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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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How i became a cock sucking cum .
Posted:Mar 25, 2020 5:35 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2021 3:00 pm

How I became a cock sucking Cum
Let me start off when I was or .
I had a neighbor friend that was a year younger than but we got along and played together. I got him to put my cock in his mouth a couple times then he turned the table on me and said he would not do it again unless I put his cock in my mouth. We did this sever times but did not suck each other. I tried to get him to fuck me once but almost got caught by my parents. We quit doing this and I did not think about sucking cock for 40 or more years.
I started working construction on the road and found AdultFriendFinder. At first I was looking for a lady to play with but was always very curious about T-Girls.
I met a lady and her and her boyfriend in the RV park where I was staying. Their camper was parked by my camper. They were there first. We talked and went to a couple ball games together and things like that. There was nothing sexual going on with us. He left her on day and She came over crying and telling me about it. We keep on being friends and I helped her with her camper when she needed it.
One night we were talking and she said she did not know why he left her that she always keeps him sexual sissified and would have sex with him anytime he wanted and that she loved his big cock.
I told her that my wife would hardly have sex with me and she told me that if I wanted, I could fuck her. I told her that I would pass. We keep talking and she said that her shoulders and back was hurting. I massaged her shoulders for a while and she said she needed to go take a shower but would be back for the rest of the back massage.
She returned about 45 min later wearing a robe, we went to the bed so she could lay down and I could massage her shoulders and back. She took the robe off and was naked. I massaged her shoulders, back, but and legs. Then she turned over and said Now do the front, I did and we ended up having sex.
After that she would come over every night after she got off work and showered. We would have a great fuck. I ask her one night if she wanted me to give her oral. She said she did not like it. I convinced her to let me eat her. She loved it and had a very intense orgasm. I thought that she was going to crush my head with her legs.
I tried to get her to suck my cock and she just would not do it. She told me that I should find a guy to suck me that she figured that guys would suck cock better than a woman.
I did get her to sit on my face and let me eat her after I blew my load in her trimmed pussy and she loved that.
My job was over and I went to another town to work. I found a couple on AdultFriendFinder and wanted to get with them. Their profile said that he was bi and that they would not meet unless the other guy was bi.
I told him that I had never sucked a cock but wanted to. He told me that they had heard that before and when they met the guy that they were told he would not suck the hubby but the hubby could suck him.
I begged them to give me a chance. I finely told him that I was willing to get a room and meet him with out her and if I did not suck his cock, I would never bother them again.
He came over one evening and we talked for a while then we went to the bed room he got naked and sit on the corner of the bed. I got naked and he took my cock in his hand and pulled me to him. He gave me one hell of a blow job and I gave him a huge load of cum. I then dropped to my knees and took his cock in my hand and started sucking him. I just done what he had done to me and what I thought he would like. He filled my mouth with his cum and I swallowed all of it.
He asked me if I was sure that I had not sucked cock before that I was great at it. I assured him that I had neve sucked a cock before.
A couple days later I called the lady that I was fucking before and told her that I sucked a guy off and swallowed his cum. It turned her on and she said that she wished that she could have seen it.
A couple weeks later him and his wife came over and spent the night. We all sucked each other and me and him ate her. She wanted me to fuck her so I fucked her. Her pussy was very tight and was a very good fuck. I blew my load in her then he fucked her. Looking back on it now I wish I would have ate her after we both fucked her.
We went to bed me in my bed and them on the sofa bed. My bed was just not big enough for all 3 of to sleep. I got up and heard them talking I said good morning. They came up to my bed and it all started again. After we finished having fun we got cleaned up and they left.
A few days later he called and wanted to come over by himself. I said sure. We got into a 69 and both got a mouth full of cum.
He made me regret not ever have sucked my friend when I was a .
He made me discover that I love the taste of cum and that I really enjoy sucking cock and got pleasure from giving guys what they could not get at home.
Since then I have sucked over 0 guys and have swallowed over 400 loads of cum and have been fucked by only a couple guys and several T-Girls.
I sucked one guy in Hawaii that is was his first bj from a guy. He came over on a Sat morning. I sent him a thank you e- for letting suck him and told him he could come back anytime he wanted. He was back that afternoon and 5 more times that week. I sucked him off at least once a week for the next 7 months.
I love being a cock sucking cum . I don’t care if the guy returns the favor as long as he blows a good load in my mouth.
My Dream Vacation part 6
Posted:Mar 21, 2020 10:41 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2024 2:17 am

She Removes the cover from her waist and tells go down on her. When I look down, I see the most beautiful inches of hard cock that I have ever seen.
I look up at her and smile. I get up and go the foot of the bed so I can lay down between her legs. I lay down take her cock in my hand and stroke it. I then lick her from her ass hole up between her balls the tip of her cock then I open my mouth and swallow her cock down the base. I stick my tongue out and lick her clean-shaven balls.
I take her cock out of my mouth and tongue fuck the cum hole, then I run my tongue down her cock and suck each of her balls. I take a finger and start playing with her ass hole while I am sucking her balls.
I run my tongue down between her balls to her ass and start rimming and kissing it. I then work my way back up to the tip of her cock and run my tongue around it. I close my mouth and run my lips up and down her shaft. I again take her cock down my throat and start bobbing up and down while playing with her balls and ass hole. When I feel that she is about to cum I will stop and let her calm down. I want to get her all worked up so she will cum a lot.
After about an hour of working her cock balls and ass she is moaning and grabbing my head and forcing her cock down my throat. She starts cumming and I pull back so not all the cum goes down my throat but I catch some in my mouth and taste her sweet creamy load.
After she has finished cumming I keep sucking her cock and running my hand from the base up the head make sure I get all of her sweet nectar out.
I then crawl up lay beside her and give her a deep kiss letting our tongues dance with each other. We kiss and cuddle for a while. She is laying on her back and I am on my side next to her. I start kissing her neck and ears while playing with her tits. I do this for some time and she turns to me and says “if you get me hard again you know that I will have to fuck your ass.” I smile at her and keep up my kissing and playing. I start sucking her tits and rubbing her coc I feel her starting get hard and keep going. I run my tongue from one nipple to the other then back to the center. I run my tongue down her tunny to her belly button and tongue it all the time playing with her coc I kiss her belly and work my way down and give the head of her cock a kiss, start playing with her balls. She is not fully hard.
Mistress C says Turn over bitch you are in for a fucking. She gets some lube and puts on my ass and her coc She enters from behind, doggy stile. She is fucking slow but deep. I can feel her balls slapping mine. We change positions several times as she is making slow sweet love . We end up with on my side and her behind fucking my ass. She blows her load deep in . We lay there and both of fall asleep.
I wake up early the next morning with her arms wrapped around . I roll over face her and give her a soft kiss on the lips.
We get up and take a shower together and I wash her entire body and while I am on my knees washing her feet and legs, I let my face get against her cock and start giving it kisses and suck the head.
We get out of the shower and I dry her and myself off. We go to the bed and I tell her if She wants to lay down on the bed on her tunny that I will give her a massage.
She lays down on the bed and I get on top of her sitting just below her but. I lean forward and start massaging her neck and shoulders. I bend over and give her ear a kiss and run my tongue along her nec I work my way massaging her back while my cock rubs against her sexy ass. I move down massaging her but checks then I bend over and run my tongue down her spine from her neck down to the crack of her ass. I spread her checks apart so I can run my tongue down to her ass hole and run my tongue around it. I move down massaging her left leg all the way to her foot where I massage her foot and toes then kiss and lick the bottom of her foot then suck each toe. I take all her toes into my mouth and suck on them. I move back up to her ass and massage her right leg doing the same to it.
I have her turn over and again sit just below her waist. Our cocks are rubbing together as I massage her neck and shoulders. I massage her breast and start working my way down her tummy. I stop and lean forward, Kissing her neck, and ears. I kiss her breast and suck each nipple. I can feel her cock starting to get hard under my coc I run my tongue down to her belly button and tongue fuck it.
I then move past her cock and massage her legs down to her feet; I blow on her cock as I work my way down to her feet and suck her toes again. I kiss my way back up her legs until I reach her beautiful cock and I kiss it. I Lick her from the base of her balls to the tip of her cock then swallow it. Taking her cock down my throat. I then pull it out and suck just the head and run my tongue around the head. I am fingering her ass while is suck her coc
I keep bringing her the brink of cumming and then I stop and let her calm down. I suck her for an hour or so and when she is ready to cum, I let her cum in my mouth. She shoots load after load in my mouth and it taste great. I swallow every drop. I keep sucking her to make sure I get every drop out of her cock, I do not want any to go to waist.
I slowly crawl up her body giving her kisses along the way until I reach her head. I kiss her neck and ears. I then softly kiss her soft lips and run my tongue in her mouth where I tongues dance together. I lay beside her and ask if she enjoyed the massage. She says yes but now it is my turn to do you.
Mistress C tells get on my back in the middle of the bed and spread my arms up over my head and spread my feet. She ties my feet and hands the 4 corners of the bed. She opens a drawer and pulls out a bag of things. I can not see what is in it.
She starts stroking my cock and balls. I get hard and She puts a cock ring on then gets some sounds out of her bag. She lubes one of them up and puts some lube on the head of my coc She inserts the metal sound in my cock and pushes it in. It goes in very easy. So, she pulls it out and gets a bigger one a mm. It slides in easy. She says I have go a 11mm and it goes in but it is tighter than the other one. She then pulls it out and says I have a mm with groves in it that will fit good. She lubes it up pulls out the 11 mm and starts pushing the mm in. It goes in hard, is very tight and I can feel it pop at every ridge. It is stretching the inside of my coc
After Mistress has it all the way in, she starts stroking my cock and balls. She does that for a while making sure that is do not cum. She keeps this up for an hour or more. She says that I can cum and strokes my cock faster and faster until I tell her that I am going cum. I blow my load but it hurts like hell because of the steel bedded rod in my coc Nothing can come out.
Mistress slowly pulls the sound out of my cock and it again pops at every ridge. She gets it all the way out and the cum runs out of my coc She tells open my mouth and sticks the sound in my mouth for suck the cum off of it. She gets a spoon out of her bag and gathers all the cum that ran out of my cock onto my belly and feeds it to .
I remove the finger and toe nail polish ad I am going to fly home today.
We get is the sower again and cleanup. Mistress has to go to work so she is going to drop me off at the airport 5 hours early.
Mistress gets dressed and tells me to get dressed and hands me a pair of panties to wear on my trip home. She puts my Bitch collar and leash back on. I pack my bags but most of it was never taken out because I was required to be naked or wear what Mistress C told me to wear. We get it the car and Mistress drives me to the airport.
We arrive at the airport and par Mistress C leads the ticket counter where I check my suit case. We are walking toward the security check point and I thank Mistress for the great time I have had and tell her that I wish it could have lasted longer.
She Smiles at me and tells me that it is not over yet.
I hear a voice behind us that sounds familiar, I turn around and it is Officer Bell.
He says you don’t think that you are going to get out of here without seeing us, again do you?
I smile at Mistress and Officer Bell. He tells me to turn around and place my hands behind my bac He handcuffs and Mistress C had placed a lock on my collar. She gives the key Officer Bell and tells him give the key after he is finished with and that He is now my Master for the next 5 hours. Officer Bell thanked Mistress and said that he would make sure I got on the plane on time.
Mistress C departed and Master Bell took me to a secure room where his wife and 4 other couples were waiting.
Master Bell took the cuffs off of me and told me to strip all my clothes off. I did as told. He took the leash and walked me around the room, He told me to get on my knees and suck his coc I took his cock out of his pants, looked up at him and smiled as I lick his balls and up his shaft. He was not hard yet so I swallowed his cock down my throat and started licking his balls. It was not long before I felt his cock getting hard in my throat. When he was totally hard I stated pumping him in and out of my mouth stopping to suck just the head of his cock and tongue fucking the cum hole.
All of the others were cheering on calling names like bitch faggot and others. Telling me swallow his cum. I keep sucking him and playing with his balls. The more they called names and told me what to do the more turned on I got. He blew a huge load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it.
One of the couples got naked and walked over and the guy laid on the floor and his wife got on top of him and they started fucking. Master Bell told me to eat her while they fucked and lick her ass.
I got on my hands and knees and started licking her ass working my way down to her pussy and his cock licking then as he pumped in and out of her. He would pull out of her and I would suck his cock then put it back in her. I licked his balls and cock and her pussy until he blew his load in her. She got up and told me to lay on my bac I did and she straddled my face and let his cum run out into my mouth. She then sad down and told eat it all out. I stuck my tongue as deep in her as I could and started licking her. I sucked on her clit and hummed. I felt her legs clamp harder around my head as she had a very intense orgasm. It tasted really sweet. I swallowed all I could.
One of the other ladies said that she wanted to see me suck her hubby while she fucked me with a strap-on. She had one that she put in her pussy so when she pounded my ass it would be fucking her also. Her hubby laid on the floor and I got on my hands and knees. I started sucking him and she got behind me and started fucking me slow at first then she started fucking me faster and forcing me to swallow his coc I was sucking him as deep as his cock would go down my throat. She was pounding my ass harder and faster.
She bent over and grabbed my balls while she pounded my ass. She shoved her dildo all the way in my ass and had an intense orgasm and squeezed my balls and hard as she could which stent a very intense pain in my balls. I tried yell out but could not because of a mouth full of coc She released my balls and pulled her dildo out of my ass. He started cuming in my mouth. I swallowed all of his cum and keep sucking him until he told stop.
Master Bells wife said that she wanted to suck but it would cost . She tole stand up, I did. I ask her what it would cost. She walked over, put her hands on my shoulders, and whispered in my ear. I get do anything you that I want. I told her she already could do anything she wanted to . She backed up a little and kneaded in the balls. I looked at her and said Is that all you have. She smiled at and said just wait.
She got on her knees and started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. She would pull my balls hard and bite them. She sucked my cock until I told her that I was about to cum. She pulled her cock out of her mouth and stroked it until I blew my load all over her beautiful tits. When she got the last drop of cum out of my cock she stood up and told lick her tits clean. I licked all of my cum off her tits, when I was finished she stepped back and kicked hard in the balls and said take that Bitch. My knees buckled but I fought stay on my feet. I smiled at her and said Thank you Mistress. She said she was not finished with and walked around behind . She told spread my legs. I did. She kicks my balls again this time it was very hard but I did manage stay on my feet. She grabs my balls and twist them until I yell out. Tears are running down my face. Everyone is cheering her on and telling her do more. Officer Bell gives her his stun gun and she shocks my ass, I let out a yell and my knees buckle but I can not fall the floor as she is still holding my balls and pulling them back and up. She lets go of my balls and then hist them with the stun gun. I drop the floor crying as it hurt worse than anything that I have gone through. She then says “Well bitch I guess I found your breaking point”.
The other couple has been fucking and he blew his load in her. She walks over where I am laying in pain and pushes over onto my back and sits on my face. She says “Eat his cum out of my pussy you faggot cum loving bitch.” I eat her pussy until she cums in my mouth.
Master Bell says well it has been a lot of fun but it is time to get cleaned up and go to the gate to catch my plane home.
He hands me some wet wipes to clean my face. Everyone gets dressed. Mistress Bell walks over to me kisses me and then tells me to open my mouth and shoves her panties in my mouth.
Master Bell hands her the leash and we start going to the plane. She leads me through the airport to the gate. Master Bell takes me down the walk way to the plane where he hands the leash to the flight attendant along with the key. He tells him that I suck cock better than anyone.
He takes me to a seat in First class. I look at him and told him that I did not get a first-class ticket. He said the gang upgraded my ticket.
It was a very late flight so there were not many people in first class. I was sitting there with the leash in my lap and the collar on my nec We took off and was in the air for an hour or so and I was napping. It was dar The flight attendant came over and sat down in the isle seat and woke me up. He put a blanket on his lap and told me to suck his coc
I was sucking him and he was moaning. I was afraid that he would wake everyone up. He finally blew his load in my mouth and I swallowed it. He got up. I looked around and the guy across from was looking at and smiled. I smiled back at him and licked my lips. He got up and sit down beside . He took his cock out and I sucked him until he blew his load in my mouth.
The flight attendant was watching the whole time. When the guy move back to his seat the attendant came over and unlocked my collar so I could take it off.
I went back to sleep until we landed.
Cant wait to visit Mistress C again.
My Dream Vacation part 5
Posted:Mar 12, 2020 4:10 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2024 2:17 am

The night is over and we go back to Mistress C’s house and get ready for bed.
I get cleaned up and go to my mat at the foot of Mistress C’s bed. She reinstalls the cock cage on me and tells me to lay down and go to sleep. I am tired and it does not take long for me to fall asleep.
Mistress C wakes me up the next morning with a sharp whip across my ass. I look up at her smile and thank her for the wake-up .
I get up and go fix breakfast for her and myself. She tells me that I have earned a very special reward and will receive it today after the rest of her subbies arrive.
I clean the dishes and put everything away. Mistress tells me to go to the room down in the basement. I do not question her and do as she says.
Mistress C comes down and ask me Do you want your reward or punishment first. I say punishment that will make the reward that much better.
Mistress C says it does not matter what you want it is what I want and you are going to get your punishment.
Nancy and Lorain come over with Bill.
Mistress C tells them to shackle my hands to the ceiling and put a spreader bar between my ankles.
They do as they are instructed and Mistress C removes the cock cage and then puts the bitch collar back on. She then ties a small cord around the head of my cock and runs it up through the D ring on the collar. She pulls it tight and ties it off. Then she takes a ridding crop and spanks my balls. Every slap from the riding crop stings more and more.
She then uses it on my cock, nipples and ass. She puts down the crop and picks up a leather paddle and proceeds to make my ass a whipping post. First one cheek then the other. Then she walks around in front of me and kicks me hard in my balls. There is tears rundown my face but I am determined to take all she can dish and not use my safe word.
Mistress walks up and slaps my face and knees my balls. She looks at me and ask “Have you had enough Bitch? Do you want to tap ?” I say No Maam I am good as I feel a sharp pan in my balls from her hand squeezing and twisting them.
She walks over to a table and picks up a cattle prod and comes back over and shocks my ass cheeks. Then she walks around me and hits the head of my cock with it. 50,000 volts of electracy running through my cock. I try to jerk away but can’t. She then puts it on my nuts and ask if that hurt. I tell her that it hurt really good and she hits the button and shocks my right nut then my left.
Mistress C tells Nancy to put a ball gag on me so she does not have to listen to my screaming and moaning while she torchers me. Nancy puts the ball gag in my mouth and straps it to my head and pulls it tight.
Mistress shocks the head of my cock again and holds it there for what seams like 30 min but was only a few seconds. She looks at me and smiles in her wicked way and then puts the prod on my nuts and shocks me again. This time she holds it there for to 20 seconds and it hurts like hell. I try to scream but I can’t because of the ball gag in my mouth. The tears are flowing down my face but I am not going to tap out.
Mistress then walks around behind me, She tells Nancy to spread my ass checks. When she does Mistress puts the prob on my ass hole and pushes just inside me and hits the button and sends the 50,000 volts though my ass. It really hurts. Mistress ask me if I have had enough and I shake my head no. I do not want to quit.
Mistress C tells the girls to take me to the breading bench and tie me in. They remove the spreader bar and the ball gag. I am place on the breading bench and my legs and hands are strapped to it.
Mistress c tells Lorain to get naked and place her pussy at my mouth and that I am to eat her until she squirts in my mouth and that I am not to let any of her juice to leak out of my mouth.
She then tells Nancy to get my ass ready for her. Mistress C goes and puts a strap on dildo on that she is going to fuck me with.
Nancy starts fingering my ass then the next thing I know she has her fist in my ass. I am trying to eat Lorain’s pussy while Nancy is fisting me.
Mistress walks in front of me showing me the huge dildo she is going to fuck me with and it is in the shape of a cock and it is huge.
Mistress tells Nancy to go elbow deep in me and stretch my ass for her. Nancy works her fist in and out until she is elbow deep in me. I am trying my best to eat Lorain and make her squirt in my mouth. Nancy is going deeper and harder in my ass. It is hurting but I am still not going to quit. I want to show Mistress C that I can be the best BITCH that she has every had.
Mistress tells Nancy to see if she can get her elbow in my ass. I am licking and sucking Lorain’s pussy and trying to forget about the pain in my ass from the fist fucking I am getting.
I feel Nancy push harder and harder and feel a bit pop as her elbow slides in my ass. Mistress C tells her to pull out and do it again. She does. The pain is hard to take but I burry my face in Lorain’s pussy as I scream which makes her squirt in my mouth. I al swallowing as fast as I can as not to spill any of her juice.
Nancy pulls out to her wrist and stops. She makes a fist inside my ass and pulls it out.
Mistress C gets behind me and starts inserting the big dildo in my ass. She keeps going deeper and deeper. The deeper she goes the bigger around it gets.
She finely gets about 18 inches in me and stops. She then pulls out and rams it back in. She is fucking me harder and harder. I am screaming when Nancy comes around and gets under my head and shoves my mouth down on her pussy. Mistress C says “Eat that pussy Bitch and make it cum while I fuck your boi pussy.
I am trying to eat Nancy and make her cum. Mistress C pauses for a moment and starts whipping my ass and back with her cat of nine tales. Every swat from it sends pain through my body. I am beginning to enjoy the fucking that Mistress is giving me. Hard and deep. It feels like she is going to shove it out my throat and into Nancy’s pussy while I am eating her.
Nancy finely cums in my mouth and says Fuck I am cumming. Eat my cum bitch.
Mistress pulls the dildo out of my ass and walks around in front of me. Nancy gets up and Mistress C looks down and smiles. She says “You have been a good bitch and you will get your reward tonight after you fix dinner and clean up all the dishes. But for now, you have to finish sucking off the rest of my subbies.
By this time the rest of Mistress C’s subbies are there. I have eaten the 2 ladies but the 3 guys are there with their cocks out as well as the 2 T-Girls with their cock s out. I start sucking them as they come over to me. I suck each one of them until they cum in my mouth. I swallow all their sweet creamy cum.
By this time, it is late afternoon. I am released from my restraints and am able to go to the rest room, take a shower and get all cleaned up.
Mistress C puts the Bitch collar back on me and ties my cock to it. To keep me form leaning forward and letting some of the pressure off my cock she puts a big J hook with a 3 inch ball on one end up my ass and ties the other end to my collar in the back and pulls it tight to pull my neck back and apply more pressure on my cock.
I rest up for a while and when it is time, I fix dinner for everyone and am the last one to eat.
Mistress tells all her subbies to give me one last good buy as I will be leaving in the morning. The guy gives me a hug and a hard knee to my balls. The T-girls give me a kiss and a to my balls.
Nancy ask Mistress C if she can undo my cock and give me a bj. Mistress says yes you may. Nancy unties my cock, has me sit in a chair. She gets on her knees and starts kissing my balls and cock. Lorain gets on her knees and helps Nancy suck my cock and balls. They take turns sucking my cock and licking my balls. I tell them that I am going to cum and Lorain takes just the head of my cock in her mouth as I blow a huge load of cum in her mouth. She takes my cock out of her mouth gives it to Nancy. She keeps sucking me and trying to get every drop of cum out of my cock and balls.
They stand up and Lorain tilts my head back and pulls my chin down to open my mouth. Lorain then leans down and lets my cum run out of her mouth into mine. She spits the last of it out into my mouth. She does not let me close my mouth. Nancy leans in and spits the cum that she has in her mouth into my mouth.
Lorain tells me to swallow all of it and I do. Lorain grabs my balls and Nancy grabs my cock and they squeeze, twist and pull them until I cry out in pain. They both give me a deep kiss and I can still taste my cum on their tongues.
I clean the dining room and kitchen up. Mistress C tells me when I am done to come to her bed room.
When I get to her bed room she is in bead with the covers up to her neck. She tells me lay down on her bed. She slides the covers down to expose her beautiful breast and very nice nipples. She tells me to suck her tits and not to go any farther down until she tells me to. I not yes and start licking and sucking her nipples. First the right one while I am playing with her left one. I lick around her nipple and then take it into my mouth and suck it like a sucking on a tit. She is moaning and I can tell she is getting turned on. She places a hand on the back of my head and forces it down on her tit and tells me to suck it hard.
She Removes the cover from her waist and tells me to go down on her. When I look down, I see the most beautiful of inches of hard cock that I have ever seen.
My Dream Vacation part 4
Posted:Mar 3, 2020 6:03 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2021 3:01 pm

I go to the bathroom and take a shower and clean all the cum off of my face and ass. I am wore out and very tired from all the sucking and fucking I got.
I dry off and go to Mistress C’s bedroom where she is waiting. She tells me lay on the bed and lick her feet and toes. I start licking the bottoms of her feet. I start with her heals and lick up to her toes, First her right foot then her left foot. I then suck on her big toe on her right foot then work my way to her pinky toe then on to the left foot. I take all her toes on her right foot in my mouth and suck them.
I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know is I feel a very sharp hard pain across my ass. Before I can say anything or look up I feel another harder hit form the cat of nine tales on my ass. I look up and it is Mistress C standing there with the whip and smiling. She says did you get a good night sleep Bitch and strikes my ass again with the whip.
I say Yes Mistress I did and thank you for waking me up with your genital hand. She says I see you like to get your ass whipped and strikes my ass again this time with all her might. It leaves very red whelps on my ass. She tells me to turn over and when I do she hits my cock and balls with the whip witch is very painful.
Mistress C. ask how does that feel bitch. I say feels great and thank you Mistress.
Mistress C. tells me to got fix her bacon and eggs for breakfast. I go to the kitchen and am frying bacon and am totally naked and the hot grease is popping splattering on me.
Mistress tells me to make enough for her two bois that is on their way over and for myself but that I am not to eat until everyone else has eaten. I fix bacon and eggs for everyone and the guys arrive. Mistress and her two subbies eat and I clear the table. Mistress tells the two guys to jack off and cum on my food and after they cum that I can eat. Mistress tells me to help then jack off. I take a cock in each hand and start jacking them off. I get on my knees so I can suck them. Mistress C. gets up from the table and walks around to where we are and I feel a very hard kick to my balls from her. It hurts like hell. She said I did not tell you to suck their cocks. I jack them off and they both blow their loads on my fried eggs. Mistress C tells me that I can now eat. I eat my eggs and bacon along with all the cum on my plate. Mistress ask me how I like the eggs and I tell her that I love then and thank her for the extra flavoring.
Mistress C tells me to clean the kitchen up and when I am done to meet her in her room to get dressed to go shopping.
I do as I am instructed and clean the kitchen, do all the dishes. I go to her room and she has me sit at a table where she paints my finger and toe nails bright red. She has me put on a garter belt and thigh high black stockings. Next, she puts make up on my face, eye shadow and eye liner. She does my eye lashes and puts dark red lipstick on me. She then gives me a bra with some fake tits to put on. Mistress C places my cock cage on. She gives me a blouse, a short skirt and a pair of pink lace panties to put on. She gives me a pair sandals to wear. Then She puts my BITCH collar on and connects the leash to it.
As we leave, She tells the bois to clean the house and play room.
We go to the car and She tells me to drive. She tells me where to go. We stop at an Adult toy shop. I get out of the car and go around and open her door, help her get out and follow behind her to the front door where I step aside and open the door for her. We go inside and She tells me to help her pick out a pair of thigh high leather boots for Her to wear to a special night out.
We get Her a pair of boots and She gets a pair of ben wal balls that vibrate from a remote control. She says they are for her to use on me tonight at a very special party that we are going to.
We leave and go to a well-known shopping store and go in. She leads me around the store while She shops for food and other things. People are looking and staring at me. I can hear some of them making comments about Mistress leading me around like a dog. I am very embarrassed but at the same time turned on a little.
I tell Mistress that I have to go pee and she takes me to the restrooms which are in the back of the store. I start to go into the family restroom but she stops me and tells me to go use the men’s restroom. She tells me that if anyone ask for a BJ I am to give then one. I walk in and there is two young men in there early 20’s standing at the urinals. I walk by them and go into the Handy caped stall. I do not lock it. I lower my panties and rase up my short skirt and sit down to pee. One of the guys opens the door to the stall and walks toward me with his cock in his hand.
I look him in his eyes and smile. He walks over to me and I open my mouth and take his soft cock down my throat. I stick my tongue out and lick his balls feeling his cock get hard in my throat. He puts his hands on my shoulders and starts fucking my mouth. I hear the other guy tell his buddy not to hog my mouth and sticks his cock in my face. I am sucking one then the other. I take the head of both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time, I suck and lick them both and they both blow their load in my mouth at the same time. They fill my mouth with their cum. I swallow as fast as I can but some of it drips out of my mouth and runs down my chin onto my blouse. They both thank me and put their cocks back in their pants and leave. I finish peeing and leave.
When I get out to Mistress, she sees the cum on my chin and blouse. She smiles at me and ask if I enjoyed my pee. I smiled back at her and said Yes Mistress I did.
We go to the check out and the cash year smiles at me and ask if we found everything that we were looking for. Mistress said Yes, we did. I paid for the things Mistress got and we went to the car.
We drove back to Mistress C’s house. I unload the car. Mistress C tells me to go clean the cum off my chin and chest. She tells me to get naked and she will get me something to wear after I fix dinner.
After we have dinner and I clean the kitchen she takes me to her room. She inserts the ben wall balls in my ass and turns on the remote to make sure they are working. They are. She gives me the grader belt and a pair of yellow thigh highs, red lace thong panties. A blue blouse and short mini skirt. She leaves the cock cage on and puts the BITCH collar back on.
Mistress C drives us to a club and we go in. There is about 45 or more people there and most of them are very hot Ladies and just a few guys.
We go to the bar where she says hi to the bartender, Wanda and tells her that I am her bitch and will be raising money for Sue who had lost her house in a fire.
She get a mic and gets everyone’s attention and says, I want to thank you for coming out for the fund raiser for Sue and that she is supplying the entertainment for the evening.
She tells them that for $10 they can blow their load on my face and into a glass and that at the end of the night I will drink all the cum in the glass. For 20 they can cum on my mouth and I will spit it in the glass. But that my ass is off limits tonight because of the fucking I took yesterday.
The ladies start lining up with their 10- and 20-dollar bills. All of the ladies are HOT T-Girls.
They blow load after load on my face letting the cum run down my face into the glass. I lick the head of their cocks as they finish blowing their loads. I get to suck off a few of them and they’re cum taste great. The guys take their turn blowing in my mouth.
One of the guys tells Mistress that he will give 100 to get to fuck my ass. She tells him no and he says ok 150. One of the other guys says 200 and the bidding war starts. It gets up to 500.
I tell Mistress it if for a good cause and that if she wants, I am willing to get fucked again even though my ass is still very sore form the 14-inch big black cock that fucked me the day before.
Mistress tells the guy to pay up and has me bend over and takes the ben wall balls out of my ass.
He walks up and puts his cock in my mouth for me to suck and get him hard. When he gets hard, he walks around to my ass and drives his cock deep inside me. He is fucking me good and hard. He pulls out and lays on a table and has me sit on his cock in reverse cowgirl. One of his buddies walks up and says here is another 500 to double fuck me. He pushes me over backward and puts the head of his cock at my cock filled ass hole. He pushes in as his buddy is fucking me. They are both fucking me hard and as deep ad they can. They both blow their load in my ass at the same time. They pull out and we all get up. Cum isn running down my legs getting my stockings wet.
Mistress C tells everyone that it is time for me to drink all the cum in the glass.
Sue says No there is one more load to add to the glass. She walks over to me and reaches down and grabs my cock. She asks Mistress C for the key for my cock cage.
She gets down on her knees, unlocks the cock cage and removes it. She starts sucking my cock and it does not take loge for me to blow my load in her mouth.
She stands up and spits my cum it the glass. She puts her arms around my neck and pulls my head toward her. She kisses me and runs her tongue in my mouth. I can taste my cum on her tongue. I try to suck all of it off her tongue and out of her mouth.
She says thank you for all the money you raised for me tonight and then she steps back and places a hard kick with her knee to my balls. It hurt and my knees buckle. I say thank you and you are welcome. She takes a step back and gives me a harder kick with her boot to my balls which takes me to my knees and makes tears run down my face.
Mistress C tells me to get up and get my reward for all the work I did tonight.
She hands me the glass full of cum and Mistress C says that there is 50 loads of cum in the glass.
I take the glass and rase and toast everyone then drinks all the cum. Mistress C takes the glass and wipes the remaining cum from the glass with her fingers and feeds it to me.
The night is over and we go back to Mistress C’s house and get ready for bed.
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My Dream Vacation part 3
Posted:Feb 26, 2020 2:46 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2021 3:02 pm

Before i start part 3 of my dream vacation I must tell you that Mistress Christine is a real person and is here on AdultFriendFinder. She is one of my friends and I would love to have this Dream Vacation for real. She has been a true friend that I would love to meet in person.
After being strapped down to the table with my legs tied up to the ceiling and fucked by Officer Bell, his wife and all his friends Mistress C ask me if I need a break. I tell Her that I do and She says to bad the is not over yet. Mistress C tells on of her girls Nancy to see how much is in my ass.
Nancy comes over and has a rubber glove on that goes all the way up to her shoulder. She says this should not hurt considering all the cock and dildos you have had up your ass. She sticks 3 fingers in my ass then pushes her forth finger and thumb in. She pushes harder and I feel a pop and she is in me to her wrist. She pushes in a little deeper and pull some and starts fucking my ass with her fist. She goes deeper with every stroke and soon it feels like She I in my throat.
Mistress C looks and says I bet you can get past your elbow. Nancy pushes in harder and gets elbow deep in my ass, I can feel a sharp pain in my ass as it is stretching wider. She pulls about half way out then stars back in slow but with a steady pressure until I feel my ass open up as her elbow slides in. She holds it there for a min and then pull out to her wrist. She makes a fixt while in my ass and then pulls it out. She then shoves her fist back in. She starts fucking my ass with her fist pulling it out each time and shoving it back in.
Mistress C is watching all of this going on and encourages Nancy to fuck me with her fist. Mistress C starts pulling on my nipples and pinching then harder and harder. I let out a scream as Mistress C pinches my nipples very hard just as Nancy shoves her fist in my ass. Mistress C tells one of the guys, Dan to put his cock in my mouth to keep me quiet.
Dan is fucking my mouth; Nancy is fisting my ass good and hard. Mistress C is pinching my nipples and slapping my balls. My cock is staining in the cock cage that Mistress C put on me yesterday.
After Dan blows his load in my mouth Mistress C says it is time to clean me up for the evening party that she is giving.
She tells Nancy and Dan to un tie my legs and let me lay on the table for a few min. They take the straps off my legs and lay then down on the table. Mistress C grabs a hand full of hair on my balls and says this has to go and yanks it out. She keeps pulling the hair on my balls out a few strands at a time. She tells Nancy to shave me from my neck down but not to do my crotch area that she will do it. Mistress C leaves the room while Nancy starts shaving my neck and chest working her way down to my waist then shaves my legs.
Mistress C returns to the room and starts waxing my crotch and the remaining hair on my balls. The wax is as the applies it. Then She applies the paper and lets it sit for a min before ripping it off. This hurts like hell. After she has removed all the hair around my cock and off my balls, She tells to turn over and tells Nancy to spread my ass checks and places the wax on my ass.
I am not hairless form the neck down.
Mistress C tells to shower and clean up and shave my and report to her when I am done.
I do as instruct. Mistress C gives a pair of panties and red thigh high stocking to put on. She gives a maid’s apron to wear and puts a wig on . Then She puts make up on my and bright red lipstick on. She puts the collar around my neck that says SLUT on it and connects a leash to it. Mistress C tells that I will be serving her dinner guest and that I am to give them anything that they request.
Mistress C then tells to take my panties off. I do and She places a shock collar around my cock and balls with the shock on my balls. She then gets a big but plug with a long tail on it and inserts it in my ass. She tells if it falls or if I miss behave, I will feel it and She hits the shock collar witch sends a very sharp pain through my balls. She says that that was on low power and that she will turn it up every time she has to use it.
The doorbell rings and she tells me to answer the door and that I will great everyone a s Mistress or Master and I am to keep my head down and not anyone in their eyes unless told to do so.
I answer the door and there is a couple standing there I invite them in and them as Mistress and Master.
The Man tell to take them to where Mistress C is waiting. He gives a hard swat on my ass and says nice tale. I say Thank you Master. I take them to the dining room where Mistress C is waiting. The doorbell rings again. I go to answer that door and when I open it there is a huge handsome black man with a beautiful black lady, His wife. I great them, Good evening Mistress, Good evening Master, I am here to serve you, Follow me and I will take you to Mistress C. I lead them to the dining room and as I am walking the Lady grabs my tale and says that it looks very nice, she then slaps my ass. I respond “Thank you Mistress.
We reach the dining room where Mistress C and the first couple are sitting at the table. I seat them pulling the chair for the lady. Mistress C tells all of them that I am the bitch and am there to serve them and to do whatever they want to do for or to them and that they can do whatever they want to . That if I do not obey them or am not respectful toward them that I will be punished. Mistress C picks up the controller of the shock collar that is attached to my balls and pushes the button which sends a sharp pain in my balls and cock. I thank Mistress C for the punishment. She smiles and turns the controller up so the next time will be harder and more pain.
The first Lady says, so if I tell him to suck my toes, he will do it. Mistress C says yes, he will or he will be punished. The lady says” Bitch suck my toes.” I get down on my knees take her shoes off and start sucking her toes on her right foot, I suck and lick each toe then take all of them in my mouth at once. Then I do the same to the other foot. She tells me that is enough for now to put her shoes back on and get up. I get up and say. Thank you, Mistress, for letting me suck your very tasty toes.
Mistress C tells me to serve dinner which I do. I make sure that their drinks never run dry.
After they finish dinner, I clear the table.
Mistress C tells me to lead our guest to the game room and she will be there shortly and that I am to do whatever they want.
I lead the two couples down stairs to the game room. The first lady tells me that she wants to see me suck her husbands’ cock. He takes his pant off and lays down on his back on a table that is the right height for ma to get on my hands and knees between his legs and start sucking his cock. I feel a very hard slap from a leather whip across my ass. The big guy says take it deeper. I lick his balls and feel his cock getting hard in my throat.
I hear people moving around and talking but cannot see what they are doing. I feel the but plug being removed from my ass and a dildo inserted. It is hooked up to the tens unit and someone turns it on It is on pulse and feels like is to fucking me but with an intense sting. I am sucking his cock, in and out of my mouth and tongue fucking the hole. I run my tongue around the head of his cock and then take it down my throat. His wife has put on a huge strap on dildo and says that she is going to fuck my ass. She removes the dildo from my ass and starts fucking from behind. With every thrust she shoves her husband’s cock down my throat. He says he is about to . I slow down sucking him to make it last longer but she keeps pounding my ass harder and harder.
The other guy tells her to get that white boi pussy ready for a real cock.
Mistress C tells to suck him good and swallow his as she whips my back with a cat of 9 tales. I fell his cock swelling up in my throat so I pull it a little so I can taste his as he blows load after load in my mouth. I manage to swallow all of it and it does taste great. I keep sucking him to get all of his of his cock and balls. Someone says He is a good little faggot bitch and .
She quits fucking my ass and pulls the strap on dildo of my ass. The Black mat tells to get on my knees and suck his cock. I say Yes Sir and get on my knees. He has his huge black cock and puts it in my . I take it in my hand and the head of his huge cock. I can just get the head of it in my mouth and not any more. My hand will not fit around the shaft of this monster cock and he is not hard yet.
I start sucking and licking the head of his cock and up and down his shaft. Licking his balls. He tries to force the head of his cock in my mouth but it will not fit. He says “bitch get on your back and get ready to get fucked. I get on the fucking table and his wife pulls my legs up over my head. He walks around the table and puts some lub on his cock then puts the head of his cock against my ass and starts to push it in. I feel my ass hole start to stretch from the pressure of him pushing. It pops in and a pain shoots through my ass. He keeps shoving it in until I feel his balls slap my ass. He stops and says How do you like that inches of real man meat in your pussy ass bitch. I say Thank you Master, I love it. I am your bitch.
He pulls all the way and shoves his cock back in again and again. I have tears running down my as he is fucking harder and faster. His wife lets go of my legs and starts pulling and twisting my nipples. She then kisses them and then bites them sending more pain through my body.
She then sits on my and tells to eat her pussy. Her husband is fucking my ass hard and deep. It feels like he is going to shove it my mouth and into her pussy.
She starts moaning and fucking my smearing her pussy juice all over my . She starts squirting and filling my mouth with her sweet juice, I swallow all of it that I can. She gets off my and says that is a good little bitch. Her husband is fucking my ass hard and starts to moan. He pulls of my ass and blows his load all over my and chest.
The other lady is jacking off her hubby and he blows his load in my mouth.
Mistress C walks over and takes a spoon and wipes up the on my and chest and make eat it.
Everyone gets cleaned up and leaves. Mistress C tells to go get cleaned up and that I have earned the privilege of licking her feet and sucking her toes.
To be continued
My Dream Vacation part 2
Posted:Feb 3, 2020 5:24 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2024 2:17 am

I hear someone coming down the stairs and it is Mistress C. She walks over to me and ask how was my first day. I tell her that it was great and She said that She had something special for me this morning.
She unties me from the breading bench and tells me to go get cleaned up. She follows me into the bath room and gives me another enema making sure i am flushed out then tells me to shower.
I finishing showering and dry off. Mistress C is waiting for me and tell me to come to her. She puts some cream in her hand and says she is going to massage my balls after all the kicking i had yesterday. She rubs the cream on my balls and cock. I feel it starting to burn. Mistress C ask how i like to have ben gay on my balls. Then she puts a cock cage on me. My balls and cock are on fire now and i am moaning in extreme pain. Mistress C says I did not kick you yesterday and why should all my subbies have all the fun. She raises my cock up and gives my balls a hard punch with her fist that hurt real bad and i let out a cry. She hit them again and it brought tears to my eyes. I thanked Mistress C for her affection.
Mistress C. has me lay down on my back on a table. She straps my arms down by my side and pull my legs up and straps them to the ceiling so that my ass is in view and ready for use.
I hear the door bell and Mistress C tell me not to go anywhere that she will be back with the surprise she told me about. She goes up stairs and i can hear some talking but can not hear what they are saying. Mistress C comes down stairs and she has Officer Bell, his friend, another guy and Officers Bell's wife.
Officer Bell tells Mistress C that his wife could not be leave that she had a guy that would do anything she told him to do. Mistress C insures every one that i would do what i was told to do and that if i did not comply that i would be punished.
The burning in my balls was starting to go away.
The 3 officers got naked and one of them walks up to me and places his cock in my face. I open my mouth and take his soft cock in my mouth and start sucking it. I can feel it getting hard and he starts fucking my mouth and throat. I hear one of the other guys ask if all i do is suck cock. Mistress C says no both holes are open for your use.
I feel some cold wet lube being applied to my ass. Then i feel a finger going up my ass. The guy fucking my mouth is moaning and saying how good of a bitch i am.
I then feel the other guy place his cock against my ass and in one hard long shove he fills my all up with his 10 inch thick cock. Now i am getting pounded from both ends. Mistress C tells them that they can cum anywhere they want. They are pounding me hard and the i feel the cock in my mouth begin to swell up he pulls his cock out so just the head in my mouth and then he pumps an load of hot sweet cum in my mouth and before he finishes he pulls out and bows some cum on my face. He says you are good little bitch and cum .
Officers Bell wife ask what she can do to me and Mistress says anything she wants. She said that she wants me to eat her pussy while her hubbie fucks her. She get over me in a 69 and he enters her from behind and starts fucking her. The guy in my ass is pounding me hard and deep and starts moaning I feel his cock swell up and then blows a huge load of cum deep in my ass. He pulls out and says he is a good .
I am licking her pussy and his cock and balls as they fuck. I can taste her sweet pussy juice on his cock when he pulls out. They fuck for awhile and she is moaning I get a mouth full of pussy juice and it is running all over my face. i am swallowing as fast as i can but she is flowing faster than i can swallow. He blows his load in her pussy and pulls out and shoves his cock in my mouth. i suck his cock clean. His wife get up and turns around and sits back on my face and tells me to eat his cum out of her. I open my mouth and can feel the cum running out of her pussy and into my mouth. I start licking her pussy and sucking on her clit.
The guy the blew his load in my mouth says he want a ice of my boi pussy and mounts me and starts pounding me hard and deep.
I keep eating her pussy and sticking my tongue as far up her as i can. I feel her legs getting tight against y head and she moans very loud. She starts squirting in my mouth and i am drinking all i can while getting my ass pounded.
She finishes squirting and gets off of me. She turns around and looks at me with their cum on my face and says. You are one messy .
The other guy wants a blow job and places his cock on my face. I take it in my mouth and start sucking. again i am getting pound from both ends. Both of them fuck me for a long time then at the same time they blow their load in me. one in my mouth and one in my ass.
Officer Bells wife wants to fuck me with one of the strap on dildos that Mistress C, has hanging on the wall. She picks out one that is 12 inches long and very big around.
She says i should not need any lube with all that cum in my ass.
She walks over and starts shoving it in me. She gets it all in me and starts pumping me slow but deep. she pulls all the way out and then goes back in to the hilt. She laughs and tell Mistress C how big of a slutty that i am and Mistress C says yes he is a good little bitch.
She starts to play with my cock that is still in the cock cage and i am starting to get hard and it is painful.
Mistress C tell her that she can punch my balls or do anything she wanted to me. She grabs my balls and leans back pulling on them hard to help keep her balance as she fucks me. she is fucking me harder and faster. I feels like she is going to pull my ball off. I am crying in pain and Mistress C tells the guys someone shove a cock in his mouth to shut him up. Office bell walks over and shoves his cock down my throat. He is pumping my mouth while his wife is fucking my ass. This keeps up until he blows his load deep in my throat. They both pull out and comment on how much of a slut that i am. I thank them and Mistress for all the cock and cum.
Mistress C tells them that they can use me for a long as they want.
They end up fucking me from both ends all morning. Office Bell says that they have to go to work but would be happy to come back tomorrow and might find some more of their buddies to cum with them.
Mistress C tells them that they are welcome to come back and use me as their cum dump anytime.
To be continued.
Why Friends Request
Posted:Jul 30, 2019 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2021 3:02 pm

Why do people friends request you and not even post a note telling you why they want be friends?
Why do people accept a friends request when you them and you will never hear from them.
When you E-Mail them or try you never get a response.
When i a friends request or accept I do want and e-mail and if you are close I want meet and have some fun.
Guess some people want get as many friends as they can so you think that they are great friends.

Just kinda pissed off at a few people at the moment.

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