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Welcome to my blog!
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Posted:Jun 17, 2013 1:51 pm
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2015 12:12 pm

We had been roommates for quite awhile. She had helped me through some difficult times and we had grown quite close. She had always been flirtatious and though she loved men she always had some comment about girls. Emmm I thought ant that led me to believe she had a thing for them women but was too shy to tell me. I recently lost a very dear friend and was very depressed about it. Trying to get me out of my doldrums we decided to dress as sexy as we could and tease the boys at the frat party. We danced and drank and we were having a great time. She ended up with this very good looking guy; he was tall and blond and built like a Viking hero. I had to say I was a little jealous as he was that good looking. After a long night I left her at the party and went back to the room. About an hour later she came home with him and their foreplay was very noisy and spirited, then as I tried to sleep she slipped into the bed with me. At first I thought she wanted to let him sleep in her bed and that she had come to sleep with me.
That thought changed as soon as he slipped beside me. Now it was like one of those movies where everybody gets in bed together and I certainly had a look of shock that must have been comical. I had never been with a threesome before so I attempted some small talk but having two very sexy and naked people up against you tends to make talking about the weather seem unusual to say the least. The forecast was going to be for hot and steamy. Of that I was now certain.
Suddenly they both began to run their hands on my body. I tensed initially but the softness of her hand contrasting most pleasingly to the contours of his rugged hand and confident touch was engaging. He began to suck on one nipple as she began to suck on the other. I was awash with hot and wet tongues as my senses exploded in a sexual haze of excitement. I have to say that my shock had completely dissipated and as they both began taking turns kissing me and I just gave in. I pulled them towards me and encouraged a very specific welcome. She jumped on top of me and began to give me a long wet kiss while he slide down and sucked me in a very special place. Her soft body was smooth and her firm breasts rubbed against mine. I reveled in the soft clouds of her wonderful body and I was very excited as she continued to run her wet silky tongue down my mouth. He meanwhile faced me and played me into wild ecstasy and unbelievable pleasure with his tongue. They then switched and his smooth perfect mouth placed his lips on mine as our tongues danced together excitedly.
He then went on top of me and placed his cock in my mouth and I sucked on it while she ran her hands against my thighs and pulled her face and tongued my clit with unbelievable passion. As if on cue we all exploded at the same time and the moans of pure joy united us in an echo of unbridled passion. We then cuddled up and spent the night hugging and playing with each other. It was awesome
Posted:May 24, 2013 9:27 pm
Last Updated:Dec 18, 2014 11:48 am

MY FIRST DOM : Another true story

I had been thinking about this for some time. I wanted to try my hand at being a Dom. Yes I had some experience tying up and gagging my Asian roommate in college but she was a sexy little rabbit that frightened easily and would react with a sexy kind of fear at the slightest hint of any danger. While it was a turn on for me I wanted to try the real thing. I wanted to dominate and control a man this time.
I had been learning a lot from my sessions with my master, like the proper way to talk with control and how use the cadence of your voice to create a sense of command. I just knew that I could translate that experience into something that would make me effective in that role. I decided to find out.
With my usual bravado I had agreed to Dom a sometime boyfriend punctuated with my boasts of how good I was at it. I never lack for confidence and I was sure I would be great at it even as I approached the coming session with a sense of trepidation and a twitching nervousness. This was a man I was about to try and control and he was not normally the type to immediately submit. I feared it could quickly turn into a disaster and be very embarrassing for me, so I had more than a few butterflies when he rang the doorbell.
I greeted him in full dominatrix attire...leather lone ranger mask, leather push up corset, fishnet stockings and black shiny thigh high heeled boots. I could tell he was excited. I was holding a crop in my hand and to test him I snapped a little snap on his butt and ordered him to get naked for me. I told him the next step would depend on how excited he was.
“If I see a flabby little dick on you” I told him “You have no idea how much trouble you’re in but if I see a large throbbing cock now” I commanded as I pulled down his boxer shorts “A painful pleasure awaits you”
I pulled his head up by his hair and ran my face close to his and whispered "you have no idea all
The things I will do to you" As my hot breath blew gently into his ear. I turned him around roughly and tied his hands behind his back and then turned him back to me. Before he could say anything I stuffed a panty in his mouth and shut it tight with a large piece of duct tape. He murmured for a moment but then gave up. There was nothing he could say now. I exhaled a little sigh of relief. He now belonged to me.

“I can see by your eyes that you are a little have never been in this position before” but when I ran my smooth legs up against his body his cock shot up nice and firm...I tugged on it a little as he squirmed.. I did not tug hard just a little more than a stroke...I decided to give him the easy side first as I slide down to my knees and wrapped my lips around his cock head...licking the tip then slowly running my tongue down his shaft till my face was nestled against his balls

“I’m in a vulnerable area for you and I can feel you are tense “I said as I gently slipped his ball sac in my mouth after asking “how much pain can you handle my sexy slave?" I could tell he was surprised by the gentle action of my tongue and mouth as I played with his ball sac in my mouth...the sense of anticipation of pain only highlights how this sensual gentle action made him feel...a little grimace as I sucked it with a rubbing of my teeth on it, but it was more the expectation of pain then the fact that there was only pleasure that was putting him on edge but delightfully so.
I released his balls from my mouth, and in one motion ran my lips and tongue up his abs and licked his body slowly...till I reached his nipples...I tickled the left nipple with my tongue then I took a firm hard pinches and stings and he refluxed in motion to the experience.

I knew I had him thinking about this sudden introduction of pain. I could tell he was wondering if there would be more. I quickly led him to the bed and in one motion pushed him backwards and he landed on the softness with a bounce. I decided to go in a different direction. I leaned over and tickled the inside of his ear with my tongue...then I tickled his side and he began to laugh through the gag...but i kept tickling him. He was laughing so hard he could not breathe for a moment. Now he couldn’t stop laughing. I kept tickling him as he struggled with his evil laugh echoing in his ear...tickling and tickling like I would never stop.
He could see that I was enjoying it. My stocking leg stroking his body as I finally stopped the tickling.
He could clearly see how aroused I was just by looking at how hard and erect my nipples were.

“Now you are beginning to learn the art of bondage you can be titillated but cannot react in the way you want to but only in the way I want you are being domed and you have no choice but to submit to my whims” I voiced using the cadence I had learned from my master.
“You can feel all kinds of sensations...all at my pleasures not yours. The only pleasure you are allowed is the pleasure of belonging to can look at me in my hot leather can lust at my exposed erect nipples and you can even feel them when i choose to run them up against you but you cannot touch them. My perfume stimulates you but you can only respond to my commands...I let you see my wonderful legs...encased in these sexy fishnets and I may even let you lick my shiny leather boots if I so choose but you cannot reach out and touch, me...I can only touch you. “ I taunted as I held his chin in my hand.

“Now I will remove your gag and what you say next will decide your fate” I removed the tape and pulled out the panty.
“Fuck me please but please don’t hurt me” He yelled before I slipped the panty back in his mouth and taped it shut.
“I will have to slap you on that one” I admonished as I slapped his face “at no time did you call me mistress...never make that mistake again”
I pulled him up and led him to a table where I tied his hands faced down and bent on the table in front of him “mmmm...your sexy ass is exposed baby” I purred as I slowly stroked his ass and the rest of his muscular body
“Wow what a body..very impressive...I can see that you are excited by my touch” I exclaimed as I could see his cock under his stomach bulging very large as I stroked him “...sorry I had to gag you again but you answered the question must remain my slave and you are not ready to be my lover need further training...I expected more from you and you failed need some form of punishment....I will blind fold you now”
I slipped the blindfold over his eyes and walked over to the corner where I picked up a paddle.
“You can hear me looking for something” I taunted as I tapped the wood paddle on the floor’’ sounds like something made of wood doesn’t it baby” I said as I walked back over to him and slapped him hard across his ass, my hand leaving a hot red impression” Ah yes the way you jumped tells me you were not expecting that.” I voiced as I watched him shake his ass instinctively to avoid the next series of slaps. He tried to pull his hands from his bonds but he could not move. He was beginning to panic a bit so to soothe him and calm him down I bent down and kissed his muscular legs...slowly running my face up against his tight and taunt skin watching his goose bumps. I slowly slide upward and then under his crotch as I licked his balls. I took my hands and cupped his cheeks in my hand and squeezed hard. I squeezed so hard I could hear a muffled yelp of pain...then I slipped away. I return with a small thin paddle, First I placed it under his nose so he could smell the wood. “Is this a paddle baby...Am I really going to hit you with it. You are not sure are you “I said as I ran the paddle between his legs letting him feel the hard surface.

I then whacked him with the paddle ten times and he moaned and screamed through his gag. ‘Okay baby the promised thirty minutes are up ‘I announced with delight’ I’m going to let you sit here awhile and think about the bonus I’m going to give you” I said as I reached into my black bag. “You are going to get another fifteen minutes baby’ I announced happily as I pulled out and turned on a vibrator and placed its roaring engine up against his ear. “In a few minutes you are going to meet my little electric friend.”
Back as per request lol
Posted:May 23, 2013 7:11 pm
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2015 10:27 pm


I had known him through friends for awhile. He was handsome and successful and was always well dressed. A few times when we ended up at a bar we managed to have some very interesting conversations on a variety of subjects. I found him to be charming and very well educated.
One night after a number of us had spent a Friday night at our favorite bar he came in by himself. I invited him to join us and he sat down next to me. This time however our conversation veered from the state of the union to the joys of bondage. We talked about the possible meanings of bondage through history and the effect it has on relationships and what the true meaning of restraint was. Over all Very egg head stuff. We were plied by the liquor of our consumption and it was totally nonsensical in more sober exchange.
Finally as the night slipped to the darkest reaches of its neon sparkle he reached over and touched my leg as he whispered in my ear. He had invited me to see his apartment and that he was in fact an aficionado of bondage. He told me he was a certifiable expert in the art of being a master. Thinking that I was about to see a mongoose in a box but intrigued by his handsome smile, I alerted my friends that we were going to share a cab home. I felt perfectly safe with him and was not expecting much more than some awkward pass and maybe a long goodnight kiss. As we got in the cab he hugged me warmly and we exchanged wet kisses. I felt warm and desired and very comfortable. When we reached his apartment I felt something drawing me too him. My senses were already aroused and my curiosity heightened by his touch. I decided to go to his apartment. He threw a twenty at the cabbie and whisked me into his apartment building.
It was a neat two bedroom apartment decorated like any Young man with a little money but lacking the woman’s touch. We sat in his spacious kitchen and shared a bottle of wine. Then he stepped over to me and pulled me from the chair softly. He led me to the bedroom that he did not show me in the obligatory tour. In this room was a brass four poster bed and bondage paraphernalia hanging on the walls,
He gave me another long wet kiss and began to remove my clothes in a sensual soft way. Before I knew it I was naked. He slowly removed his own clothes revealing a perfect body of wide shoulders and tight light skin. His hair long, blond and soft. He guided me to a dresser and pulled out a black corset with garters dangling from it. I slipped it on as per his sexy command. The corset had no cups and the whalebone pushed my breasts up and pointed. He then gently lowered me on the bed and placed me on my back as he tied my hands to the back of the brass bed. I was now helpless and exposed. He then lay on top of me and kissed my body softly as he brought his mouth to me and gave me a long passionate kiss, His hard body rubbing against me I could feel his taunt muscular body and long hard cock rubbing up against me as he did.
He whispered in my ear that he was going to blind fold me as he placed a scarf over my eyes as he kissed me gently on the neck. I heard him open his dresser drawer and I tensed with wonder on what he was getting. He began to slip on a pair of smooth silk stockings, gently rolling them up my legs and smoothing them. He would kiss me softly before gartering them to my corset. He then gave me a quick wet lick on my pussy and I arched my back with excitement and let out a moan. His touch excited me at every whisk of his sweet body and every caress of his wandering hands.
He then leaned over me and put a small wet cloth in my mouth. I tensed as he then placed tape over my mouth and whispered ‘Now you are completely under my control. All types of thoughts ran through my mind. Here I was bound and gagged and at the complete mercy of someone I hardly knew. I began to struggle against my bonds as he took each of my legs and tied then securely to each end of the bed posts. I pulled and pushed my hands and feet trying to escape. My cries were muffled by the gag as the desperate mmmm’s and pleas fell silent to his ears in the dark room. He then lay on top of me and whispered in my ear that I now belonged to him and he could do whatever he wanted with me. He then took his tongue and licked the inside of my ears; the tickle it provided only accentuated my struggle.
He then began to lick me all over my body, my breasts, my neck and the inside of my thighs. He would take little bits on my earlobes or the tips of my nipples. He would take his hands and grab my soft skin and squeeze. He did this to my ass, my breasts and the inside of my thighs. He did so just enough to hurt without inflicting anything more than a pinching pain. He would take the back of his hands and flick them against my nipples like the snap of whip. This would shoot a flinch of a painful slap that would shake my body. After awhile of this he did stop but not before he took one last long suck and bite on both my nipples. They rose strong and hard. He then turned soft and placed his hands softly as he explored my body and stroked. As he stroked me I calmed down and then he stopped. He left me for a moment. He then returned and pulled my blindfold off me. He smiled as he showed me a long black vibrator that was very long and large. My eyes gave away my fear as he whispered in my ear ’sssh my darling it won’t hurt”.
He then began to penetrate me with it. Prodding me with its tip and touching and flicking it on most sensitive areas. He would caress me with it before sliding it once more inside of me. I was now becoming aroused and when he suddenly turned it on the burst of vibration send me into a frenzy of excitement and emotion. I could feel the rotating thumb of its engine as I heard the muffled cries of my own gagged moans. My inside warmed to a heat of unbridled passion. My senses exploding in an ecstasy of dancing sensations. My insides hot and wet as I began to orgasm with a push of explosion that made me shake and quiver. Only the bonds that tied me kept me from rising up with joy as the ropes that tied me restrained me in a glorious passion... Just at my highest peak he moved his long cock inside me. His thrust danced my clit with throbbing masses of joy. Thick and deep thrusts exciting me to the frenzy of one’s limits I rose from the bed strained by my secure wrappings holding me from flying away in excitement. I then exploded my love flowing out of me like gushes of cooling water
As his warm and sticky goo swelled inside me I could feel senses filling my emotions with a satisfaction I had never felt before. As I now lay naked and bound before him he once again began to kiss me warmly all over my body as his cock rested deep within my soul. He untied my hands and I ran them to his back as I pulled his body tight to mine. We lay with in this embrace for what seemed hours as we mingled out wet tongues together in a long night of kissing.
It would not be the last time I saw him.

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