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Blah Blah Blog!
The things in my life, thoughts and what I've been up to. I mean what the hell else is a Blog anyway other than that? Description indeed! Its a Fucking BLOG, you moronic electronic editing protocol....
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It's been way too long
Posted:Mar 26, 2020 3:38 am
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2024 11:51 pm
Well here I am been way too long since I last blogged I've been a lot of stuff going on in a lot of places done a lot of things that a lot of people had a lot of fun. Next volume unfortunately we have Coronavirus I mean we is in the world not me personally as far as I know, and this is going to be a game changer.

Life and how we do things is going to be changed somewhat for a while: so how do we go about having fun? The only thing I can come up with right now is cyber. I mean there's other ways do that, and while they can be a little exciting, they are far more limiting. I'm sure we'll find other ways to get on with life and having sex. But for now, I'd rather we all were a bit pent up and undersexed, and remain alive so we can fuck like bunnies later.

Technology has provided us with some options. I'm going to try to look into some of them. Maybe get a thrill or three from some of you out there sending a signal to some device I may be wearing in the near future that will cause me to...drop something. We shall see.. Lol. But I've got to get them first. And a computer. My laptop was destroyed, and my ability to do cam shows with it.

Funny, my phone is more powerful and very capable of doing many things my laptop couldn't, but I just can't seem to get it to video broadcast. Too bad. I know my boyfriend really wanted to put both of us on broadcast, with others as well, but couldn't get his WiFi to connect and his camera wouldn't broadcast. I think he didn't have and couldn't get flash player on his laptop and that may be the entire issue right there. I had even connected my handicap to his laptop, but it just refused to connect to broadcast.

I hope to see you out there someday soon. And most importantly, Please Remain Home, Feel Well, Be Healthy, and Stay Safe. Good Luck my friends.
About Last Night
Posted:Dec 17, 2016 12:12 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2020 3:40 am

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I posted something in my blog. If you haven't caught on, not only did I move from New Jersey in July, stayed in Tucson for a few months, but now made it to Sacramento. I had a few dates in Tucson, that was fun. and while I have only been here a few weeks, I found it interesting the machinations people go through, to not show up.

I understand sometimes there will be miscommunications or things that come up, but really people, come on.

The bright spot was last night. Met a wonderful gentleman, Cailfgoldenrod16. He showed up, was respectful, but nervous., was honest about that. and we had a wonderful time. What is so hard about being like that? I mean you ARE going to get to fuck me, all you have to do is ask and show up... well and have a place!

So I will leave it there for now.
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Well here I sit....Not where I was.
Posted:Sep 9, 2016 11:57 am
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2016 12:16 pm
Wow, it has been a while since I posted a blog. I've had a lot of fun, sucked a lot of cocks, been fucked a lot since then. Even sorta had an on again, off again boyfriend for a while. Or rather a nice guy that liked to fuck me...

But now I've moved and my job situation has changed, and here I sit, just wondering where I'll be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. The flow and ebb of life is pulling me along in strange ways. Yet I've still managed to get fucked and suck some cocks... it just seems a little sparse out here at the moment, but I'm talking to a few people and some semi regularly.

The big detractor, I'm couch surfing. Not the sexual kind though, damned it... If you want me for a night I'm happy to sleep in your bed all night too. You know what to do.

Oh, my blog, well once I was in my last apartment, I didn't have internet. for over a year and a half. Now that I'm couch surfing, I have it sporadically. Don't expect to see too many posts here until I do get a place and internet...but all that requires a job, and/or someone's generosity. And I'm going where the work is... where ever it is... because a gurl's gotta eat ya know.

Hit me up, let me know, get me there and fuck me hard... we will both be happy...
Cum help me Consecrate my new Apartment!
Posted:Nov 17, 2014 5:13 am
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2016 12:16 pm

Yes I now CAN HOST! I have a new apartment, and may be available. I really want as many of you as possible to Cum over and help me Consecrate it as an Alter of Sexual Healing, a Den of Fulfilled Desires, a Hotbed of Humping and a place where everyone feels comfortable in their own skin, not to mention inside my skin...and other things...

Cum Fuck Me. Today!, Tomorrow and anytime thereafter!

Just have a little Faith!
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A Little Absence makes the Dick Grow Harder!
Posted:Nov 17, 2014 5:08 am
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2016 12:00 pm

Hi all my little horney friends! Yeah I took a short break as I started moving in to my new apartment! Now I need some horney friends who want to paint me and the walls in cum!

So the house has a new baby, and it was past time for me to move out. The theory is that if I have an apartment of my own that the baby won't be keeping me up at night so when I get to work, at least I will not be totally sleep deprived like the new parents are. Not sure how that is going to work out though, especially with all of you coming over in the middle of the night and getting Blow Jobs and fucking the shit outta me! Well as long as we don't break my new bed, I can deal with the rest of that. In fact I urge you to cum over. And over and over again and again.

Just have a little Faith!
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Nervous? Take The Chance!
Posted:Sep 1, 2014 10:45 am
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2016 12:03 pm

I was replying to another blog. This was my reply. I thought it was good enough to stand alone as sit's own post, so here it is:

On the subject of being nervous the first time, one of the most profound events in my life was so full of nervousness an tension and is burned in my memories and psyche forever. It was the first time I really went out in public dresses as a woman. Long before I transitioned.

But I did go to a nice restaurant on Fisherman's Warf in San Francisco. I was nervous for a lot of reasons. I was in the Army, I was married, I was out in public ALONE, with no support, nothing to hide behind, completely exposed and convinces that everyone saw through me. I was unsure of myself and how I looked and acted and presented. And while I ate my dinner along I was nervous and thinking that everyone was staring at me. They weren't. I sat there with tears brimming in my eyes, tears of nervousness and fear and anxiety. And the sun began to set right there through those Golden Arches of the Bridge to the west, out over the ocean, that oh so bright and colorful display of oranges and yellows and red slowly sinking into the west. And I watched it in apt awe and the nervousness left me some and was replaced by the beauty of the moment. I did not stop crying. I still cried. I cried for the step I just took that I knew would forever alter my life and that of some of the people I loved. But I also knew by then that I had to be me. Right then, right there, I was finally free! Free of the lies of hiding of so many things but I was free, even if only for a time, and those tears turned from ones of fear and angst to joy and appreciation.

I was nervous. I would continue to be nervous sometimes. I still am. But that nervousness can be turned into something wonderful, apprehension can become elation in a heartbeat. All you have to do is to take that one step, that one chance, and there it is.

Take the chance.
A Few Notes and Changes
Posted:Sep 1, 2014 10:43 am
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2016 12:04 pm

Hi everyone! Well a few changes, ok One really. When I first started my Blog here, I titles it Blah, Blah, Blog.... Or O I thought. Well turns out that was just applied to the first post and not to the entire blog itself. That has now been changes as you can see.

Notes: Feel free to comment. I will read those comments and approve or not as I see fit. this is MY Blah Blah Blog and you are NOT entitled to speak your mind here. I appreciate honesty, I really do. rudeness, not so much. Brutal Honesty? Well it depends on the message and if I understand your intent. And how you put it. sometimes we need to hear the honest truth from someone and sometimes it has to be blunt. Sometimes the intended recipient just cannot see what it is another person is getting at, or is not convinced to the actual truth of it. Sometimes Your Truth and Reality does Not match mine. I will be as fair and honest as I can, but it still does not entitle you to come into my home and rearrange my furniture and tell me the rules of my house.

No, that was aimed at no one in particular, but yes it applies to everyone. Welcome to my Parlor said the Spider to the Fly. Enjoy your stay, and hope you can get away.

Ok so now we have a few ground rules Lets see how well this works or not...
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About Last Night
Posted:Aug 31, 2014 11:26 am
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2016 12:11 pm

OK so it started long before last night. Got an IM and went to meet with this guy, nice enough man, but he only wanted t met first before we thought about trying anything. Wise precaution. But we have the mutual problem of where...I can't host right now. Neither can he. So we went our separate ways for now. I also was asked by someone to meet them at Gemini news...Yeah I know where it is now, it is the Cigar store...or that is what is most prominent on the storefront and display. But yes there is a store there and theater. I went in. It cost $10, I had $9. Damned it, so back out and got a sandwich since I hadn't eaten yet today and a large iced tea and chips, ate the sandwich and stuffed the rest in my bag along with the spare change to make up my $10. Then I went in.

And he was there....we talked briefly and next thing you know there was things happening, another guy came over and sat down, so now it was a party. They both fucked me, that was oh so nice and I sucked them off. Eventually we were done and they left, but I stayed. A few more guys wanted me to suck them and I did, one guy wanted to cum n my face, another on my tits, they did. And one more fucked me too, just before I left. I was getting ready to leave when the last two came in, glad I stayed. But I also was trying to get on TrannyDate IM. I did it, and got a few messages.

One guy called Well Hung, ,well he IS and wow that was mind blowing!
That was a very long cock, and he stuck me with every inch of it. At time I thought I was going to be able to give him a blow job while he was fucking me, but was worried he was going to break my teeth out from the inside....Yeah it almost felt that deep! Ok so I am exaggerating. There were a few times he hit my insides and Ouch! But it hurt soo good! Then we hung out a while naked. Just talked about stuff, life, the world. He really is a nice guy, and good looking too.

But it was tie to leave and he had to go to work. That was a little awkward. I mean we were talking and it was Saturday night I just didn't think he had to go to work and he didn't say anything until, when he did. But that was ok, I understand, I just thought he was free for the evening. I really wanted him to fuck me again...and again...and again...! LOL But I did leave with a smile on my face.

And I decided to stop at Red Barn, but saw there were a lot of cars at Berlin News so I went there instead. WOW a lot of guys there were actually interested in me, I gave a lot of blow jobs and swallowed buckets of cum. one of the first to cum wanted to cum on my face, so I got another facial that night. But this time he got my eye. I was wearing contacts so it didn't sting too much at first. But I had to go rinse it out a few times I need to remember to bring a small bottle of contact solution for next time. Just in case. one more dumped his load on my tits, but most of it went down my front and belly....I noticed later that there were several large streaks of dried cum all over my body. I thought I had wiped it off, but it was there. I'm wondering how it would be to war a suite of cum everywhere, an can't wait for that to happen. I was even fucked several more times. But by 2 am ish I was getting a little tired. I did get a lot of positive comments on my stamina and how I was able to pretty much keep sucking cocks for the 5+ hours I was there...

Today I can feel all that cum in my belly, just sitting there swimming around looking for those eggs to fertilize. Sorry dudes, no eggs in there. But I can still taste it too and I want more. More please, yes more. Much, much more!

Until next time Just have a little Faith!
Posted:Aug 24, 2014 7:17 pm
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2016 12:14 pm

Ok this I a "LIFE" thing. No it is not a request for , it is NOT a solicitation or invite for money for sex. If I ever do that you WILL know if it is you are am talking to. That can be an unfortunate part of life as a Transsexual. It is referred to most often as "Survival Sex", and it is completely separate from the "Time / Distance / money Equation"!

Now that misunderstanding is out of the way, let me explain the "Time / Distance / money Equation" (TD$E or TDME - the "s" is a Dollar sign, if you can't see it clearly) . Everything we do is contained within the TD$E, you go to work, guess what, you are using the TD$E - how much time does it take for you to prepare for work, the distance travel there and how much does it cost you to get there. It is answered in that equation, but please note while I have used the slashes it does not mean divide in this case, in general, it is simply so we don't run the words together...yet signify that each element is separate from the others of the equation.

You want to go on vacation, use the TD$E. Going to buy something use it again, going to try to get laid, use it again. We use it for just about everything and a lot of times it tells us NO, you can't do that. You may have the time and $$$, but it is too far to travel.

How often have you gotten an IM from someone in Australia who wants to fuck your brains out? Hey I've got the time and the $$$ because they will either cum to me or send me a ticket, but it is just too far away, Distance is keeping you apart. Or if you don't mind the distance, it is the $$$ or maybe you just do not have the time to get there....

You get the idea. Everything comes down to the TD$E...At least in a practical sense.

And yes this is a rant of sorts, and an educational opportunity in others. So if you are talking to me in IM and I mention the TM$E, NO I am not saying ....but I am asking the question: Do YOU (and have the Time, is the Distance acceptable to us and are the funds available (gas in car, motel room possible, tolls etc... and does it all add up to a good time, because if one of those things is out of place, then it will not be a good time, it will not be fun.

Old saying, if it isn't fun for one of us then it isn't fun for anyone

And damned it I'm here to have fun!
A Long Weekend, but jusy not enough SEX!
Posted:Aug 24, 2014 6:58 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2014 10:23 pm

Well it (the weekend) started off with an invite on Friday night to go see someone who I just kept missing on timing, schedules and other things, but we got it together. Unfortunately he had to work in the morning. But I showed up at his girl friends house and we went right into the bedroom. I'm not going to bore you with details, but you know suck, suck, suck, fondle, fondle, fondle, etc.... Each of us sucking something or fondling something.....and finally he was blowing me and I was caressing and massaging her back....all very sensual. It was very nice. He came on both of our faces, it was so kewl to be so close to a woman and a nice cock right there, cumming on our faces... But like I said, he had ot work and she was tired and they started without me, but then it was a bit of a drive. So we said our good nights.

I thought that it would be nice to go to a spot I know, but on the way I diverted and went to someplace else in the same vicinity. Met a few people and blew a lot of guys, ok, well not that many. One tired to fuck me, but it just wasn't going to happen. I did bring a pump and I used it, snapped a cock ring around my cock and balls, stroked myself a lot. I had one guy saying he was straight, but he did get a lot of enjoyment playing with my ass... whatever floats his boat, I'm not judging, nor denying the validity of his claim. But we all had fun. I did see this very large and beautiful African American TS woman come in and look for a while (I almost always get naked there)m and she'd wander away then come back and watch a moment or was curious, but then most of the guys there are doing the same things and a lot just want to watch, or they are too scared to do anything, not sure which or if it is a little of both. Eventually I left. Met that woman in the parking lot, we talked, very nice person. Then I went home. Well I stopped to check something on my cell, see if I could bring up TrannyDate IM, but I just could not read it on my phone. But I used the pump again and put the cock ring on again, just like before, drove home that way. Stroking it and nearly being able to cum, but eventually I had to give up. Got home. Went to bed, still stroking, but by then the cock ring was off.....

Got up and made a date, left for that, got there and met this guy, on the large side. We immediately got busy, kinda intense for a few, but nice. did some cuddling and a lot of kissing among other things. but damned it, still no one to fuck my ass! Then it was time to go. I left. Had regular life things to do, got some news from a friend having a hard time, spent time with them on the phone trying to help them out and by then I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

Sunday rolls around and I'm up later than I wanted to be, still exhausted, cancelled a date for early in thee morning, but then I had not heard from the guy and it is a looong way over there from here.... Was going to get a shower, but things transpired and next thing you know I've got a lot of chat windows open and people talking to me. Made a few connections. Apparently I was interviewed by one for a possible addition to his haram, I guess you'd call it. (yeah being vague and a little misleading here because yes I am interested and do hope to be chosen, but I don't want to give the details away right now). Talked about a lot of things with people and got a few e-mail addys. Then heard about a place just around the proverbial corner from me. Did not want to drive, so I rode my bike....couldn't find it. It was supposed to be within 2 miles, and after a more than 10 mile bike ride I got home....

So how was YOUR weekend? And why the fuck did you not get you cock wet and deep in my ass? Maybe next time....

Ciao, and have some Faith!
Blah, blah, blog!
Posted:Aug 21, 2014 7:13 am
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2014 4:55 am
Hi, just a little time to introduce myself to anyone interested. Or rather re-introduce. I've been here on TrannnyDate for some time, but went inactive. I'm back now, obviously.

SO while I am more than willing to leap small buildings and ride speeding trains, if I can ever figure out the train system here, to get to someone who wants to fuck me, it would also be nice for people to make a little effort on their part too. I get some who do, but a lot are just not going to lift a finger to get laid. I guess they are just not going to get laid then. Their loss.

So look for me, and make a little effort. You may be surprised.

And yeah I am starting to look for someone to be with on a regular and long term basis. Not ready to move yet. But we will see what the next year or so brings.... Humm anyone interested in a group home for fun?

Keep the Faith!
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