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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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My Journey Continued
Posted:Jun 17, 2017 2:14 pm
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2017 7:36 pm

I joined this site a couple of months after I separated from my Ex. A couple of months later I met a wonderful sex partner. I made a few blog posts about the start of my sexual journey, but life got in the way and updating this blog was no longer a priority. I 'm happy to say that my lover is now a living with me and we have plenty of sexy fun time together. I've been with my lover/GF for over two years now. My GF can go a couple of rounds in an evening, with the occasional triple, but I often feel I can go on. But I don't press it because the sex is really good, and if I'm really horney, I can usually get some the next morning.

Towards the end of last year I began thinking about expanding my sexual horizons. My GF and I don't have a typical open relationship. We both pursue our own interests and have more of a don't-ask/don't-tell policy. This means that if the opportunity presents itself, then … Earlier this year I decided to make an opportunity at a brothel north of Las Vegas at the start of a hell-raising weekend with some old buds. The nice thing about NV brothels is the convenience and regulated safe sex. Most of the folks on the site seem to prioritize safe sex, but hooking up with someone in the wild takes some effort. I do need to be discreet, but the best time that I can make an opportunity is when I'm either out of town (often in Willows CA) or about to go out of town, so a hotel/motel is no problem. I'm sure there are plenty of women out there that would like to share some sexy pleasure.

I'm going to add some more blog posts as time permits. Maybe I'll go into some more detail about the above, or just philosophize about sex. I've already hot listed a few ladies (I know you don't care but it is an easy way to keep track of hotties that peak my interest). I'll begin reaching out to some and see if I get any interest back.
Rules to Live By
Posted:Jul 11, 2017 8:16 pm
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2017 8:20 pm

When I left the Ex, I decided to make happiness my number one priority. I also decided that I had no need for unnecessary drama in my life. So far so good! As far as sex goes, I have two simple rules;

Sex is a recreational activity
Recreational activities are best enjoyed when you are prepared:
○ Physically - Keeping the bod neat and tidy.
○ Equipment - Always make sure the necessary accessories are readily available.
○ Eat Right - Know what foods help and what foods hinder.
○ Don't Drink - A beer or a glass of wine is fine, but too much will diminish the experience (a little bit of the Herb one the other hand …)

Sex is a pleasure best shared
Most of us are on this site because we enjoy sexual pleasure and those that are looking for partner(s) are looking for people that can provide sexual pleasure. Sex is best when your partner is enjoying it as much or more then you are:
○ Pay Attention - Figure out what turns on your partner and go back to that place and do it more
○ Explore - Explore your partner to find those special spots, inside and out, that sends chills of pleasure through your partner's body
○ Take a Hint - Unless your partner indicates they want to keep going as long as possible, you need to known when it's time to ramp it up and finish it off (and there's nothing better than cumming together with your partner …)
Mmm ... Ahhh
Posted:Jun 17, 2017 2:19 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2024 8:28 am

Mmm ...

Ahhh ...
First Swing
Posted:Sep 7, 2015 2:10 pm
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2015 6:56 pm

After the intensity of our playtime a couple of weeks ago, the following week my lover and I only got together twice for two hour quickies. Even though the swing was assembled, we had yet to try it. She got a look at it last weekend and we played around a bit, but ultimately not on the swing.

Earlier this week my lover came over looking forward to trying the swing. She got to my house a bit late. We were both pretty horney, so we soon ended up on the couch to start the evening off. After watching some TV, we turned our attention to the swing room. I lit some candles and turned off the lights. I guided her into the swing, put her feet in the stirrups, and helped adjust the various parts. Soon, she was quite comfortable, even though she really couldn’t move much besides her arms and head. I then began to rub her and kiss her in the ways that I know gets her hot. When we were both ready, I got between her legs and realized that she was a few inches too low. Fortunately, I had the bench and with one knee on the bench, I was able to get just the right entry so that I could hit the places she always seems to love. I could lightly rock back and forth or swing her by the hips. If I move a bit forward, I can gently lift her off and then just let gravity place her back on me. We eventually erupted together and I sat down on the bench with my head in her lap.

I think the swing was a good idea. We’re already talking about some of the other positions available. I’ve started start a journal to write down the adjustments that work (need about ten more inches up from last time). Just finished setting it up for doggy.
The Swing Room
Posted:Aug 28, 2015 7:07 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2015 2:13 pm
So I assembled my new toy the other night. I also got a sex bench for good measure. Now I need to decorate that swing room. I’m think about a cabinet, that use to store my toys and that I can put candles and stuff on top of, maybe a lava lamp, and some erotic art. Hope to try the swing with my lover later this weekend.
Look What Arrived on my Doorstep
Posted:Aug 26, 2015 7:45 pm
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2015 7:19 pm
Some assembly required ...
Happy Times
Posted:Aug 25, 2015 11:05 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2015 2:21 pm
So, I’ve been seeing my lover, a couple of times a week, for almost three months now and the sex just keeps getting better. We get together for three or four hours on a mid-week evening and again over the weekend for at least a few hours, but lately for the night and into the next day. We’ve gone out to eat, or I’ve BBQed, a number of times and spent some time together outside of the bedroom (or the couch for that matter). But when we are at my place or her’s, we spend almost all of our time cuddling, which seems to always lead to serious playtime.

About a month ago, my lover and I were talking about our simple sexual fantasies and I brought up the subject of toys. She was open to the idea and we agreed on some of the thing I would get. She was unsure about vibrators because her only other experience with them was many years ago. So I did my research and got a compact, water proof (did I say we enjoy the occasional bubbly bath) silicon rabbit vibrator. I also got some restraints, a blindfold, and some edible oils. A few days later, she asked me when the toys would arrive. She suggested that I get some collars, a leash, and a riding crop from the pet store. I went to PetsMart and got some nylon collars and a leather leash. Being that I live in a city, our PetsMart does not carry riding crops, but I knew of another store not far that did.

The toys arrived few days before my lover left for a ten day cruise. We played with the vibrator and had a lot of fun with it. When I saw her again two weeks later we weren’t really interested in any toys, just playtime. The next weekend, we played with the vibrator again and both of use really enjoyed it (yea, she was sucking me at the time). So we decided to delve into the other toys last Saturday.

Saturday morning I had a good breakfast (eggs, sausage, and beacon in a flower tortilla), watched some TV, made some posts on AAF, and did some cleaning. I took a shower, changed the sheets on the bed, and arranged the toys and an outfit (she left last visit) on the bed. She arrived on time and I greeted her (as I always do) with a big, passionate, hug. We had a beer on the patio and talked a bit, before she went back to the bedroom to check out what we had to play with. She came out in her outfit (a camo skirt and boots … I can’t remember what else, since it was not on for long). We ended up on the couch in our favorite position.

After some cuddling, she went to the bedroom and returned with a collar, the leash, and the riding crop. After some play on the couch, she led me by the leash to the bedroom. She secured my feet but wanted to leave my hands free to roam all over her. Eventually, she let my feet go so that we could do it in our second favorite position. After that we needed a rest and watched some TV … naked on the couch. But my hands began to roam and I turned off the TV and we retired to the bedroom for more play time and then sleep. I was up first in the morning. I made some coffee, smoked my pipe, brushed my teeth, and returned to bed with my lover … soon we started the day with some serious play.

I had a show and shine to go to the next morning (this is where a bunch of guys [and some gals] show their restored and race-prepped cars), about half way between her place and mine. We were going to go their together and then go on to her place, but she realized that she could probably only stand five minutes looking at cars, so she decided to go home and I would stop by later. Well, I saw some cool cars and met some nice folks, then went to my lover’s place. We watched some TV, but soon ended up playing in the bedroom.

For the rest of the day, she had places to be and I had things that need to be done. After some hugs and kisses on the way out, I went home. I spent the rest of the day getting a few things done on the computer and watching a bunch of auto racing. I ended the evening with pre-season football. Life is good!
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My Lover
Posted:Aug 18, 2015 10:01 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2015 12:09 pm

One Sunday afternoon at the end of May, I was going through my usual routine of going over profiles and sending out about a dozen messages. Within an hour, I got a response from one. She had mentioned somewhere in her profile that she wanted it to be all about her pleasure and that she was sort of selfish that way. I played on this in my original message and we exchanged several messages expanding on the subject. By the next day we had arranged to meet the following Thursday in the bar at a restaurant near me.
I dressed up nicely and arrived at the bar ten minutes early. I ordered a glass of wine and waited. She was a no show, but I did have a nice meal at the bar and the bar tended turned me on to a really good, locally grown, Malbec. The next Sunday, I got a message from her explaining why she didn’t show up. The explanation seemed reasonable and we arranged to try again on Tuesday night. She showed up this time and we hit it off immediately and talked for almost three hours over dinner. She said she was looking for someone to get together with twice a week. She also, half-jokingly, told me she was a sex addict. By the end of the night, we agreed that I would message her with my contact info.
The next morning, I received an e-mail from her suggesting that she come over to my place the next night. I did not hesitate to reply in the affirmative. She asked for directions, so I e-mailed turn-by-turn directions to my house. I arrived home on Thursday and about an hour later got a text that she was on her way. She got lost. After a while, I finally drove to a nearby beauty supply store so that I could guide her back to my place. Long story short, I had the best sex of my life that night.
Turns out, she has only a bit more sexual experience than me. Both of us enjoy our alone time, or doing other things time, so our time together is sometimes limited to a few hours but sometimes almost a day. When we are together, most of the time is play time and we are beginning to explore new things (I’m getting something that rhymes with thing). We continue to get together twice a week for the best sex in our lives.
On My Own ... Searching
Posted:Aug 9, 2015 10:33 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2024 8:28 am

When I moved out of what is now my wife’s house, I took very little with me … clothes, some tables and chairs from my office, and tools, car stuff, bike and ski stuff. The first few things I bought were a bed, a TV, a double reclining love seat, and some basic kitchen stuff. I spent the next six weeks or so settling in to my new home, building a work bench and shelves in the garage and going to some track days with my car. I was enjoying my new found freedom and abundant spare time. But I was also feeling a real need for sex, possibly more than any time in my life.
One evening after seeing one of those ads on a porn site that said “there are women who want to fuck you tonight”, or something like that, I signed up on hook up site (the one that specializes in affairs for married folks). I wrote a very blunt, and probably desperate, profile and sent flirts to every woman within 100 miles and then canned messages. Not surprisingly, the only responses I got were from scammers that wanted my telephone number and e-mail and/or wanted me to go to watch them on some cam site that always asked for a credit card number. Disappointed, I joined another site that turned out to be totally useless before joining AAF. My initial experience with AAF was more scammers, one of which scammed me into joining yet another worthless sex site with the promise of an orgy.
I take full advantage of the learning opportunities on this site. AAF has a lot of really good advice about the do’s and don’ts of attracting the attention of a potential partner. So I rewrote my profile from scratch and replaced the photos of me naked in front of a mirror with photos that showed who I am and what I’m about. I included photos of me smoking my pipe that were taken by my wife during our travels. I included photos of me in a suit at a wedding. I even included photos of my car at the track, not to impress women with my car (it actually is not very impressive unless you are really in to cars) but because taking my car to the track is my favorite hobby. In my revamped profile, I provided an honest and detailed description of what I’m all about and what I’m looking for. Finally, I also began tailoring my messages to the profiles that interested me and limited my messages to those profiles that looked like a good match.
It had been over a month since I join that first site, and two and a half months since I moved out on my own, and I was finally getting some responses from women who were not trying to scam me. I had bailed from two of the sites I joined but remained active site I first joined in addition to AAF. I joined a number of groups on AAF and was optimistic about getting laid.
During the week I would tweak my profile and each Sunday I would send about a dozen messages between the two sites where I was still active. However, when I did get a response, I couldn’t seem get past the first couple of message exchanges. There was one lady that I thought I had a real connection with only to find her profile disappear completely one day. Then at the end of May, on the other site, I finally landed a date. Turns out that was all took to launch me on to the next phase of my journey.
The End of Marriage As I Knew It
Posted:Aug 8, 2015 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2015 10:23 am

To say I was a sexual novice when I joined AAF is an understatement. I lost my virginity to a in Amsterdam when I was 25. I was a bit of a geek in high school. I was not uncomfortable with girls, and I did not know how to flirt. Throughout my youth I had girls who were friends, but was never able to get beyond the “friendship zone”. In college this became debilitating and I passed over some good women because of an infatuation with a certain lady friend. Over the next ten years I briefly experienced several other women before getting married to a women that is 12 years my senior.
Sex in marriage was intermittent at best (zero to three times a month) and always a one act show. About nine years into the marriage, she began accusing me of sleeping with other women that we knew. This hurt and was the source of many arguments. She kicked me out twice, but within a couple of months I was spending most of my time with her at our house and eventually moved back in. I continued to be faithful even during the time we were apart. After the second time she kicked me out and I returned, things went well for the next five years. But she turned 65 last year and seemed to become increasing unhappy with the life we had. It probably didn’t help that I was very busy at work while she was ready for the retired life. Then last November, the wild accusations returned.
She stopped all forms of intimate contact and although we did some enjoyable things together, most of our time together was unpleasant. On New Year’s Eve, she told me that wanted to separate and that I should probably find somewhere else to live. This was different from the previous times because this time, I also wanted out and I made it clear that once I move out, I’m not coming back.
I needed a house with a garage so I could work on my car and I wanted to stay in town to be close to my mechanic (I think I’m putting his through college). Fortunately, this was not a financial burden, although I’ll probably have to work a few years longer than I planned to support my track hobby. So after looking for about a month, I found a 3 bedroom house with a three card garage. I signed a one year lease on our 19th wedding anniversary and moved out for good on Valentine Day 2015.
I don’t regret my marriage at all. We had some good times, especially when we traveled together. We also worked well as a team to build up a comfortable financial situation together. We are still on good terms, perhaps even better than when we were living together. But I go into more detail about that in a future post.
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My Journey
Posted:Aug 8, 2015 5:08 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2017 2:12 pm

So, I’ve decided to start a blog to chronicle my journey to sexual enlightenment. Hopefully, this blog will let those that I’ve met on AAF learn a bit more about me and let those who find my profile alluring know a bit more about where I’m coming from. So far, I know where I’ve been, I have some idea where I am going, and I’m enjoying the ride. For now, I’m getting what I need and am not actively looking for more, but I’m always open to new experiences. And “open” is the key word. I embark on this journey with no preconceptions and have no idea where this may lead.
I’ve never been very active on social media but I enjoy hanging out on AAF. I enjoy and participate in several groups with great people for different reasons, Cloud Nine is a just a fun place to be. Classy BBW and Friends is where I am and will probably always return while Younger Women for Older Men is a place I’d like to try.
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