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MJputergurl 60F  
57 posts
9/3/2012 11:31 am

2. So you’re going to get your penis cut off?

Another impressively common one. In short, no. That’s not how it works.

I hope I don’t squick you all out too much, but I’ll provide a really rough, basic explanation of one of the common forms of MtF lower surgery (aka SRS, sexual reassignment surgery, aka GRS, genital reconstruction surgery, aka vaginoplasty), using the “inversion method”.
The penis is basically split into three pieces. The tip is sort of detached from the bulk of the shaft to be formed into a clitoris. The skin of the shaft is removed and the shaft itself split down the middle. It is then inverted into a vaginal canal such that the exterior circumference of the shaft serves as the vaginal lining. This preserves sensation in the event of penetrative sex as well as allows for a certain degree of natural lubrication during arousal.
The testes are indeed discarded but they’re pretty much the only bit of tissue that doesn’t get used. The scrotal tissue is used to form outer labia and create the aesthetic appearance of a typical female vulva. Remaining tissue and skin get used to form a clitoral hood and add additional depth to the vaginal canal as needed.

The procedure is remarkably effective, and has come quite a long way over the decades. Transwomen today are able to preserve considerable sensation (often no loss of sensation reported at all), and very many report greatly improved sexual satisfaction and full orgasmic potential. The outward appearance is virtually indistinguishable from any other woman’s vulva. The only two things that are typically at all noticeable are that if your partner is particularly well-endowed, he may notice a slight lack of depth, and the vaginal canal is often a little bit steeper than in cis women, though that can be prevented by a trans woman taking care to exercise proper technique while dilating (a process required to ensure the vaginal canal doesn’t close).

There are a few things that I find particularly troubling about this misconception, or even just casual joking reference to “cutting off your dick”. One is reinforcement of the classic misogynist myth that women are incomplete men. Women are men, minus a few pieces. Female genitals are just the absence of male genitals. Castration anxiety, penis envy, blah blah blah, etc. Clearly, that is not true. Women are their own sex, not simply lesser men. So why should we assume that acquiring girl bits is as simple as lopping off the boy bits and carving a gash?

The other problem is how it reinforces an image of transwomen as sexless, mutilated Barbie dolls. It reinforces the idea that we have simply discarded our sex rather than asserting for ourselves what we feel deprived of. It is reductive, and imagines our new state as “less” than our previous one. It reinforces the sense that we’ve rendered ourselves inferior by sacrificing our maleness.

"Know masculinity, maintain femininity, and be a ravine for all under heaven." - Lao Tzu

wetslikfun 64M/58F  
11 posts
9/9/2012 12:14 am

well if you think logically the most sensitive area on a mans penis is not much if any larger than a womans clit and how else would sensitivity be achieved without that area being preserved my current partners x boyfriend has had sr and im here to say even knowing her as he was shes still hot as hell and yes id have no problem making her satisfied in anyway she desired

MJputergurl 60F  
88 posts
9/7/2012 9:15 am

Thank you Lisa. I'm not terribly surprised no guys have weighed in on this yet, giggles!
Lucyjane, that's a fair question. It's also nice to have a chance to say something about this, because so many people confuse the fake things they see in transsexual porn, or the things a crossdresser or transvestite can do, and expect transsexuals can do (or even want to do) the same things; which isn't usually true.
I should qualify my answer by saying that everyone orgasms differently, and this is true for transsexual women both before and after sex realignment surgery (SRS). I can only fully relate my own feelings, but I can say from talking to and being with many other transwomen sexually; my experience is pretty typical.

First, due to the hormones and testosterone blockers a transwoman takes, the functions of her penis and testes are affected gradually over time in many ways that eventually make her orgasms much more similar to a natal woman than a man.
Ejaculation is usually one of the first things affected. In the space of just a month or two after starting testosterone blockers, her ejaculate can go clear; indicating the reduced function (and eventual shut down) of the testes. Even the clear ejaculate diminishes over time; so in my case for example, there is no ejaculate at all.
Personally, I can say that made me happiest of all; I was always disgusted by my ejaculating upon orgasm. Sorry guys, despite what you see faked in porn, there's no way in hell I'm ever gonna be able to come in your mouth! It's always extremely obvious to me when somebody asks for this, that they know very little about transsexual women other than what they've seen in porn. It also indicates they haven't figured out that much of what we see in any pornography is faked or staged. Which then leads to the conclusion they are looking at me as a porn fantasy to be crossed off their bucket list, rather than as a person with feelings.

Secondly, erectile function is also affected. This is something else that is frequently faked in porn; sorry guys, about the only way I can fuck you in the ass is the same way any woman does, with a strap-on or a toy.
Erectile function is what varies the most from one transwoman to the next. For myself, while spontaneous erections (including "morning wood") ceased almost immediately after I started hormones/T-blockers; it took at least 3-4 years of hormones before they really wouldn't happen anymore at all unless I'm very aroused. Even then they don't last, but I don't need or want them to.

So before you say my sex life must be terrible, remember that all the nerves that are present in a transsexual woman's penis before hormones; they are still there even when erections and ejaculation no longer occur. It's a gradual process, but eventually the connection between erection and ejaculation to orgasm is severed.

This doesn't happen for every transsexual woman, but the nice thing about this for me is that I can orgasm as many times as my partner is willing to help me with (or that I can stand), in a row

As to the feelings during orgasm, you nailed it lucyjane. I cannot speak for every transsexual woman, but for me the "waves" analogy is right on.

It's still only a small percentage of transsexual women who can ever afford to do so, but by the time a transsexual woman is finally able to have SRS; her mode of arousal and orgasm are already much like a natal woman. SRS simply helps us complete the adjustment of our physical self to match what is in our head and heart, and makes our sexual experience what we always felt it should be.

"Know masculinity, maintain femininity, and be a ravine for all under heaven." - Lao Tzu

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