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Wishful thinking and such.
You're Late
Posted:Oct 21, 2010 1:54 pm
Last Updated:May 6, 2011 2:17 am

I came up with this when I was asked to write something on short notice. Let me know what ya think.....

I come home late from work and toss my keys onto the counter, not bothering to turn on the light as I put my purse down and take a sigh of relief to be home and away from the leering drunks since I decided to finally wear a skirt.

Right as I'm going to take of my heels, I get slammed against the wall. His forearm pressed against the back of my neck as he presses the front of my body against the wall and growls in my ear, "You're late".

My breathing quickens and I automaticly press my palms against the wall as I wiggle slightly, my ass pressing into the front of his pants and I stammer out a reply, "I'm sorry Sir".

No further explanations are required as he runs his other hand down between my shoulder blades and around to my breast, squeezing it slightly then pinching my nipple thru my top, making me whimper and wiggle again. My fingers clench into fists, nails scraping along the paint lightly as my nipple hardens in his grasp. Then he slowly starts to lower his hand down my body, caressing it until he reaches the back of my skirt. Gathering it up in his fingers then rubbing his palm over my bare ass cheek, his thumb sliding under the string of my thong and he chuckles softly in my ear, sending shivers down my spine when he whispers, "Quite daring of you to wear this to work, girl".

I nod my head but say nothing, my body shaking in anticipation as he curls his finger under the slight fabric and pulls it tight, making me gasp as the lace in front scrapes across my clit. My soft moan seeming loud in the darkness as my body follows each slight tug of his finger, giving sharp little jerks as he pulls the fabric tighter and tighter.

Then suddenly, his arm leaves the back of my neck and I feel something cold slide across the soft skin of my lower back just above the waistband of my skirt. The tip of the knife blade scraping gently and sending goosebumps over my skin as it slips under my skirt and snags on the top of my thong. He tugs sharply and easily slices thru the skimpy fabric and I gasp, my knees nearly giving out as I hear him put the knife away. Then he brings his hand back to caress over my skin, then SMACK!! His hand connects sharply, leaving the spot red and throbbing. Then again, over and over until there's tears glistening in my eyes and I'm on the verge of begging him to stop.

My skin burning red hot as he braces his arm back against the back of my neck to keep me still as he alternates his hard spanks with soft caresses between my spread thighs. His fingertips grazing along my slick cleft, making me whimper all the more until he starts up with the punishing blows once more. My body thrashing against the wall as he brings me to the brink over and over, only to keep me suspended on the point of crashing over into exstacy. My body begging for release with each sharp spank and light touch, making me want to scream out in frustration.

Then I realize that I let out a growl, my teeth snapping together in my rising passion and anger. His fingers dive into my hair and yank my head back, my gasp quiet as sharp pain shoots thru my scalp and he growls in my ear, "Defiant again I see. I'll just have to see about getting you out of that habit".

Then come the blows again, but this time with his belt over the tender skin of the backs of my thighs. My howls of pain like music to his ears as he brings the thick leather hard across my thighs again and again until I'm sobbing. My body going slightly limp when he finally stops and digs his fingers into the welts, making me whimper. Then I sigh in relief as I hear him unzip his jeans and bring his hard shaft up between my legs, and he laughs softly when he finds me soaking wet.

He pulls back slightly then enters me hard and fast, giving me hardly any time to adjust to his width as he slams home. His thrusts making me press against the wall even more and I feel one of his hands slide down the front of my skirt, his middle finger working my clit quickly in small, fast circles. His touch shooting darts of pleasure thru my system as he brings me back up to that point once more. My moans turning to screams as I push back against him and lift up on to the balls of my feet, my body winding tighter and tighter until I feel him expand inside me.

His growls echoing in my ear as his fingers tighten even more in my hair, "Cum....cum now!!". His deep words sending me over the edge as I tense up and scream. My orgasm crashing over me as I cum. Then a few moments later, his growl echos my scream as he explodes, flooding me as our bodies jerk and pulse in time with eachother.

Then...silence. Only our harsh breathing can be heard in the darkness and he smiles against my neck and kisses me softly behind the ear, making me smile in return and I gasp out lightly, "Thank you, Sir". He kisses my bare shoulder and whispers back, "You're welcome. Now get ready for bed, the nights not over yet". A shiver goes down my spine once more and I head for the bedroom, taking off my clothes along the way.........

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