so deliciously. He and I switched positions, and I began where he had left off, leaving me with a wet, swollen, delightfully tortured pussy. I started out slowly, light flicks of the tongue, tasting her sweet nectar. Gradually I increased the pressure and speed and buried my tongue deep, sucking in her juices. Lapping at her honey pot, I could hear her breathing quicken again and her moans grow louder. I concentrated on her pussy lips, sucking them between my lips, tugging them gently, then using my tongue tip, I licked the alphabet on her pinkness as I spread her lips apart with my fingers. By this time, both her hands were on the back of my head, urging me on, her clit tortured mercilessly as her hips were grinding on my mouth. I heard a click and saw a flash, ahh Mark taking pictures, I thought to myself.
She called time, so as to catch her breath, her naughty bits were getting too sensitive. A good thing, I needed a breather too. Once sufficiently recovered, we laid her on the mattress covering the floor, so she would be more comfortable and accessible for us all. Al was situated above her head, I was beside her, and Mark on the other side of her. Carol reached up for Al's cock and began stroking it. Not wanting to be left out, I took her hand and guided it to my cock, instinctively she began stroking it hard. Mark smiled at her, as he buried his fingers in her wet pussy. Carol's breasts were kneaded and pinched as she jerked us, her mouth found Al's cock and she sucked on it hungrily, moaning from her throat. Pausing momentarily, she said she wanted us to cum on her tits, she loved cum on her tits..her voice had a pleading tone to it. ' Pleassse' she said, drawing out the word. It was such a turn on, feeling so excited, I accommodated her request. 'I'll cum on your tits', I said, as she blindly jerked my cock. I had to point her hand to her torso, so as not to hit any innocent bystanders. I squirted several big loads over her, as she squealed with delight, feeling the warm liquid running over her tits, taking my cock and smearing the tribute all over herself. She then took me in her mouth and sucked mightily to get the last drops. I could feel her exquisite suction as she cleaned me, my sensitive head screaming with pleasure. As she released me, I sat back, thinking how hot this was, seeing her being pleasured by us three.
I left the room briefly, and returned to find Al and Carol had switched positions into a classic 69. She face sat him, rocking her hips, as she took his cock down her throat, devouring it hungrily. Switching again, Carol rode Al's thick cock, facing him, her hips slamming it deep, moaning. Mark moved over to stick his cock in her mouth. I caressed her tits as she took him in, sucking and stroking as Al's cock filled her pussy. Moments later she took both their loads, enjoying her hot liquid rewards as the two guys moaned loudly.
As the music neared its end, we slowed down and composed ourselves, rested, grinned. We had a final toast to the evening, kissed her sensuously and began to get dressed. In each one of us, all of our senses were swimming, none of us wanted it to end, but we knew it had to. This was the sensational, overwhelming feeling associated with such play, that can't quite be duplicated with one on one play. It's just so different.
After the usual search for clothing articles, and packing up, Mark thanked us and led Carol, still blindfolded, out the door and whisked her home. As the door closed, Al and I looked at each other, grinning, 'Now THAT, was a good night!' I said.
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Are you Existing or Living?
Posted:May 11, 2014 10:50 am
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2015 5:24 pm

Here's a quote we should all ask ourselves. Unfortunately I think too many of us just 'exist'. It seems like we are afraid of 'living', afraid to make the commitment. Our lives would be so much richer and interesting if we focused on 'living'. Our potential and creativity, so much greater.

"The whole point of this emotional splurge is that we are only human, we are not perfect and not everything goes to plan.We live and we learn and it’s getting back up from these mistakes that can either make or break us. When we fall down, brush it off get up and keep going. I am in the ‘transition period’ of my life where I am exploring what I want from my life. So many of us are just existing and not living… I have asked this before, are you existing or living? Why don’t you explore that amazing brain of yours, figure out all the things you want to do…. educate yourself and remember that knowledge is power."
Author Unknown
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Thoughts About Relationships and Yourself
Posted:Feb 13, 2014 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2015 8:37 am

These are thoughts from others much more eloquent than I.

~Let go of those who aren't really there. There are certain people who aren't meant to fit into your life no matter how much you want them to. And the only ones truly worthy of your love are the ones who stand with you through the hard times and laugh with you after the hard times pass. Maybe a happy ending doesn't include anyone else right now. Maybe it's just you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is simply letting go.
~In the end, loving yourself is about enjoying your life, trusting your own feelings, taking chances, losing and finding happiness, cherishing the memories, and learning from the past. Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not exactly how you planned, but just how it's meant to be. ~
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People Come Into Your Life For A Reason
Posted:Feb 12, 2014 6:27 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2015 8:35 am

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that Person..

When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need You have expressed.

They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with Guidance and support,

To aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.

They may seem like a godsend and they are.

They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,

This person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an End.

Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.

Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.

What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire Fulfilled, their work is done.

The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has
Come to share, grow or learn.

They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.

They may teach you something you have never done.

They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy..

Believe it, it is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons,

Things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional Fundation..

Your job is to accept the lesson,

Love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other Relationships and areas of your life.

It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life, Whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.
Posted:Feb 10, 2014 8:04 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2014 11:43 am

We wandered along the aisles and racks separately, occasionally reaching out to feel the material of shirts or slacks or whatever struck our eye. I pulled a shirt from its rack and held it up against me and said over to my lady friend,"What do you think?" She looked up and after a second, nodded her approval, and I laid it over my arm with the other shirt and a pair of jeans I was going to try on. Having gone through the department and finding nothing more, we met at the entrance to the fitting rooms, the attendant checked how many items and unlocked the door, then went about her duties of straightening up the shelves. Looking around quickly, I pushed my companion into the change room and shut the door,. She gave me a wide eyed 'what the heck' look, then a smile slowly appeared as it just registered with her. I put my finger to my lips and shushed her, whispering, 'we have to make this quick'. There was a mirror on the wall and a shelf to sit on, in front of it. I motioned for her to step up and coincidentally her crotch was even with my face. I smiled up at her as my hands went up under her skirt and hooked my fingers inside her panties and pulled them down to her mid thigh. She spread her feet apart as i lifted the skirt and nibbled her inner thighs, licking and kissing, my hot breath flowed over her thighs.I could hear her moan softly, as my tongue slid along her quickly moistening slit, her hips and legs began to quiver. She braced her arms against the partition walls on either side, biting her bottom lip, her eyes closed. My warm hands slid up her thighs, circled around and cupped her firm ass, pulling her hips towards me as I licked deeper and with purpose. My nose was buried against her pubic bone as my tongue lapped and laved, probing and licking her wet hole. Her hips wriggled on my face, grinding and sliding back and forth on my mouth. My fingers dug into her cheeks as I devoured her now dripping pussy, the juices running down my chin. With my head bobbing up and down, I paused to look up at her, she was in her own nirvana, arms braced, her eyes squeezed shut and an exquisite look of pleasure on her face as her hips moved and gyrated, like some ultra sensual go-go dancer.
From behind me I suddenly heard a voice, 'Everything fitting ok in there, Sir?', I stopped, my heart raced, it was the attendant checking on me. I replied,'Yes, fine so far'. I wondered if she knew, knew we were BOTH in here, gawd it made it even more exciting. I looked up at my friend and saw the look of terror on her face, I grinned. We waited a second till the attendant was gone, then continued. Her juices were sweet tasting, and her pussy was soft and hot as my tongue swirled over her prominently swollen clit, sucking it between my lips and grazing my teeth over it. I could feel her hand on the back of my head, urging me into her, wanting more of the good feeling I was giving her. I slid two fingers up inside her, curling the fingertips and hitting her g-spot as I licked and sucked. Her legs were trembling now, from her throat I heard a muffled grunt as she came, her hips grinding furiously, her pussy wanting more. I moaned quietly as I drank in her release.
She hadn't caught her breath yet, when I pulled her down and took her place. Pausing momentarily to pull her panties on, she reached up and unbuckled my bulging pants, pulling them down along with my briefs. I stood over her, looking down as she took my already hard cock in her soft hand and began slowly stroking it, while her other hand fanned out over my hips as she mewled over her prize. Her mouth was extraordinary, her tongue warm and soft as it slid over my engorged sensitive head, making sure to explore the pee hole and underside of the head, then sliding down the shaft, nipping with her teeth. My breathing increased quickly as she began her ministrations. My world at that moment was centered on how she was making me feel. I could barely contain myself. Her lips engulfed me as she took it deep, her nose grazing my belly. Cupping my balls in one hand, squeezing gently, her head bobbed up and down, holding my cock as if the balls were a handle. It didn't take long for my legs to tremble, I was close. Without warning and muffling a grunt, I exploded deep into her throat, wave after wave of hot cum. Gagging briefly as she struggled to swallow, she caught her rythmn and began to milk me, pumping me as she did so. I could feel the suction of her lips, drawing the cream right out of me as it came so willingly. My cock pulsed and twitched as she drained me of all my juices, licking the end with a flourish when she was done. Stepping down, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, tasting the residue of my cum. We smiled at each other.
Buckling my pants up, I opened the door a crack to see where the attendant was situated. No sign of her as I stepped out with the un-tried-on items on my arm, waving my companion out of the change room just before the attendant looked up from a pile of t-shirts she was refolding and straightening. Smiling as I approached her I said, 'Sorry, none of these fit' as I dropped them next to her pile. She replied with a ' No problem, have a great day', and we left holding hands, giggling all the way out the store. On the street, my friend said with a grin, "Ok, what's next on the list? Dinner?"
Posted:Feb 10, 2014 8:02 pm
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After arriving home from our shopping adventure, we relaxed and lounged, had a nap and then started to get ready for dinner at a new restaurant. A nice dark suit and tie for me and a shiny short dress for her, high heels and a small purse. She looked stunning as I came up behind her, while she primped and fussed over herself in the mirror. I pushed my hips into her ass and reached around to squeeze her boobs, nibbling her ear.I could feel her nipples growing hard in my palms, no bra underneath, mmm how thoughtful, I grinned to myself. 'Ready for a great evening?', I whispered, as my hand slid between her legs and rubbed lewdly. Thin panties prevented me from losing my fingers in her hot pussy. Pushing me away, she laughed and said. 'Come on, we'll be late.'
Arriving at the restaurant on time, I noticed it was getting busy.They had a table for us, but I asked if we could have a booth instead and they were able to accommodate. We sat next to each other as the waiter came over and passed out the menus,recited the specials for the evening and took our drink orders. As we looked over the menu and waited for our drinks, I snuggled up close to her. Her body heat was immediately evident through the thin fabric of her dress. I rested my hand on her bare thigh, squeezing gently and caressing. She shot me a glance as if to say, what are you doing?, but I just smiled and kept looking over the menu.
When the waiter came by with our drinks, my hand slid inside her thigh. I could feel her body tense momentarily. My thumb strummed her soft, smooth inner thigh as we ordered our meal. I wonder if he noticed, I thought. She seemed to relax as we sipped our drinks, her legs opening a bit more as we discussed various topics and watched some of the couples around us. All the while the undercurrent of my caressing remained unspoken. A second round of drinks was ordered and by that time her hand was on top of mine, guiding me gently along. She moved my hand up her inner thigh, until my fingers brushed against the warm fabric of her panties. Her hand left mine, and moved across my thigh to rest in my lap, her eyes watching mine as we talked. A small grin came across her face and her eyes sparkled with mischief as she slowly massaged by groin. Two can play this game, she thought. My reaction was fairly immediate, a bulge stirring and growing quickly. My fingers pressed against her panties, rubbing slowly and deliberately, moisture followed, as her hips moved imperceptibly. Her nipples were noticeably hard through her dress. She leaned into me, and said, 'I love the way you smell', and kissed me softly. Her fingers pulled down my zipper and reached inside, squeezing and stroking my cock playfully. I looked around nervously, to see if anyone had caught that.
She zipped me up just in time, as the waiter approached with our dinners, and we reluctantly put our teasing on hold for the time being. Another round of drinks was ordered mid way through our meal. We savored and took our time eating.
After we had finished, she flagged down a busboy and asked for directions to the restrooms. As she got up to leave, I said 'I've gotta go too' and followed her. The Ladies and Gents room were side by side. Opening the door to the Ladies,she paused briefly, looked around and pulled me in by the arm, just as I had my hand on the Mens room door. I was surprised and caught off guard. She bee lined right for the nearest empty stall, the click of her high heels echoing on the tile floor. Closing and locking the door behind us, she pushed me up against it, kissing me hard, as her hands went to unfasten my pants and pull my zipper down. She whispered huskily in my ear, ' I've wanted you so badly since we got here'. She squatted in front of me in her heels and pulled out my straining cock, engulfing its entire length, sucking hungrily. I gasped as her tongue swirled over and around my cock, her mouth devouring me so voraciously. I could see her hand between her legs, fingering and rubbing herself. The lewdness of the scene had me so excited, I almost came. Pulling her up to me and switching places,facing me, I reached under her skirt and pulled her panties aside. She braced herself against the partitions on either side as I slid my hard cock deep into her, thrusting immediately. She curled one leg around my hip and pulled me in, as I pounded her now dripping cunt. Her eye lids were half closed, as she bit her lower lip in ecstasy. I slid part of her top down, exposing her breast. I could feel the hard, excited nipple between my lips as I suckled. She moaned as I bit down firmly.
The noise of someone coming in, pulled my focus to the here and now. The Ladies room. We stopped and didn't move. A look of terror on our faces.I slowly pulled my cock out as she motioned me to get up on the toilet. Quietly I stepped up on it, keeping my head down behind the top of the partition. She moved quietly towards me, her mouth open and ready to take me in again. I peered briefly over the door to see a woman go into the second stall over.I felt the familiar warmth engulf me again. This time, I, needed to hold onto the partitions, as I was balancing on the smooth toilet seat. My mind was turned upside down trying to separate the intellectual from the primal. Trying not to get caught, on the one hand, and fighting the urge to cum, on the other. The possibility of getting caught was exhilarating. I did my best to enjoy the conundrum.
We could hear the woman leave, and as she did, I pulled my cock from its delicious hole, and stepped down off the toilet. I turned my partner around and bent her over. Flipping up her skirt,and pulling aside her panties I rammed my cock into her, hard, her hands braced against the door. I stood back as far as I could, so my shoes and pants couldn't to be seen by anyone else coming in. The door rattled with every thrust, she pushed back against me, wanting every bit of me inside her. I could hear her soft moans among her ragged breathing. I came quickly and it surprised me, my back arched and pushed deep, holding it there, as spasm after spasm of hot cum filled her. Her muscles milking me of every drop. The sleek, toned legs were trembling as I battered her pussy. Her body shuddered and she let out a muffled grunt and moan. Pulling my dripping cock from her pussy, a load of our mixed cum slid out and down her thigh. I ran my finger through it and brought it to her lips, coated them and kissed her. Tasting our sweet cum on her lips was intoxicating and so hot.The kiss lingered as her arms went around my neck and her hips pressed against mine.
Finishing the kiss, I pulled up my pants and fastened them. She straightened herself up and we cautiously made our way to the door. Poking her head out, looking each way, she pushed me out once the coast was clear. I made my way back to the booth and she joined me a couple of minutes after. Leaning over to kiss my cheek, she whispered, 'That was some dessert'. She sat back, but not before flicking her warm,wet,tongue playfully over my ear.
The waiter came over and said, 'Oh, there you are, find the restrooms alright?' We smiled and nodded. He offered me dessert but I declined, then asked my friend who replied, 'No thanks, I'm stuffed'. I grinned to myself, thinking, if he only knew.
The Good Samaritan
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The road went on ahead and disappeared into the horizon, shimmering from the 90 degree plus heat. The surrounding landscape was moon like, craggy cliffs and outcroppings of different shades and hues. Beautiful, but desolate. My eyes squinting, even through sunglasses, I saw an object in the distance. It looked like it was blocking the road. As i got closer, it was actually off to the side, a car. An older compact Chevy, packed with stuff inside, looked like it was down on one wheel, ahh a flat tire. Beside it, on the passenger side, were two girls, looking at the right front wheel. The jack and lug wrench on the ground next to it. Upon hearing my car approaching, they looked up and began waving and jumping up and down to attract my attention. I hit the brakes and pulled over about a hundred feet ahead of them, then backed up to their car. I got out, cautiously looking around, then approached, asking what was going on and if they needed help. The two girls were in their mid twenties, both blonde. One was wearing a green tank top with a halter underneath and the other a light blue t-shirt, both wore tight shorts and flip flops. They came over and explained they had tried to change the tire but the lug nuts wouldn't budge, they seemed frozen on. I asked if i could give it a try and they nodded, please. Using the scissor jack to raise the car, I tried to loosen the lug nuts, but they were on tight. I managed to loosen two of them but the other three were over tightened. Beads of sweat were dripping from my forehead in the heat, my t-shirt already half soaked. I think we need a breaker bar and I have one in my trunk, I said, going to my car and returning with the bar and socket. The leverage provided by the long bar made quick and easy work of the remaining lugs. I pulled off the tire and replaced it with the spare they had wheeled out of their trunk. Replacing all the lugs and tightening them, wiping my face with my forearm. Whew, its hot, I exclaimed. The entire time, both girls were standing off to a side, to give me room to work. They offered me something to drink and I gladly accepted. Both were so glad I had stopped to help. As i walked back to my car to put my tools back and clean my hands on a rag, I could hear them conferring with each other in hushed tones. Hearing footsteps approach, I turned and blue t-shirt was standing before me, a sheepish smile on her face. She took my hand and led me to the passenger side of my car and opened the door.
She asked me to sit down, my legs outside the car, explaining that they didnt know how to thank me for my help and being short of cash, they drew straws and she pulled the short one. Kneeling down between my legs, she unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled out my cock, her eyes watching my reaction. Kneading and stroking my cock, it sprang to life quickly. The head engorging as she watched me, her other hand cupping my balls as her head bent down and I could feel her tongue flick over my head. Her lips then slid over my cock, engulfing it in a wondrous warmth, I gasped and grabbed the seat as her head bobbed up and down slowly. After several moments she lifted her head and pulled my cock out with a pop, smiling up at me. I reached for her top, pulled it up, revealing her breasts,squeezing and pinching her nipples as she resumed worshiping my cock with her mouth. Sliding her tongue up and down the length and over my balls, taking them in her mouth one at a time. My hips raised up as she went down on me, gagging on my shaft,spittle dripping down my balls as she squeezed them gently. I could feel her tongue swirl over my cockhead, the suction increasing, trying to draw out my seed. Her firm grip on my cock, stroking it into her mouth, letting out little moans, mm what a turn on. Rolling her nipples between my fingers, twisting them, she moaned louder. Glancing over at her friend, she was leaning against their car, watching, biting her lower lip as she gently rubbed her crotch. Blue t-shirt's sucking and stroking was getting more intense, clearly she was intent on making me spill. Feeling her teeth scrape along my shaft, her tongue sliding over and under my head..mmm, fucckk..I moaned out loud. So close to cumming, as she squeezed my balls and pushed her lips down to my pelvic bone..Ohh, that was it..pushing me over the edge, my cock exploded in her mouth. I could hear her gag briefly as she gulped down my loads, spurting and squirting down her throat, her lips sucking mightily, draining and milking me. Bracing myself on the seat,my hips raising upward, deep moans coming from my throat as the last of my cum was sucked from me, my nerve endings screaming with pleasure. Sucking me dry until all that was left was the twitching. Taking my cock, she rubbed it across her pursed lips, her tongue sliding over the eye hole. Kissing it gingerly she sat back on her heels,smiled at me and said thank you. She got up, turned and walked back to her car, where they both waved, got in and drove off, leaving me to wonder what had just happened. After recouperating for a few minutes, I drove off as well, smiling to myself at the recent events, thinking what a great story I have to tell and realizing the girls have a great one too.

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