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Real experiences and fantasies
Sharing some of my favorites
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fantasy with s special woman
Posted:Apr 1, 2010 12:24 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2022 8:20 pm

We meet in a park and make some small talk as both of us give some sly grins now and then, each knowing that we have already made up our minds that this is going to be a fantastic sexual night. We stop off for a light bite to eat then head to a motel. I get checked in and take you to our room on the 7th floor above the city. As soon as we enter the room carrying small overnight bags, we set them down, then I grab you, squeezing your ass in my hands as I crush our bodies together. Our lips meet in a hot deep long kiss. You feel my hard cock pressed against your already wet pussy as I feel the heat from your pussy on my cock and your firm breasts smashed against my chest. You did as I instructed and wore some cheap slacks and to that you bought just for this occasion. After many deep hot kisses I spin you around and press my cock against your ass as I pull your arms behind you and apply the cuffs to your wrists My hands slide around and squeeze your large breasts making your nipples stand erect. I moan into your ear, “your body is mine for tonight”. I turn you to face me and I tear your blouse open exposing your breasts encased in a pink lacey bra. I pull a knife out and cut the band between your breasts freeing them. I lower my head and suck one nipple into my mouth, nibbling on it as I palm your other breast feeling your nipple hard against my palm. I switch and suck hard on your other nipple while pinching the other. You moan and sway. I tell you not to speak unless I ask you a question. I kiss you again, my tongue probing into your warm mouth. I rip the waistband of your slacks and let them drop to the floor as your eyes widen. I tear your red lacey panties off you and make you suck the crotch of them tasting your juices that have soaked them. I lead you to the dresser and bend you over it exposing your sexy ass to me. You start to ask what am I going to do when you feel my hand firmly slap your bare ass. “I told you not to speak, do you understand?” You meekly reply, “yes sir.” I strip down naked and rub my hard cock against your ass cheeks then up and down your ass crack over your asshole and pussy. My cock damp from rubbing your pussy now, I tease your ass lightly pressing against as if I am going to fuck your ass first. You moan and wiggle your ass wanting my cock inside you. I pull away and kneel then spread your ass cheeks and lick your pussy from behind, probing your wetness with my tongue and fingers, first one, then 2, then 3 fingers fucking your pussy between licks. Your moaning and hips swaying, trying to press back to drive my fingers and tongue deeper into your pussy. I slap your ass hard leaving a well defined red hand print. I take a vibe egg I brought with me and twist it on then slide it into your hungry pussy. Juices run down your thighs leaking from your pussy, I quickly lick them away. The egg fully inside you with just the removal cord hanging out. I tell you, “do NOT move” then I walk to a chair and sit down and watch your thighs and ass quiver. As I sit and watch I speak to you, telling you all that will happen. “I am going to make you suck my cock, I might even cum down your throat, I haven’t made up my mind on that yet. You know of course your ass is mine later, my cock aches to fill your ass. Your pussy? It with feel my cock many times. You will be begging me to fuck you harder and deeper. I just might do it if I have asked you first. Maybe I will titty fuck you too. Your tits look like they want to be fucked. They were made to be fucked. Where would you like me to cum first my sex slave?” You answer with a quiver in your voice, “my ass, I want your cum in my ass first” Just then you start a louder moaning and your hips start to pump as the vibe egg hummms away inside your pussy. I reply, “I am not sure where I’ll cum first, but believe this, I fill all your holes with hot cum before I am finished with you for tonight.” I stand and walk to you then rub my hot hard cock up and down the crack of your ass again, wetting my cock with your juices flowing freely out of your pussy and down your thighs. You tremble and press back against my cock wanting, needing it inside you, inside your pussy or ass, makes no difference to you right now, just needing filled anywhere. I slap one ass check then the other. Your ass so nice red and warm from my spanks. I pull the egg out and turn it off. Your ass still swaying and clenching wishing it was still inside you. You feel my hands on your hips and wonder what comes next, where might I put my cock. I grasp my cock shaft and aim then slam forward, my cock spreading your pussy as it plunges deep into you till my balls slap your clit. We both moan loudly, your hips pump back onto my cock as my hips twitch driving my cock deeper, your pussy split wide, full of hot hard throbbing cock. I slap both ass cheeks at once and beginning a slow teasing sawing motion, so slowly moving my cock in and out as you try to suck me deep. Every now and then I give one quick hard thrust before resuming my slow fuck into your hot dripping pussy. My hands are palming your ass cheeks with my thumbs in your ass crack soreading them wide. I watch my cock sawing in and out as your pussy lips suck on my cock, sliding out with my cock before your lips fold in as I press back into you. Your asshole is almost winking at me as I slowly thrust in and out. I run one hand under you coating my hand in your juices, then I slowly slide one wet slippery thumb into your ass. You moan and say “YESSSSSS, fuck my ass”. I quickly remove my thumb and spank your hot ass again, one, two, three, four slaps on it. “Did you speak without being asked anything?” “I’m sorry master”. I slide my thumb in your ass again and press it in as far as I can, I feel my cock through the thin membrane. My cock slides in and out of your pussy as my thumb moves in and out of your ass. I feel you tense and moan again as you cum on my cock. “Ah, that’s what I have been waiting for.” My hips start slamming in and out, my cock driving deep and hard, shoving your thighs hard against the dresser. I shove my thumb hard into your ass as my cock pounds your pussy hard, fast and deep. You ass tightens on my thumb as your pussy sucks hard on my squeezing me tight and you moan again, cumming harder on my cock and thumb. I pull out and turn you and press down on your shoulders making you kneel, then I grab your hair and shove my cock deep into your mouth making you gag. Tears form in your eyes as you gag on my cock, I slowly pull back then thrust my hips forward again filling your mouth with hard cock, I pull out and allow you take a couple breaths then I plunge my cock back in and this time shove it deeper til I feel my cockhead in your throat. I hold it there till you gag, then pull out and repeat it. Several cycles of that and I start fucking in and out in a steady motion. You adjust to this and start eagerly sucking and swishing your tongue around and around the head of my cock. My cock starts to harder and swell even more when I pull it out of your sweet mouth. You moan, nooooo. I let that word slip past and stand you, remove the cuffs, then guide you to the bed and lay you down on it. I raise your legs up over your body, pressing your knees to your beautiful breasts and I tell you to hold your legs up tight to your tits, I kneel between your thighs, grasping my cock in hand, slide my cock over your clit, rubbing up and down in your wonderful slit, then I aim and spear your ass, pressing until my cock head pops in, then I pull out and lean down to kiss you deeply, sucking on your tongue. I grasp my cock again and press against you spread ass, sliding in a little easier this time and just a little deeper. I pull out and kiss you again. Running my tongue around and around over your lips. As I probe deep into your warm sweet mouth with my tongue I press my cock against your hot ass and slide ½ way in, spreading your ass wider, I slide partway out and then start slowly fucking your ass, going deeper with each stroke slowly filling your ass. You are moaning continuously around my probing tongue as my cock fucks your ass well, filling your ass with HOT HARD THROBBING cock. Fully inside you, my balls pressed to your ass crack. I pinch your nipples between thumbs and fingers, rolling them, twisting and stretching them out. Then I pump long strokes in and out of your ass, picking up speed with every stroke or two. I lean down and bite one nipple then the other stretching them out as I pull back on them. My hips driving my cock in and out in a steady motion, I feel your hips bucking up and down meeting each of my strokes. Your legs bucking as we fuck, my cock tight in your hot sexy ass. I realize then I am not sure who is fucking who, your hips bucking up fucking your ass onto my cock, or me fucking down into your ass. Doesn’t make any difference it feels fantastic to both of us. Our hips move faster, thrusting harder against each other. I slide a hand down and caress your clit with a thumb, your ass tightens on my cock, so tight it is hard to move, but I slam hard and my cock moves in and out of your ass with so much friction I growl loudly, my cock swells and pulses and I cum hard, my hips bucking in a motion uncontrollable to me, pumping hot cum in your ass, you moaning as you cum with me, ass clenching on my cock, your juices running out of your pussy and onto my cock where it spears into your ass. I lean down and kiss you, keeping my lips on yours as my cum pumps into your ass, filling it to over flowing and running out around my cock and making a puddle of our juices under your ass. I finally sit back and pull my still throbbing cock out of your ass, watching as a last couple squirts of cum hit in your open pussy, then I see more cum slip out of your delightful sexy hot ass. I lean down and lick our juices out of your spread pussy. Your hips buck up against my face, washing my face with our mixed juices. I move up and kiss you feeling you lick my lips and chin to taste our delicious mixed juices. I lay beside you and hug you tight as we kiss and relax a little. Kissing softly now, hugging tight as we rest before I start with my next idea.
My first MFM 3way 2005
Posted:Aug 11, 2007 10:51 am
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2022 8:20 pm
I met with T & s for breakfast Sat morning. T is the male Master and s is the fem slave. Both of average build. We ate and enjoyed some conversation. I enjoyed seeing most of s's breasts. By the time we finished eating, T asked s what did she think, she noded yes. T asked if I wanted to follow them home which I did.
As soon as we were in their living room, T had s go change. She came back in schoolgirl outfit. Plaid short skirt and white lacy panties and a whte short top tied and unbuttoned under her bare breasts. T had her lean over the back of the sofa and started using the flogger she had brought out with her. I could see the desire in her face with each hit. T then removed her panties and skirt and spanked her ass. She stood and untied the shirt and showed me her bare breasts, very firm and lovely. Both her nipples have rings. I played with her rings and squeezed her breasts. I sucked her nipples and flipped the rings with my tongue. Then she bent over the sofa and I spanked her red ass. T told me I should feel her wet pussy, I slide my fingers between her thighs and felt her wet pussy and stroked her clit. I pulled my fingers out and licked her juices off my fingers. We all got naked then, and s kneeled before me on the sofa and started sucking my cock. She licked and sucked me deeper and deeper til her lips were crushed against my pubic bone then pushed down farther. Deep throating me and swirling her tongue around my throbbing cock. T got behind and fucked her pussy as she sucked me. Then she got on all fours on floor and I fucked her pussy as she sucked T's cock. Then T suggested we go to the bedroom. I laid on my back and s sucked me a while then moved up over me and slide her pussy down on my cock. T played with her ass and slide a finger in her ass then spanked her as she fucked me. She got off and sucked me again as T slide his cock in her ass and fucked her. T moved away and she rolled over, I got between her thighs and started eating her pussy and flicking the stud in her clithood. T moved up and s sucked his cock. I raised her legs and licked her deep and a long time then slide up and guided my cock into her ass as she kept sucking T's cock. I spread her open pussy and played with her clit and stud while fucking her ass. We switched places several more times. T and I fucking pussy, ass and her mouth. T would grab her hair and force her head up and down on my cock as he fucked her from behind. Then s got on top of me again and slide her pussy down my cock, T got behind her and slid his cock into her ass, double fucking her. She was going wild and kept cumming and cumming. T got off and got his camera. Then I pulled her on top so we could 69. T was taking photos and a movie. s slide a finger in my ass as she sucked me deep while I ate her pussy. Then I got behind and fucked her ass again. By then I couldn't count how many times I'd been in her pussy, ass or mouth. We were all soaking wet with sweat. We moved to the living room for some cold drinks. T got a whip and started cracking it and told s to get up and stand in middle of room. He cracked her ass with the whip over and over. I could see her flinch but she stood there and the pleasure showed on her face. We got dressed and T took me to the garage to show me his Harley. We sat in the living room, s turned and said to me, "you sure like eating pussy a lot." I replied, "was it to much?" She answered, "OH NO, I loved it all."
Just a fantasy for now.
Posted:Jul 26, 2007 7:02 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2022 8:20 pm
..I'd cuff and tie you spread wide before me with a blindfold on you. I would play and tease for a while. There'd be a knock on the door and I'd open it, You'd strain to hear what's said in whispers. Then you'd feel several hands touching, squeezing, probing your whole body. Pressing inside each of your openings, mouth, pussy and ass. Then you'd feel hard cocks rubbing across your naked body leaving wet trails. One cock probing at your mouth till you open and start sucking it, tasting the precum on your tongue. Another cock would slide into your wet pussy, stretching it and filling it with hard throbbing cock. Soon both would pull out and you'd taste a new cock in your mouth as another presses into your hungry pussy. Hands and mouths teasing your nipples, nipping them. Then both cocks would be pulled out and you'd be rolled on top of a man and his cock would enter your pussy, then a cock splitting your ass open and filling it. Hands slapping your cock filled ass as other hands squeeze your breasts and pinch your nipples. Your pussy quivers and pulses as your ass clenches on hard cocks feeling them swell and spurt hot cum into you. You are rolled onto your back as men kneel on each side of your head, you hear condoms removed and feel hot cum splash onto your face and drip into your mouth. You hear clothes being put back on and the door open and close. Then I release the cuffs and remove the blindfold and allow you to dress. You always wonder how many men enjoyed using your hot sexy body. Was it only 2, 3, 4 or even more??? You never know for sure. But you want it again......and so do they.
Play with a fantastic woman
Posted:Jul 20, 2007 6:49 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2022 8:20 pm
Last Monday I met a new woman. We talked a while then got a motel room. Soon we were both naked and I was in awe as I saw her large tits. She is curvy and sexy. I'm not sure which is most firm, her tits or ass. It didn't take long before I had her sit on edge of the bed and I was kneeling between her open thighs with legs high in the air. I started licking and sucking her pussy lips and clit. Such a hot wet pussy that tasted wonderful. When neither of us could stand it any longer, I moved up and slid my hard cock into her open pussy,so hot, wet and a very snug fit. After quite some time fucking I shot a load of cum into her, then pulled out and moved around to her head and she sucked my dripping cock as I took a few pics. I had never felt such wild swirling tongue action. She sucked my still hard cock clean, then I set the camera on video and had her kneel on the end of the bed. I got one leg up on bed and fucked her pussy again, soon I had my other leg on the bed fucking her crab style. First time I had tried that position and it felt great. After some time I pulled out and turned off the video. I sat on end of bed and had her back over me for a reverse cowboy for a while. We did a 69 for a while then she got on top and fucked me till I shot another load into her. We had been busy for over an hour and it was a great time. I look forward to meeting her many more times.
One of my favorite true experiences.
Posted:Feb 6, 2007 5:44 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2022 8:21 pm
I met Heidi for nearly 4 yrs about 4 or 5 times a year in 1998-2002. She was married too and couldn't away very often. This one time we met in Kokomo at a motel. I'd told her to wear a short dress and nothing on under it. I'd already got a room, but was waiting for her in my truck. She got in with me and we started driving around on US 31. I reached over and pulled her head to my lap and told her to get my cock out and suck it. She opened my pants and started sucking as I drove. I stopped in the hospital parking lot and found a parking spot out near the far corner, Not that far from US 31. I parked facing the hospital and got out, walked around and opened her door. I helped her out and then turned her to lean into the truck and raised her dress to expose her naked ass and pussy. I shot a couple pictures and then walked up behind her and took my cock out and slipped it into her hot wet pussy and started fucking her. We were really getting it on and enjoying a good fuck when I noticed a woman walking toward us. I stepped back and turned Heidi and had her sit as I stood in the open door my wet cock sticking at Heidi. The woman walked to a car just one over from us and drove away. I pulled Heidi's mouth onto my cock. She sucked her juices off me and kept sucking as her hand caressed my balls. Soon I couldn't help it as she was sucking me so well with full intent on a mouthful of my hot cum, I shot into her mouth and she swallowed it all. Milking my cock dry as she kept sucking and licking the tip of my cock. When she had me drained we drove back to motel. She got a bag I told her to bring and we went inside. I told her to get into the panties, shorts and tshirt she brought along as I went for some ice. When I got back I knocked on the door and she asked "who is it" I answered, complimentary ice ma'am. She opened the door and I went in to set the ice down, as she turned her back to me I grabbed her and stuck a gun (water pistol) in her back and told her not to make a sound and she would get out of this ok. Then I put the blindfold on her. She kept begging me not to hurt her, please take my money, just leave her alone, ok? I told her to keep her money, that wasn't what I wanted. I took the police cuffs out of my pocket and cuffed her to the overhead coatrack. I took out some scissors and cut holes just the size of her breasts and let her bare tits show though the holes. Then I cut the sides of her shorts and let them fall to the floor. I cut and tore one side of her panties and let them hang around her other thigh. She kept pleading with me to stop and leave her alone and take her money. I palmed both ass cheeks from in front and pulled her tight to me still fully clothed. I rubbed my rough clothes against her. I kneaded her ass cheeks. Then I palmed both of her tits and felt the nipples grow erect. I stepped back and turned her then kneeled and nibbled her ass cheeks, my hand went up between her thighs and palmed her pussy from behind. As I drew my hand out my thumb slipped through her outer pussy lips and I felt her wetness and her body tremble. I stood and undressed. Then I got behind her and slipped my cock between her thighs, I could feel her hot wet pussy throbbing on the top of my cock. I humped in and out several times, then reached around and guided my cock up into her pussy. One long stroke and I was in deep, she was so wet and hot I slide in easily. I pushed her bent over as far as the cuffs allowed and fucked her from behind as we stood there. I reached down and grasped my cock shaft and slid my hand down to rest against her pussy getting my hand wet with her juices. Then I pumped in and out of her pussy, Just the head popping in and out of her. It felt like a first entry on every stroke. Her hips were pumping back trying to capture more of my cock but she was unable to with my hand in the way. Gawd that felt so good. After several minutes of teasing her I removed my hand and rammed in deep and fucked her hard and deep a while. I rubbed her anal opening with a thumb, then I felt her pussy clamp tighter and my cock and throb as she moaned and knew she had cum on me. I removed the blindfold and cuffs and took her to bed and lay on my back as she got on top and slid down my hard throbbing cock. So hot and wet inside, I moaned and grabbed her tits, rolling her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. She humped up and down hard and fast, driving my cock as deep as she could. I slid a hand down and caressed her clit as she rode my cock. I heard her moan and her pussy squeezed my cock hard as she had another cum. I grabbed her hips and kept her pumping on my cock, she leaned back over my legs and put her arms behind her, hands onto my knees, it put so much pressure on my cock and her Gspot I couldn't hold back and exploded, shooting hot cum deep into her sucking pussy. As my cum filled her she moaned and slammed down on me hard cumming again. She leaned over me and rested on my chest as my cock and her pussy continued to throb together. Soon she rolled off and I slid around and pulled her on top in a 69. She took my cock in her mouth and licking and sucking me clean, I spread her pussy and licked our juices from her. We separated and lay together to rest before getting dressed and leaving.......

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